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District News
News and information bulletins from Redondo Beach Councilmember Steven Diels

"Public policy is a dance of differing ideas that are brought together, collegially, to meet a variety of needs and wants. ... And, the people involved have to know how to dance both forward and backward." -- On Local Government: An old-fashioned waltz by Bob Pinzler, published August 6, 2009, in the Easy Reader

District news5/16/2011 Budget Alert from the City Manager

Challenges ahead: The City has posted a letter from the City Manager to Mayor and Members of the City Council outlining proposed General Fund budget balancing for Fiscal Year 2011-12. An excerpt is below. The letter includes 35 Decision Packages for City Council Approval.

The City’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. The City Manager is responsible for delivering a proposed budget to the City Council by May 16 of each year. The City Council is scheduled to review the proposed Annual City Budget on May 31 [study session].

"Fiscal Year 2011-12 finds the City’s finances have stabilized, but at a much lower level than we would have forecast. More work has to be done as we maneuver through the next financial and economic challenges. We face strong headwinds from high unemployment, high oil prices, high housing defaults, high pension and health care costs, high regional and global competition, high state and federal deficits, high business failures and high doubt in government."

District news4/8/2011 Redondo Beach District 4 News

Wyland Water Challenge: Take the pledge at http://www.mywaterpledge.com

SpringFest: April 14-17 at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center

Birney Carnival: April 16th at Birney School

Mother's Day Special Event: Torrance Memorial Hospital, Hospice organization, is having a FREE "Memories of Mother Tea" for the community to be held on 7 May 2011.

Vitality City: Sign up for health at http://www.vitalitycity.com

AES, Athens Disposal Service and Redondo Beach Rotary Club poised to donate to improve Perry Park facilities. Thank you AES for $7,000 donation to fix the snack bar roof.

"Galleria South" is progressing. South Bay Market Place grand openings coming at the end of April!

MTA Greenline meeting at Perry Park Senior Center for local update on Greenline Extension plans.

BBR Lawsuit: The city offered to settle with BBR for a matching rate for attorneys fees = $127,000. BBR tripled that rate and demanded for $385,000 of Redondo Beach residents' money. We obviously could not make a gift of public funds (your money) to BBR. They are suing the City again to argue for a larger share of your money. The greed continues. We continue to fight to protect your money. Not sure what the special interest group has planned for the extra $260,000 of your money they seek.

Congratulations to Birney Principal Jacky O'Sullivan for recognition as best principal statewide!

Bond rating for Redondo Beach upgraded from A to AA by Standard and Poor's.

12/8/2010 Redondo Beach District 4 News

Holiday Lights: Look for new lights on Artesia Blvd.

Measure G: Election results are certified. Measure G won with very strong support from North Redondo Beach and especially District 4. District 4 provided the largest margin of victory. North Redondo Beach is emerging as the influential entity it deserves to be. Thank you for voting.

Lawsuit Update: Redondo Beach continues its appeal of the BBR Lawsuit. Despite conciliatory statements by BBR founders Jim Light and Bill Brand, BBR responded by requesting another $27,000 in legal fees. BBR attorney Frank Angel has made information requests from the City for billing records going back to Measure DD. It appears that BBR is trying to recover legal fees preceding Measure G. Additionally they have made an information request for my emails from the City. Strange, just mine and no other council members. BBR continues to cost the city in staff time. Their attempt to gather new evidence in a case before an appeals judge is odd because new evidence is not typically entered in appeal. The measure G saga including the BBR lawsuit has cost the City over 1 million dollars. Just the $313,000 judgment alone cost us 3 police officers.

Boat Parade: Enjoy the boat parade Saturday night at King Harbor.

Homeless Census: Let me know if you are interested in participating in the homeless census in January. One night only, more than 70 volunteers will fan out across the city to account for our homeless population.

9/18/2010 Redondo Beach District 4 Update, Vote YES on G and 22 , Library fundraiser, AES fact check, Sustainability Measures

Vote Yes on G and Yes on 22 in November: These are two very important measures for your city. I unabashedly support Measure G and Proposition 22. Measure G is a very balanced zoning ordinance which complies with the Coastal Act, provides local control of building permits, balances development and open space in our decrepit harbor, and encourages revitalization of our waterfront. Proposition 22 protects cities, especially ours, from the state legislature pirating our money. The State repeatedly takes our money for their pet projects. Did you know Redondo Beach balanced its budget and yet the State is months overdue in passing a budget? The State cannot run its own life and yet demands to run ours. Please vote yes on G and yes on 22.

