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Event calendarAll fund-raising annoucements and events along the boulevards or at the Galleria or Performing Arts Center, etc., have been consolidated into the NRBBA Calendar.

1-12-2012 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Marna, Kathy, Don, John G, Erin, Pat A, Jon P, Leland, Jawad, Don M (PD), Steve D, (Yours truly).Street banner

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA notes. (John G) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow December 1, 2011 to January 12, 2012. (Erin) January Library Events. (Kathy) New NRBBA brochure "The Voice of North Redondo Beach Business" and store window decal - see photo. New street banners on display - see photos - blue and white versions.

John G: Treasurer's report (handout) - costs for banners, decals.

Don M: Car break-in's the last couple of months - some unlocked, some visible electronics items. Neighborhood Watch. Galleria holiday period few incidents, better security, officers in uniform. (Pat: Loss of RDA $70K for Galleria.)

Marna: ... with John G & Clark, ADA Workshop March 8. State of City February 21 @ Crowne Plaza. International Trade Committee Tuesday January 24 planning meeting. Economic Development Council - new agenda January 31. 10K run ...

Don: Investing in Blvd ... Boulevard banners (24 +24) going up when holiday banners down; some hardware needs replacement or repair. Decals. Brochure handed out.

Steve (Council): Verbal support for Lawndale to improve intersection Marine & Inglewood. (Lawndale applied to MTA for grant.)

Pat: Council Tuesday to decide whether to create replacement for RDA "successor agency" - voted "Yes" to do so. (LA decided not to.) Possibly 8 RB employees noticed. John P: ... (some issues are) experience to do & more liability - planning for deadline in 2016. Steve D: ... pot of $ not servicing debt (State) to be returned by State - disbursed. Pat: What was RDA reverts to plain property taxes. John P: Public Finance Agency in RB was partnership between City & RDA. Pat: ... re RDA projects, "we didn't have a lot in the pipeline." CBG & CR programs uncertain. See Easy Reader, 2/2/2012, p. 20, "RDA dissolved to the disappointment of city council."

Kathy: Dine Around Artesia date (see site). SpringFest dates (see site). Discussion of food trucks.

12-8-2011 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Clark, John G, Frank, Patch: Nicole & Travis, Sheila, Steve D, Erin, Pat A, Don, Jim, Polly (www.totalreading.com), Rob; Don Martinez (PD), John P, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA notes; (Erin) December Library Events. Announcements: (Sheila) "Cheer for Children" Toy Wrapping Party; (Pat) also Historical Society Christmas Party Friday eve for Cheer's Toys; (Steve) his company got 511 contract for County.

John G: "No real activity through month of November" -- forthcoming check for banners; brochure in progress.

Don M: Discussion of incidents on boulevard. ADA discussion.

John G (Chamber): Network luncheon at Baleen 11:30 am. Marna's 25 years.

Rob: Artesia Produce awning; with John G some glass problems. HP continuing to adjust to "life without a crew" -- stuff getting done. MB/ER ... DPL finished a loan; project 3/4 done ... April - May FY end. Once he retires (34th year), not sure what will happen to program.

Clark: Holiday lights & banners there. Need more LEDs next year. In progress NRB banners (when holiday banners down). Also, in progress brochure & decal. Comment on boulevard name change / restoration.

Clark: With Steve D's help, waste disposal issue handled.

Steve D: CLO ... City filed lawsuit to be "first in line" to get $ (220K) owed. See Easy Reader 11/24/2011, p.16 "City sues Civic Light Opera for rent." (Some discussion of history on related story of CLO going to Lawndale "school" site, EIRs, ...) Perry Park - donations to replace / rebuild play equipment - need $300K = City $50K + 250K. [Grant from County | City capital | private donations] next project Veterans Park. Islands (in South Bay Marketplace) opening soon; Galleria remodeling project ...

