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10-12-2000 Notes

Highlighted attendees:

  • Art Hernandez
  • Aaron Jones; Angela Silverman, Cityscape Design: urban planner, design artist (lives in North Redondo Beach)
  • Sue Armstrong, Assistant City Manager; Maureen Lull, Project Manager
  • Desi Alvarez, Director of Public Works, Downey

Program -- changes, improvements, and modifications to Aviation Park.

Presentation by Sue Armstrong: Aviation complex evolving project over 20 years, well worth it, Aviation High School closed in early 80's, property sold but 11 acres retained for parks and open space, leased for 99 years from school district, purchased another 3 acres; discussion re future in early 90's, existing taxes funded, business park developed, early 90's aerospace downturn readjusted planning; improvements to gym, theater, field; over 5 - 6 years spent redevelopment tax increment $3M, use of park zone increased, theater events successful; point came at which to "fish or cut bait", funding to move forward problematical; new city manager arrived (Lou Garcia), new funding sources: Prop 12, transportation money, community development block grant, park grant, loan (paid from income from project), plan in final phase. Maureen Lull, project manager, take about 15 months to complete, work with city engineers.

Maureen Lull -- plan and design elements: traffic and circulation, amenities (e.g., women's restrooms), ADA provisions, courtyard setting (pre-function area). Flexibility in design. Green space -- track reconfiguration -- only need eliminated will be track team use for interval training, replaced with meandering route to walk & jog, soccer activities will continue as is. Question re gym - answer gym now includes fitness center, leased to TRW. Recreation use "heavily programmed." Question re starting construction in March, what about Springfest location? Answer -- need to work that; but mobilization will take awhile. Question re materials for base of track? Answer -- needs to satisfy several uses; proposing rubberized asphalt material, will not be concrete or decomposed granite (DG). Question re access to current amenities & trailers (concessions) -- answer trailers will be moved around as construction proceeds. Maureen - "plan exceeds our expectations" - wonderful, lovely facility. Model on display.

Sue -- model shows better how facility really will be, walkway, performing arts center will be prestigious center piece for community, expect corporate entities will want recognition in center -- donations to capital fund or ongoing operation; also patrons participate in smaller ways -- will provide opportunities, e.g., donor bricks with name. Handed out brochure re "Brick Buy Brick" and "Take a Seat." Higher level of giving -- seats with plaques.

Project presentation: Ron -- meeting at city hall re streetlight project -- Angela and Aaron. On Artesia holiday lighting. 7 blocks will require new electrical outlets; city council approval required -- small budget $10,000. Seeking local businesses to rally support. Will advise when on council agenda. Ron -- trees will need some trimming, electrical power work. Aaron -- outside contractor in other cities (similar projects) at fixed price, installation and maintenance; first work before November 24.


Art -- Okay along Artesia, one mediation with "Thirsty Club" at bar and neighboring merchant. Question re graffiti -- aware of? Question re exiting and entering post office -- in red zones of driveway to parking lot in back. Question: Is it private property? Will check.

Rob Hall -- 2000-2001 plan update: restaurant (?) on hold; Jimmy Cardonas (?) -- in works; another location a sign; Sand Tots preschool pretty much done; another ...

Desi Alvarez -- running for West Basin Municipal Water District (Malibu, West ?, down to Peninsula, including Lomita). Staggered terms. [Handout] Masters degree in Environmental Engineering, experience designing & running water systems. Currently at City of Downey. Concerned about water rates. Look at practices (administrative expenses). Vote November 7!

9-14-2000 Notes

Tom Kantor here for Art Hernandez.

Sandy Clifton, RBUSD, here for pro's and con's of Prop 38 - educational voucher for parents. Pro's: students trapped in failing public education system, so gives choice; offers healthy competition, saves tax payer money (cf. per diem), holds schools accountable. Con's: Gov. Davis, et al, against; pub schools need fix but erodes accountability, additional $3,000,000,000 to pay for students if parents with kids in private schools elect vouchers; problems with accountability in private schools; private schools ability to handle more students; some private schools against.