Tear Down The Power Plant: The controversial AES power plant is receiving fresh criticism and demands to shut down and go away because a power plant in Chula Vista is proposed to be eliminated. You should know two important facts: 1. Cal ISO, the independent system operator, has ruled the Redondo Beach AES plant is a must run facility. The Chula Vista plant was declared surplus since two new plants were built to replace Chula Vista and a 3rd plant is proposed. No proposal has been made to replace the AES plant. 2. A proposal for the Chula Vista site is a new NFL football stadium for the Chargers. Unfortunately for Redondo Beach, the community is split on the definition of appropriate development with one faction wanting nothing built on the power plant site. No development means no wealth generation to purchase the land.

We will see how things develop in November. If Measure G fails, then there will not be any park zoning on the plant site and very high density development could be allowed by the 1964 zoning. That actually could provide enough incentive for AES to develop the land. But the people would be voting down park space. In then end there may be some sort of compromise like Measure G itself. But it is in the hands of the voters at this juncture and the responsibility of Cal ISO to designate the necessity of a functioning plant.

Unveiling of the Redondo Beach North Branch Library: Redondo Beach Library Foundation presents the Unveiling of the Redondo Beach North Branch Library, a fundraiser open house to be held on September 23, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Tickets for the sneak preview are $100. Catering by Chez Melange. To make reservations, please call the Foundation office at 310-937-6676.

Sustainability Meets Resistance: The State of California is requiring Cites to plan and zone according to the State's desires. The South Bay Cities Council of Governments in tasked with interpreting the State's demands in our region. At the September 23 Board meeting next week, the South Bay Sustainable Communities Strategy will be considered as a conceptual plan for the South Bay's input into SCAG's Sustainable Communities Strategy. This purpose of this plan is to provide our city with an optional sustainable development strategy that does not require increased residential density and is intended to inform your city as you consider future development. You can review it in advance. It would allow for better discussion, questions and answers if you provide me with input. Here is the link to the plan: http://www.southbaycities.org/node/684.

9/2/2010 Redondo Beach District 4 Good News

Much positive news for District 4. In recent months and coming days the following have and will occur:

  • Birney School is designated as a California Distinguished School!
  • New Library grand opening Sept 28th. Fences are down. Furniture and books are in!
  • Steam Cleaning on Artesia sidewalks and bus benches has begun.
  • Living Spaces opened at the former site of the Expo Design Center.
  • A Ground-Breaking began the South Bay South renovation at the old bowling alley and SoftWarehouse site. North Redondo (I prefer to call it "New Redondo") continues to disproportionately contribute to the economy of Redondo Beach as a whole. Fortunately we get to vote 'yes' in November on Measure G to balance Harbor/Waterfront area revitalization with open space. Vote 'yes' on Measure G. Finally "Old Redondo" will see some economic revitalization and contribute to City services.
  • Prop 22 qualified on the November ballot to protect cities from State raids on municipal funds. Vote 'yes' on 22.
  • New stores on Artesia -- one glass pipe store closed as Artesia boulevard continues to improve. Shop locally for your couch, your vinyl fence, TV, fine restaurant food or any of the enormous variety of goods and services in our district.
  • Cal Water Service this week released their draft Water Conservation Plan for the Redondo area. The good news is that our per capita water use is declining. It is presently a sustainable level that would preclude the need for fines, use restriction ordinances and other tough enforcement measures.
  • Property Values: The County Assessor has published his 2010 Annual Report on County assessed values for the 2010-11 fiscal year. County-wide assessed value dropped 1.7%. Redondo Beach was featured in the report as one of the cities which had one of the highest increases in assessed value at 1.8%. We had the 7th highest percentage increase in assessed value of any city in the County and clearly we bucked the County-wide trend.
  • The Edison Right of Way has been mowed and weeded. Trash continues to be a nuisance however as some residents dump their trash and furniture on the greenbelt. Public Works has been alerted and will respond. I am pursuing a multi-agency approach to as long term solution for the greenbelt on the Edison Right of way.
  • Transit Center: Transit Center is progressing. Bus activity will be moved away from homes on Kingsdale to transit center south of the Target Store.
  • Oversized Vehicle Ordinance: The Police Chief will be presenting to the Council an ordinance which will require permit parking for large vehicles but does allow for temporary use for visitors and residents.
  • Wii Championships -- Visit the harbor this weekend and check out the unique event.