Pat: Harbor-Pier revitalization ... moving forward, e.g., Tony's remodel for ADA, with lift -- plans / RFP. John P: City making strong statement with capital $ ... improve properties, revenue generation. Possible future Harbor-Pier BID. (See City Newsletter Winter 2012, p. 4 "Revitalization at the Waterfront" and Easy Reader 12/8/2011, p.16 "Redondo Pier begins revitalization" and 12/15/2011, p.18 "Tony's on the Pier signs lease extension.")

Pat: "Come and make your biz our biz" - voice of NRB. State CA "realignment" - "euphemism for letting prisoners out of jail early."

Nicole: Nation-wide Patch Decorating Contest for schools $100K. Check online for story.

11-10-2011 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Erin, Pat A, Kathy, John G, Marna, Sheila, John P, Clark, Don, Rob, Frank, Jim, City: Mike Shay, Geraldine, Elaine, Mike, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA notes; (John G) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow October 1 to October 31, 2011; (Erin) November Library Events; Mike Shay "City of Redondo Beach Wastewater Collection System: Wastewater Rate and Financial Plan Study November 2011 Residential & Business Outreach."

Marna: Chamber luncheon today. Pat A: Re ADA lawsuits, hitting Torrance Blvd as well.

Clark: Holiday lights hopefully ~Thanksgiving (week before/after). Holiday banners in planning (bids). Logo banners: Clark: counted ~40 poles with brackets intact; and another ~20 with one or two brackets missing. John P: Possible tie in with "walking map," as exists for Pier.

Pat A: (1) Council: Artesia Blvd rename topic continued to another meeting. Cost estimate ~$20,300 for signs change. Q: Re other cities' pieces? (Stanford to PCH.) John P: History "Compton" blvd changed to "Marine," with RB last to change. ~1 year. Some in RB want Torrance Blvd changed to Pier. Pat: In this case, will restore to original name. Get businesses to come to Council meeting to show support. (2) Repowering of AES: CA Energy Commission -- no plan submitted, but Water Quality Board plan re cooling water & 2020 regulation. See Daily Breeze article or this Easy Reader article. Footprint downsizing, stacks smaller, ... But will happen? -- larger AES regional planning. ~$630M to build new one. Another issue SCE grid -- power consumption growing in that area. John P: At Council presentation, 1st half on how grid works; 2nd half on plan. Discussion of renewables future pro's and con's, e.g., wind cycle.

Current AES plant takes 36 hours to start up; new one would take 5 - 10 minutes to start up. See video on City's site ~1/2 hour into Council meeting. Fact check: Pollution level equivalent would be 15K cars, not 1M cars, or less than 1/10 of 1%. Don: Cal ISO State agencies determine if new plant needed. Public outreach cycle. 7+ years versus 24 months of construction. Funding issue.

Presentation: City: Handout package. Maintaining waste water infrastructure and regulatory mandates. Clean Water Act "unfunded mandates" and Prop 218 rate guidelines. 15-year cycle and cost. Proposed $3 per year rate increase for 3 years (see handout). Pat A: "Brewing for 20 years" -- "fee for service" requirement so City must show match operating cost versus just collect fee. History: Some work via bond ... Next step: Council workshop in December. Ongoing public outreach. Staggered $33M (of high-priority projects) over 15 years (updated every 5 years); then ...

10-13-2011 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Erin, Clark, Steve D, Marna, John P, Matt, Sheila, John G, Chantel, Frank, Liz, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes; (Sheila) ArtScape October 22 & 23 from 11 to 6, The Power of Art October 14-16 & 21-23 (see Calendar), Pier to Pier Friendship Walk October 30, Womens Club of Hermosa Beach 20th Annual Pancake Breakfast October 16 from 8 to noon; (John P) South Bay Business & Career Centers, South Bay Workforce Investment Board; (John G) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow September 6 to October 10, 2011; (Erin) October Library Events.

