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Send email to info@nrbba.org for more information; or, leave a voice message at (310) 376-6911 x65.

The mission of the North Redondo Beach Business Association (NRBBA) is to promote activities that enhance business in North Redondo Beach (Zip 90278, including businesses on Artesia, Aviation, 190th).

The NRBBA is a 501c6 all-volunteer non-profit organization founded in 1979.

While many NRBBA members are active in other civic groups and the Chamber of Commerce, unlike the local Chambers, there are no part-time or full-time employees (salaried staff).

The NRBBA donates money to worthwhile causes which enhance business and community health and pride. Ranging in size from $500 to $5000, these donations have included the Library Foundation, school scholarships, and police dogs. Funds for these donations are raised primarily from an annual "Springfest" event which began in 1983.

The NRBBA was quite active in review of the Artesia Beautification Project in 2002.

Viewing the City's Land Use Map at 600% may be useful.

When / Where

Second Thursday of each month
8:00 am - 9:00 am
See home page for current location.
Former location was David K. Hayward Community Center
2000 Artesia Blvd
Redondo Beach CA

Here's another map of the former location. The David K. Hayward Community Center was next to the old (and now closed) North Branch of the Redondo Beach Public Library and used the same parking lot near Artesia Boulevard.

Typical meeting agenda (outline):

  • Call to order
  • Flag salute
  • Introductions
  • Approval of minutes
  • Treasurer's report
  • City reports
    • Commercial rehab, etc.
    • Police
    • City staff
    • City Council
  • President's report
  • Announcements
    • Fundraisers
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Library
  • Round table discussion


Just show up -- there's nothing to join, enroll, or pay!

Attendees include local business owners, City Officials / Employees, Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau directors, non-profit organization leaders, residents, and guest experts. Many meetings have at least two members of the City Council.

Why / History



On March 11, 2010

City Treasurer Ernie O'Dell is a past president of the NRBBA (1982-1983). Here are some historical documents which he supplied. [These documents require Adobe Reader to view.]

"A Little History of the NRBBA" by Ernie O’Dell, City Treasurer and past president NRBBA 1982-83.

"The NRBBA was founded in 1979 by a group of businesspeople who were interested in improvements in North Redondo Beach, most notably Artesia and Aviation Boulevards, which had both fallen into a certain degree of disrepair at that time.

This same group almost simultaneously founded the North Redondo Beach Rotary Club in 1979, probably as a way of instilling pride in the area, and increased participation in the north end."

List of officers and committee chairpersons 1983-1984

Meeting agenda December 8, 1983

Springfest letter February 23, 1984 [2nd year of the event]

Letter to City Mayor March 15, 1984 [regarding a "Meet Your City Officials" booth at Springfest]

Meeting Minutes December 8, 1983

List of Springfest activities March 23, 1984

Letter to City Economic Development Coordinator November 18, 1983

Thank-you letter from Chief of Police February 9, 1984

North Redondo Beach Development Corporation officers and members of the board 1983-1984

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