12/18/2009 Transit, DUI, Bone Marrow, Galleria

Transit Center Status: An internal review of the plans and specifications for the new Transit Center at the 75% completion level took place this week. Staff is now focusing on the parcel exchange needed with the South Bay Galleria to complete the project as configured and in securing a Federal Transportation Administration approval for the exchange.

Plans for the South Bay Galleria reinvestment. The project was approved by the Planning Commission last night. Forest City is planning on starting the project in 2010 and has commitments with tenants for the three anchor spaces.

The Police Department will be conducting a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) checkpoint from 8:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. on Friday, December 18, 2009. The checkpoint will be located in the 1800 block of Artesia Blvd.

Bone marrow drive for Maya, a 4 year old, Redondo Beach resident desperately in need of a bone marrow transplant. You may participate online at:


Enter promo code: marrow4maya. See a glimpse of Maya's story in the LA Times:


12/15/2009 Meeting Announcement, Green Line Extension, Fight State Thefts, Lagoon, Pot

MTA Meeting a Success: The MTA voted unanimously to fund the Environmental Impact Report for the light rail extension to LAX and to the Galleria. Thank you to residents who took time to attend and speak at the meeting.

Signature Gathering for Save our Cities Initiative begins Jan 4th: Stop State theft of local revenues. In yet another example, last week the State Legislature "stole" the recycling money generated by the can deposits to help balance the State's Budget. Therefore, many recycling programs are suspended and/or terminated by the illegal theft of the funds. The State is being sued over their actions.

Regional Water Quality Control Board actions threaten Seaside Lagoon: The Seaside Lagoon technical report and proposed conditions from the Regional Water Quality Control Board's staff was released. The report is unfavorable to continued operation of our water recreation venue. We are working with our lobbyist Mike Arnold to discuss potential State legislation to exempt the Lagoon from the crazy set of water regulations. New standards cannot be met unless a multi-million dollar treatment plant is constructed for the water pollutants.

Legalization of Marijuana to be on November ballot:


12/9/2009 Metropolitan Transit Agency Meeting Action Alert

Support the Green line extension to the South Bay and to the Airport.

Join us on a Chartered bus from the Marine Station of the Green Line at 8 am this Thursday, December 10 to take people to and from the Metro Board meeting to support the Green Line extension to the Airport and the South Bay.

Ladies and Gentlemen: In a fervent effort to improve our quality of life with better public transportation, please join me and others at the Metro Board Meeting 9:30 am, Thursday, December 10, 2009 at One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles. We have an opportunity to let our voices be heard in support of a $1.3 billion dollar project with a new light rail system to extend the Green Line to the Airport and to the South Bay. Many public meetings were held and now it is time to express our interest before the Metro Board. The vote on that day will determine the fate of this project.

Transportation will be made available as noted above and will depart around 8:00 am. We need to get to the Metro Board Room and fill the seats. Stickers will be provided once we get inside the board room to show our strength and commitment that we support light rail in our community instead of Rapid Transit Bus Service.

I look forward in seeing you Thursday, December 10, 2009 in the Metro Board Room where our voices in unison will make a difference!


Election: Tuesday November 3rd is an important election in Redondo Beach. Remember to vote. I support Measure UU. But more importantly we need to know your opinion -- yea or nay. Please vote Tuesday.