John P: 2 handouts re South Bay Business & Career Centers. Sheila: Pancake Breakfast, Pier to Pier Walk (fund-raiser), Power of Art (see Calendar), RV ArtScape, ... Marna: Chamber membership drive, looking for volunteers (~2 hour phone slots).

Steve: Athens commercial waste ... white bins no longer applicable (?) ... blue bins only (?) ... food waste? Machine processor (automated machine separation of waste) so no need for separate bins. Matt: Some comments on residential waste pickup complaints.

Clark: New logo ... John G passed around copy (as seen on Web site); Liz made some remarks about logo development ... NRB vs. NRBBA. CLO gone, so NRB banners plan ... with holiday banner integration possible. John G: Next project is NRBBA brochure ("silent salesman").

Steve: Did get renaming of Artesia Blvd as City strategic initiative. New Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore (as profiled in Easy Reader). Greenline extension ... project moving along (helped by Presidential Executive Order). Petitioning Supreme Court re "day laborer" lawsuit.

Matt: Connection at Aviation & Century Blvd re Greenline still being worked, possible people mover. Council of Governments meeting with political rep's re legislative bills, issues. Next Wednesday at Library 8a - 1p City-School District meeting. Domestic Violence Month. AES presentation re power plant future plans.

John P: Question re last week's Easy Reader article "Land Swap Dead." Law (9 years old) re senior / affordable housing %. Redevelopment Agency ~$5M "clock's expiring on" but issue is 50% penalty on returning $ to State. RDA future is political issue as well in Sacramento.

9-8-2011 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Marna, Clark, Don, Matt, Frank, Chantel, Sheila, Pat,Erin; Ernie; John P, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes; (Frank) Bogey's Dog House "Comedy & Cupcakes" flyer; (Sheila) "Conversations: Art by Women, about Life & Living, 1922-2011" (card) at the Woman's Club.

Marna: Chamber luncheon at Giuliano's today. LobsterFest needs volunteers, especially for Sunday.

Clark: Logo design preliminary; discussion. Pat: At Council, Steve D proposed Blvd rename -- what it would take to do (e.g., re sections in MB, HB, Lawndale). SpringFest: Event dates & PAC scheduling (after losing CLO), so April 26-29, 2012; idea to do at Galleria not possible near Nordstrom.

Matt: 911 Sunday 11am ceremony. CERT class starting. Leadership Redondo project "event plaza" needs funding.

Pat: AES going through regulatory agencies, State, ... Council referred to City Manager & staff re zoning change legal opinion. School properties: 3 locations "land swap" memorandum. Matt: Affordable housing project needed or lose Redevelopment Agency $ in 2012. Pat: Location, permanent location for new police station discussed for years. John P: General Fund revenue for entire City. Harbor Commission meeting as component; bike path topic & public comment.

Frank: Re ADA lawsuits, Federal vs. State law priority. Federal law change in progress but ... Challenge to find competent attorney to fight. Possible issue with City and fixing bathroom but need to comply for "everything" ADA, etc. Frank has bids out with contractors & working with property owner (suit is with business owner).

Sheila: Art exhibition by women about women. Pat: Classic Car Show on the Pier: 8th "Rides, Rods & Relics: September 25 Sunday with 100 cars.

8-11-2011 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Clark, Kathy, John G, Don, Erin, John P (for South Bay Work Force Investment Board), Frank, Chantel, Sheila, Steve D, Pauli (Total Reading, Inc.), Ernie, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes (including Calendar of Events); (John G) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow July 1 to July 31, 2011.

John G: Treasurer's report; contract for logo. Chamber: Planning in July but no Board meeting August. John P: City renewed contract with Chamber (3 years).

Clark: "Taste of Redondo" event: planning to participate but (Don) "not enough time to put together," so month next year. Marketing contract Tailor-Made Advertising Liz Harsch ... first project is logo.

Steve: Cal Trans grant not won (re RB Blvd rename); Perry Park $250K play equipment and fencing still raising $. (1) South Bay Park Land Conservancy meeting with Bill Brand (BBR) and AES, weighing "private property issue" $350M + 150M possible value, measure 'D' process. (2) Redistricting going on, District 4 growing most, so ... 1, 2 boundaries go North and 4 smaller. So, Steve recommended something else but Council accepted staff recommendation. (3) Land swap between City and School District meeting had low attendance; issues re low-income housing; Kilroy no longer recused and active in discussion. Ernie: Re District changes, zoning R2 in NRB vs. mostly R1 in SRB.

Don: KFWB "in the neighborhood" coming August 24. Frank: ADA issue ongoing, 4-5 lawyers contacted. Steve D: IRS story, misfiling by government, their mistake but ... City-wide ADA action ... John G: Glass repair at Neighborhood Grinds, Blue Salt Fish Grill, Menchie's TBS.

7-14-2011 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Clark, Kathy, Sadhna, Bret (One West), Erin, Sheila, Jim, Victoria, Don, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes; (Sadhna) Dolphin Dash flyer.

Clark: Jim "Man of the Year." Treasurer's report: read summary (John G absent).

Don: Chamber: Installation & honors. Tomorrow Chamber's retreat (planning). ADA discussion: Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA): Eliminate Predatory ADA lawsuits. Possible Fed law re advance notice & modification: Americans with Disabilities Act Reform.

Victoria: "Taste of Redondo" coming October. Visitors Bureau promotion: Galleria, Pier, North Redondo, King Harbor. Tickets $1 each. Restaurants get % back, local charity %. Visitors Bureau mobile app coming.

Clark: Marketing plan soon to kick-off: logo, brochure, ...

Sadhna: Dolphin Dash, Chalk Fest on August 20th. Sheila: City-School District land swap discussion.

6-9-2011 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Jean (Lib), John G, Kevin Strom, Chantel, Shelia, Clark, Rob, Pat, Kelly, Steve, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes (including Calendar of Events); (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow May 1 to May 31, 2011.

Clark: Remodeling Magazine award (page 53) for Clark's. "Elections": Clark, Don, Kathy, John G + John H, Jawad.

Pat: Renaming Artesia Blvd - need grassroots movement from those (subscribers) affected, i.e., with Artesia addresses. Discussion: '59 new firestation built. CalTrans took over and changed and took over maintenance. "Taste of Redondo" brainstorming meeting and planning discussion for October.

Steve: Talked with City attorney re ADA issues - possible presentation. "Budget season" - complete by June 30. Don't have $ had in 2007; concessions recovery not practical. Starting to spend down reserves. PERS reserve. Pat: City budget $97M, of which $67M General - what costs to run City. Negotiations with unions. Also impact of State budget balancing, e.g., Redevelopment Projects.

Rob: Stimulus $: Salon de France, Natureba, Artesia Associates, Blue Water Fish Grill. CR: Redevelopment Funds new applicant. DPL exceeded goals.

Jean: Summer Reading program. Fines down; circulation up.

5-12-2011 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Erin, Jawad, Rob, Don, Chantel, Frank, John G, Kelly, Sammie (Seven Senses art gallery), Steve, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes (including Calendar of Events); (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow April 1 to April 30, 2011; (Erin) May Library Events flyer; (Chantel) Comedy Night flyer.

Jawad: Clark in Washington DC for award, 1 in 50 in remodeling industry.

Rob: ... goals ... HP $5K cap a challenge for new projects. DPL 5 applicants. Frank: Question re ADA lawsuits, City compliances vs. Fed.

John G: Fish Grill - doing window film and buff out. 12-minute video on YouTube.

Erin: Chalk Fest and Dolphin Dash (fundraiser) coming.

Jawad: Dine Around next Thursday. Sign-up. Next year's SpringFest will be April 12 - 15.

Steve: City labor negotiations ... concessions. NRB grant for Artesia planning. "Greening grant ..." News re Tony's restaurant misleading - looking for professional real estate to buy (expiring) leases, so "get a better landlord" (than the City). Get City out of lease holding business. Transit Center artwork approved (cf. local papers).