Dine Around Artesia: Thursday November 5th 6:30 to 8:30 A bus will continually circulate, picking up and delivering diners to the various cuisines: Middle Eastern, Italian, Mexican, American, Japanese, Greek, ... cost $15 each or $25 for two. For additional information or to purchase wristbands contact Kathy Swift weekdays at (310) 658-6456 or swift_k@hotmail.com


Artesia Median -- With the holiday season rapidly approaching we will be placing twinkle lights on the trees along the Artesia Blvd. median immediately after West Coast Arborists complete their tree pruning of the median trees and palm trees along Artesia Blvd. West Coast is expected to begin their tree pruning next week and finish the pruning within approximately 7-10 days. We are working closely with NRBBA and have contacted Clark Adams to give the businesses a heads up about the tree pruning and to avoid any disruptions to any businesses along Artesia.


Monthly Community Meeting Saturday Sept 19 from 9 to 11 am will be at the Bike Path on Nelson at Phelan. This will be a combined District 4 and 5 meeting with Matt Kilroy (Councilmember District 5) featuring a demonstration of a wireless surveillance system. Location: the 2500 block of Nelson Ave in Redondo Beach 90278 at the North Redondo Beach Bikeway under the power lines near Phelan.

Dodger Day is almost here! Discount tickets are available at the websites below. Pick your favorite charity and get a discount for the Dodgers vs. the Giants on Sept 20th. The Dodgers will donate to your chosen community group. All sites are case sensitive and I want to try and eliminate any confusion moving forward.

  • Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce www.dodgers.com/rbcc (Promo Code: RBCC)
  • North Redondo Beach Business Association www.dodgers.com/nrbba (Promo Code: NRBBA)
  • Redondo Beach Library Foundation www.dodgers.com/rblf (Promo Code: RBLF)
  • South Bay Children's Health Center www.dodgers.com/sbchc (Promo: SBCHC)
  • Seeds of Joy Village www.dodgers.com/sojv (Promo: SOJV)
  • Redondo Beach Art Group www.dodgers.com/rbag (Promo: RBAG)
  • Friends of Redondo Beach Arts www.dodgers.com/frba (Promo: FRBA)
  • Redondo Beach Education Foundation www.dodgers.com/rbef (Promo: RBEF)
  • Redondo Beach Community Emergency Response Team www.dodgers.com/rbcert (Promo: RBCERT)

If there are any additional questions you can contact Matt Rousso of the Dodgers directly at 323-224-1433.


Redondo Beach Dodgers Community Day Sept 20th vs the SF Giants. Purchase tickets at a discount. Support local charities. Join your neighbors at Dodger Stadium. Go to www.Dodgers.com/redondobeach to purchase tickets in the name of participating charities. (Note that this site's address is case sensitive -- it's all lower case.)

Other news:

  • New Trash Contract info and public meeting dates.
  • Mayor Gin and City Manager Bill Workman met again with Mayor Bobko and Hermosa City Manager Steve Burrell about the potential consolidation of fire services.
  • The initial designs for the proposed new Transit Center are done. A series of illustration boards from the architects are available for presentation at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept 1st.
  • The City Council is scheduled for a meeting on Tuesday with a Closed Session on property disposition concerning 750 Inglewood and 200 PCH at 5:00 PM and the Regular Meeting at 6:00 PM. The short agenda includes a Public Hearing to be continued on a proposed cell tower and updates on Seaside Lagoon, the Transit Centers design and reducing the Commission meetings to every other month.


Redondo Beach Dodgers Community Day Sunday Sept 20th vs the SF Giants. Purchase tickets at a discount. Support local charities. Join your neighbors at Dodger Stadium. Go to www.Dodgers.com/nrbba to purchase tickets. Other participating charities are the Chamber of Commerce (/rbcc), Library Foundation (/rblf), South Bay Children's Health Center (/sbchc), Seeds of Joy Village (/sojv), Redondo Beach Art Group (/frba), Education Foundation (/rbef), and Community Emergency Response Team (/rbcert). [See Easy Reader 8/27/2009 page 10.]

Major Issues:

  • AES UUT Pubic Vote to levy tax on AES power plant usage of Natural Gas.
  • Trash Contract Public Input being sought now. [See 8/6/2009 below.]
  • State of California budget is a phantom budget. Expect more attempts to raid local government and attempts to raise taxes.
  • MLPA Marine Life Protection Act - Local Coastline threatened by State with closure to fishing stakeholder meetings ongoing.

Save the Date: Library Ground Breaking Aug 25th at Green and Artesia Finally construction will commence.