4-14-2011 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Mitch, Jawad, Don, Clark, Tim Shea (City Public Works), Laurie (City, Mayor's Water Pledge % residents by end of April), Mickey, Carrie Anne (Vitality City), Leland, John G, Sheila, Erin, Jim, Rosa (Aiko Gifts), Steve D, Pat, Rob, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes (including Calendar of Events); (Laurie) Mayor's Water Conservation Challenge (www.mywaterplegde.com).

Kathy: Q re status of CPO.

Rob: 4 mil anti-G film proved to be effective: Cars Automotive really scratched (< $500), Good Night Mattress.

Don: Chamber: New members orientation last night. Installation in June.

Clark: Marketing initiative: new logo, brochure for NRBBA; possible "identity" ala RV. SpringFest opens today, corporate night (NG, Chevron, RBUSD, ...). Dine Around May 19.

Steve D: Council: Strategic Plan & NRB called out as priority: Artesia corridor & Waterfront; $ for highlight sign available. Metro meeting re extension of Green Line: residents "in denial, fearful, angry." Metro property & mission to extend to Galleria Transit Center (vs. into Torrance). Former Advanced Micro Systems computer store, on Artesia east of tracks, moved to Torrance; location now book store. Council business license change to yank licenses for "prostitution," etc.

Pat: Council: Public meetings on Green Line ... fears vs. real information; railway there 60 years. Hawthorne right-of-way cost prohibitive (where Red Line used to be). "Artesia Blvd" used to be RB Blvd before State owned, where street ended at Hawthorne; so, boulevard could be renamed: any interest? Wine store opening May 4 at so-called South Galleria = "South Bay Marketplace" (which is not managed by the Galleria).

Tim: Public Works new streetlights contract to convert to LEDs; ~16 lights per day, so ~2 weeks for Artesia; business district only (where lights are City-owned); so, "heads up" for some parking restrictions by block.

Presentation: Carrie Anne: Vitality City: Web site live; companies may sign up as "Vitality City Employer" for email with employees, "Well Being Questionnaire," etc. Also restaurant initiative. Contact her with feedback. Easy Reader looking for Vitality City stories (Easy Reader signed up).

3-10-2011 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Mary (Athens), Jon E (City Public Works), William (Athens), Hugh (Ed Foundation), Don, Frank, Mitch, Sheila, John G, Leland, Marna, Erin, Pat, Clark; Jim, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes (including Calendar of Events); (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow Feb. 1 to Feb. 28, 2011.

Clark: John G's glass repair, e.g., at Clark's. SpringFest flyer coming. Dine Around coming.

Pat: (re-elected) incumbents unopposed. "Cotton Shop" remodel & City dept move-in June. "Fish Kill" in Harbor news; so far 50 tons. Natural occurrence ... cleanup procedures. (Tideland funds covers ~$100K.) "Motor homes" signs re regulation. Congressional candidates: 3 GOP, 3 DEM. City budget in 30-45 days.

Presentation: "Trash Talk" by Jon Emerson and Athens representatives: Jon intro (as reported in newspapers) Athens awarded new contract: ~6% fee reduction, recycling continued. Outreach flyers. William: Mid-April info, walking every business, packets, restaurant compost - divert from waste stream "Make City green." Mary: Investing in community, work with organizations "Giving back." (Pat: "Band shell" $50K support.) Family-owned 50 years. 20 other cities. MRF material recovery facility. (Pat: 8-year, $50M contract.)

See new NRBBA calendar for NRBBA, RBCC, and City events. Donut holes & fruit re last meeting's discussion on food & coffee. Frank: Bogey's 2 Comedy Nights: 9-11p Saturday, March 29th, Tuesday 8-10p (last Tuesday every month).

2-10-2011 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Don, Rob, Mitch, Chantel, Frank, Leland, Clark, John G, Sheila, Jim, Pat; Steve D, Carrie Anne (Vitality City), Jawad, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes (including Calendar of Events); (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow January 1 to 31, 2011; (Mitch) March 13, 2011 LA International Flamenco Festival; (Sheila) Adrienne's Search for Children's Cancer Cure; (Erin) February 2011 Library Events; (Carrie Anne) Healthways | Blue Zones Vitality Employer Tools and Resources flyer, Healthways | Blue Zones Vitality City "Live longer, Better" brochure.

Clark: ... Don: ...

Rob: Anti-G 4 mil film for new glazing protection ($4 - 5 / sq ft). John G: Also glass repair less than glass replacement; ($120 / hr) but when cost > 1/2 cost glass, do new glass. Rob: HP coordinating; DPL new inspection next week, 3 bid packages.

Clark: Meeting with City re SpringFest planning. No beer garden. Corporate night Thursday. Dine Around - marketing NRB restaurants. New RBCC rep: John G.

Steve D: July 1st new trash hauler. Athens study of Vanderbilt with residential and commercial mix. Seaside Lagoon news ... New County service 511 freeway traffic info. Big Johns restaurant gone - new quilt store at location. 40 volunteers for homeless census; he walked along freeway, counted encampments.

Pat: Massage parlor moratorium extended (so total now a year); future possible ordinance change (state licensing). March 8 City election mail-only ballot.

Carrie Anne: Presentation: "Blue Zones Vitality City" - Healthways with BCHD. Website. "Healthy choices" without additional cost. 3-year program of financial incentives and resources to businesses.

Don: June Metro bus schedule changes. Jim: March 12 Casino Night (Rotary) at Torrance Arts center. Chantel: Tuesday 22nd Comedy Night at Bogey's 8 pm (coming also on one Saturday / month); Wine tasting Friday's 7 - 9 pm $10.

1-13-2011 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Jawad, Clark, Erin, Sheila, Mitch, Steve D, Pat A, Ted (Ed Foundation), Steve (Pinkie's BBQ, HB), John G (Fish Window Cleaning), Leland (Kurt Hardware), George, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes (including Calendar of Events); (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, 2010; (Mitch) www.slackkeyfest.com, laflamencofestival.com.

Clark: Bamboo Thai under new management - Rob there this morning.

PD: Kurt, John B): ID theft, forgery areas. Last few months $100 counterfeit bills. ID theft: gift cards, blank credit cards recoded + false drivers license; when in doubt call # for credit card company. Possible telltales - fails to scan, UV light, feel, scans as other issuer. RFID risk. Steve: Bogus ADA filings back in area: "Thomas Mundy" litigant re parking lot ADA issues.

Steve D: New trash contract July 2011 (see easy Reader article). Athens aggressive pricing. Bank robbers caught (re One West bank). Greenline extension tour (re Lawndale concerns): "20-10" plan (cf. local meetings). Galleria property ownership. Marie Calendars gone - Walgreens on Artesia. Police substation where Cottonshop store was (next to North Library).

Clark: State of the City February 22: 10 seats available - contact Kathy. SpringFest April 14 - 17 with Thursday corporate night. Dine Around May 19 (Thursday).

Pat A: "Cottonshop" ~ 1 June - 1 July for new City location Police & Rec (30 staff + PD). Less $ than current Knob Hill site. Knob Hill future still in flux with bids - school, housing, public open space; DD vote required except for affordable housing but other hurdles (zoning, ...), with ultimately Council decision. Current facility major maintenance $ issue. March election City offices & Council & School Board - all USPS mail ballot. Trash contract $50M over 8 years.

Erin: Library events. Ted: Ed Foundation fund-raiser. John: Windows, scratched-glass repair. Fish Windows Cleaning 25% commercial, 75% residential. Leland Hyde: ... Sheila: Fashion show fund-raiser Women's Club. Mitch: Handouts.

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