On Tuesday night August 18, 2009, the Redondo Beach City Council will consider a City Staff and Planning Commission recommendation to NOT relax the portable sign prohibition in Redondo Beach.

Portable signs, commonly referred to as "A-Frame" type signage" are considered an effective way of providing businesses a way of increasing their expose, thus increasing their number of customers and protecting needed jobs in Redondo Beach.

The Chamber will attend the City Council meeting to urge City staff to reconsider their recommendation and move forward with developing reasonable guidelines for businesses who are located within areas zoned as commercial to be allowed to display portable signage for the next six months.

8/17/2009 Citizen Police Academy September 9, 2009

The Redondo Beach Police Department will be hosting the 31st Citizen Police Academy starting on Wednesday, September 9, 2009.

The first Redondo Beach Citizen Police Academy began in the Spring of 1994. The goal of the program is to provide members of the community with a working knowledge of the Police department along with the roles and responsibilities of its members. This is accomplished through lecture, hands-on training, demonstrations and a ride-along with a Police Officer.

The program is part of an on-going effort to improve Police-community relations. It is strongly believed that the more information the public has about the Redondo Beach Police Department, the less likely they will be suspicious, fearful or hold any misconceptions about Police operations. Many conflicts are caused simply by a lack of understanding. The graduates of the Academy not only become better informed, but they can bring back a solid foundation of information back to the community. The result is a closer and more positive relationship between the Police department and the community we serve.

  • The program works toward the concept of Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (C.O.P.P.S.). The graduates provide an informed community base for input into the partnership between the community and the Police department.
  • The class is typically comprised of Redondo Beach community members, including residents and business people. It is anticipated that the class participants will be a cross section of residents throughout Redondo Beach.
  • Class size is limited and filling up fast.
  • The class consists of fourteen sessions over twelve Wednesday nights and two Saturdays mornings.
  • Topics include Police training, S.W.A.T., traffic enforcement, criminal investigation, K-9, gangs and narcotics.
  • A graduation for the attendees is held at the conclusion of the class.

To obtain an application, log onto www.redondo.org/police or contact Community Police Officer Ian Miesen at ian.miesen@redondo.org or 310-379-2477 x 1-2493.

8/6/2009 Trash Service Rate

  • The time is approaching to contract for trash service. This is ~$10M per year contract and has a big impact on our neighborhood. The attached August 4, 2009, City Council Presentation on Solid Waste RFP Process and Public Outreach Plan summarize the contract-award process. [In particular, the current flat-rate system is only one option. Other rate options have large waste generators paying more; low waste generators paying less.]


  • http://www.saveyourcity.net Redondo Beach asking for 6% wage concessions from employee bargaining groups as State seeks to take local government revenues.  Emerging from a tense meeting with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a group of California mayors warned Tuesday that they may have to lay off police officers and make deeper cuts in vital services if the state siphons off gas taxes and property taxes to help resolve the state's fiscal crisis.
  • San Pedro girl kidnapped, sexually assaulted in Redondo Beach: A 16-year-old Port of Los Angeles High School student was kidnapped at gunpoint this morning in San Pedro and then driven to Redondo Beach, where she was bound and sexually assaulted, police said. (Daily Breeze Article http://www.dailybreeze.com/latestnews/ci_12561564)
  • Mandatory water conservation plan intended to reduce water use by 10%-15% over a 12-month period Beginning July 1, 2009, by the Metropolitan Water District and West Basin Municipal Water District.  Retail water agencies will be expected to live within an allocated supply enforced through penalty water rates for excess use.  For more information regarding mandatory conservation or messaging, please contact either Ron Wildermuth, Manager of Public and Government Affairs, at 310-660-6258, ronw@westbasin.org.


  • There is still an ongoing criminal investigation, but Thursday night we were able to arrest several people believed to be part of a larger robbery ring operating in the South Bay. The initial crime incident began at Aviation Blvd and Dufour Ave. Assistance was requested from surrounding agencies. We also called in a helicopter to aid the foot pursuit.
  • The Governor's Budget proposal has cities losing nearly $900 million under the Proposition 1A financial emergency trigger. Redondo Beach would have to pay a $2,085,000 "tribute" to the State of California. This was not contemplated in the proposed Annual Budget sent to you May 15. Budget Response Report #2 recommends that the Council authorize the payment to the State by the following means: Vehicle Replacement Fund $1,600,000; Ford - Marshallfield Storm Drain CIP Project $200,000; State Gas Tax Fund CIP Projects $200,000; Traffic Mitigation -Target Store Neighborhood CIP Project $85,000: Total $2,085,000.
  • AES to re-power: AES Plan Manager Buck Hunt led an informative tour of the power plant. He explained the long term plans for the site include modernizing the generation capacity. Old generation units would be replaced with smaller yet more powerful gas turbines. Some portion of the power plant site could be made available for other uses. AES would appeal to the community for ideas for use of vacated space.


District 4 news and information bulletin from Redondo Beach Councilmember Steven Diels. Fun local events:

  • May 9 Fire Service Day Open House: The Redondo Beach Fire Department extends a cordial invitation to residents to stop by Fire Station 1 and 2 for Fire Service Day on Saturday, May 9, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • May 9 Redondo Beach Police K-9 Competition Saturday, May 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Redondo Union High School Free to the public
  • May 13 CIGAR NIGHT: More info at http://www.neighborhoodgrinds.com/events_cigarnight.html
  • May 16 Redondo Beach Fire Department Cooking and Serving: A Community Spaghetti Dinner at the Woman’s Club of Redondo Beach’s Historical Club House 400 S. Broadway, R.B.
  • Don’t forget Mother’s Day is Sunday May 10!


Quake Warning: See full text at the bottom of this bulletin.

Stimulus Watch: Cool website referred to me by Janice http://www.stimuluswatch.org/project/by_state/CA

Strategic Planning: See Strategic Plan February 2009 Part 1 for City Priorities.  The following North Redondo Beach items were added to the City Strategic Plan this week:

  • April 21st - the City Engineer will present to the City Council the action plans and specs for the North Branch Library.
  • May 19th - the City Engineer will recommend to the City Council for action the award of a design contract for the first phase of the transit center.
  • May 31st - the Transit Director will present to the City Council for action the design and schedule for repair, replacement or removal of bus shelters throughout the City.
  • July 31st - the City Engineer will complete the installation of North Redondo Beach Bike Path lighting.
  • June 1st  - the Planning Director will provide the draft EIR to the City Council regarding the South Bay South (i.e., Galleria South) Project.
  • June 1st - The Audit committee will review the budget and financials and report the results to the City Council.
  • July 14th - Planning director will report to the City Council the parking standards and their impact on commercial operations throughout the city and present options.
  • Sept 1st - Asst City Manager will present to the City Council for action a lease for the Marine Ave site.
  • Sept 1st - Asst City Manager and the Public Works Director will report to the City Council on the feasibility of suing the vacant I405 at Inglewood gas station as a CNG station.
  • Sept 15th - City Manager working with Artesia Stakeholders will create an Artesia working group with the purpose of aiding the creation of and Artesia Business Improvement District and initiating a strategic Plan for the Artesia corridor.

Please be prepared.  Below is an advisory from the California Emergency Management Agency:


To: Operational Areas in the Southern Region
From: California Emergency Management Agency, Southern Region Operations Center
Subject: Today's Earthquake & Preparedness

As you may know, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred three miles south of Bombay Beach, Imperial County at 4:55 am this morning. There have been no reports of damage or injuries associated with this event.

The U.S. Geological Survey has been tracking an unusual sequence of small earthquakes (50+) that have been clustered about 1 to 3 kilometers southwest of a projected extension of the San Andreas Fault just south of Bombay Beach, in the Salton Sea area.  The majority of the magnitudes have been less than 2.5.

As a precaution, the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council (CEPEC) met by teleconference this morning to discuss the recent seismic activity. Based on scientific data, and the fact that these most recent earthquakes have been in close proximity to the San Andreas Fault, there is increased concern that these earthquakes could trigger a large earthquake (M7.0 +) on the San Andreas itself.  Historically, a major earthquake on this southern portion of the San Andreas Fault has not occurred in over 300 years, so the probability of a large earthquake is thought by seismologists to be higher than on portions of the fault that have ruptured more recently (e.g., in 1857 and 1906).

CEPEC believes that there is a 1% to 5% chance of a large earthquake (magnitude 7.0 or greater) on the San Andreas Fault over the next few days. However, as each day passes the risk of a large San Andreas earthquake decreases. This assessment is based on methodology developed for assessing foreshocks on the San Andreas Fault.

The California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) will continue to monitor the situation and keep in contact with CEPEC scientists over the next few days.  Cal EMA recommends that operational areas reach out to agencies and jurisdictions within their operational area to raise their awareness of today's events.  It is a good time to ensure the readiness of systems essential to emergency operations and remind the public about the importance of being prepared for earthquakes.


NRB Library update: Since the ceremony on Feb. 3rd: Bookdrop placed at Perry Park.   The design plans are 95% complete.  Volunteers moved and stored the books.  The School District last week removed the old metal shelves for reuse at two of the schools.  The City Council awarded the bid for the demo.  The City Attorney's Office and Risk Management are finalizing the contract and the insurance with the demo contractor.

CalPERS warns of Rate Hike: Nearly a third of the value of the California Public Employees Retirement System investment portfolio was wiped out by last fall, possibly leaving the big fund far short of the money needed to pay projected retirement costs in the decades ahead. CalPERS warned that the annual pension contribution that must be paid by state and local governments could increase by nearly a third - starting July 1, 2010, for the state and schools and July 1, 2011, for local government agencies.

Tomorrow is the City Council's Strategic Plan Workshop.  Below is the staff's 2009 "Big List" items from earlier this year.

Proposed “Big List” Priorities for 2009

  • UUT Election
  • Implementation of Measure DD
  • Fiscal adjustments and Budget balancing in recessionary economic times
  • RFP for New Refuse Contract
  • RFP for New BTC Contract
  • Harbor Revitalization Activities, Business Plan and Shade Hotel Lease
  • School District-City Property Leases and Land Use Plans
  • Galleria Expansion Plans
  • North Branch Library, Transit Center & Harbor Patrol Bldg. Construction
  • Seaside Lagoon Final Plans
  • March Council Elections
  • Circulation & Housing General Plan Elements
  • Organizational Development, Productivity and Customer Service

DC Report:  Mayor Gin, City Manager Bill Workman and Transit Director  spent 2 days in DC meeting with Federal representatives and staff.  Meetings were cordial.  Results are pending.  (We weren’t the only ones there asking for money for Cities)  The process is no guarantee of success, but not participating guarantees no success.

AES Power Plant update: AES General Manager Buck Hunt called to invite the Mayor and Council Members to tour the AES Redondo Beach Plant. In summary: 

  1. AES intends to produce power at the plant at least through 2018 but very likely beyond that date.  
  2. The property on which the AES plant sits is not for sale.  
  3. The Redondo Beach AES plant site is an important location for integration of future renewable energy on the electrical grid.  
  4. Depending upon the timing of new State/Federal regulatory rules, AES plans a re-powering/rebuilding project of their plant within the next 5-10 years using new technology.   They intend to construct around the existing, old generation equipment which will eventually be retired.  
  5. At the end of their re-powering/rebuilding project (5-10 years from today), AES may be willing to talk about potential public uses at their site on what they might identify as "unusable" space on their property.  AES would be the ones to determine what might be deemed available "unusable" space on their property after the re-powering/rebuilding project.  AES would determine what potentially might be acceptable public uses on their property if they have identified any such "unusable" space after their project is completed. 

RBPD Meeting: The Redondo Beach Police Department will be hosting a community meeting on March 28, 2009.  The meeting is designed to provide information to residents and business owners on the services the Police Department provides to the community, along with soliciting feedback on the current level of Police service.  Items to be discussed include Neighborhood Watch, Crime Prevention, Smoking on the Beach Ordinance, Recreational Vehicle (RV) Parking Ordinance and Graffiti Abatement. The meeting will be held at: Franklin Community Center807 Inglewood Ave on Saturday 3/28/094:00 PM.

For further information, please contact Community Police Officer Ian Miesen at 310-379-2477 x1-2493 or via email at ian.miesen@redondo.org.

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