Q&A: State has made increased investment, working on test scores, high school exit exam. Q: Floating pay raise correlated with performance. A: Hot issue re merit pay. Comments on SAT9 test (vs. Golden State, etc.). Comments on staff development and text book costs. Q: Re lack of accountability, voucher used not to send to neighborhood school ... child not do well in private school, kicked out of private school ... high school exit exam "have to pass 9th grade level" equivalent ... parent time and energy for private school success, so claiming lack of accountability is misleading, based on fear ... daughter in public school has uncredentialed teacher currently. A: Re money, initiative not well researched or well written, creates new bureaucracy at county and state level -- tracking system, where money come from. Q: My kids will always be in public school, but understand parents for voucher, tired up everything, people are frustrated. Q: Can private schools exclude certain student groups, gays, etc. A: Yes, can do now. Q: Once start taking public money, how about prayer? Q: $4000 coming out of tax money? General good of community. Spend anyway want? Parents just starting some school -- longevity? Q: No right to judge schools unless we can get legislative action to fund adequately schools. A: Working more with legislatives for resources, as well as money. Measure is reactionary. Catholic school against voucher initiative. Will increase educational chasm. 70% of families here don't have kids in public school. Q: Re social promotion, never desired by schools, forced by parents. Vouchers will take "cream of crop" out of public schools. How pass exit tests? Non-English speaking population. Concerned with community consciousness. Social consequences. Q: Voucher will take money away from public schools. Parent that cares that much -- children will do well in public school. Q: Parents that don't care that much will continue in public school. Voucher not that bad -- paying taxes either way. A: Another factor loss of federal and state funds, e.g., Title I grants. Q: Competition viewed negatively -- schools are in trouble, will competition hurt that much? Like in business, what need to do better to keep customers. A: Not that concerned about competition but the statewide large student population, student mobility, diversity, unlike 1950's; problems faced in public schools largely not academic per se (family environments, custody issues, cultural differences); need to invest in all our children. Q: Real world not privileged few, private schools selective re ability, behavior; so, turning billions of dollars over to anyone -- dubious.

Prop 39 -- see http://www.yesonprop39.org/facts.html -- school bond passage -- lowers percentage to pass from 2/3 to 55% majority. Pro's: Gray Davis, etc. -- need to fix facilities, more investment in schools, no increase in taxes. Con's: Bond indebtedness -- indirect tax. Pro's: Prisons can be built on simple majority but not schools. Q: Hate taxes. But, Prop 13 has limited raising funds for worthy public causes. Why has money for capital improvements not trickled down? -- was diverted because of other money. A: Was about 2% of our operating budget. Q: Get more bonds pass, but LAUSD board meetings, see Belmont fiasco, perception versus reality, if students don''t have paper to write on, should have accountability now; frustration, increase teacher pay, not staff's. Forget new programs, teach kids to read and write. Parents get backlash. A: Governor not on board last time, but now strict qualifications for use of moneys.


Tom Kantor -- South RB community officer. Crime prevention recap -- Sept 2 - 8, kindergarten on Artesia broken into, cars stolen from area of Denny's (Honda --recovered later), at Galleria car attempted to be stolen (Honda).

Ron -- murder suicide on Ruhland -- requested to do something for family -- donate money $1000? Ron -- Springfest money available. Vote carried. Lobster Festival banana flambe $ also go to family.

Lead based paint HUD regulation goes into effect tomorrow. Rob Hall will report more next time.

Round Table discussion last Wed of month at Crown Plaza re Prop E.

8-10-2000 Notes

Art Hernandez -- here, yeah! Brief general crime update. Resource card -- handout. Handout -- Public Safety Fair and PD Open House on October 1 -- officer Mike Gear, District 3 and Pinzler's area. Sign -- "Nuisance" posting for municipal code section -- newer version. Kathy's comments on the "angry young man" hanging around "scaring customers." Art -- difficult situation re rights and code, officer seeing incident vs filing complaint. Dick's comments -- motorcycle parking on sidewalk a violation? Yes. Also parking lot access -- cutting across double line in street vs going around to enter legally.

Presentation: Aaron Jones, City of Redondo Beach, Economic Development Manager and John Mate, Civil Engineer, on 2500 block Artesia Blvd Parking Lot project. Initially $290,000 plus other improvements. On 5 year plan but more difficult to implement. Possibilities for uses. Rob Hall commented on other improvements on buildings. Would like coordinated rehab vs "hop scotch." Annual costs for parking lot estimated $6,000 plus license fee to Edison ($10,000 currently). Lot needs to produce revenue to be self sustaining. Comment on Artesia relinquishment on CalTrans view of how much money each side puts in -- closer than ever. Parking operation requires cooperation of all businesses -- financial and/or physical support (e.g., re taking down walls). John Mate mentioned also possible decorative lighting decision, landscaping, fountain, etc. re how lot will be built. CalTrans decision hopefully by end of year. Mansour said he hasn't seen demand for parking in that area -- how expect $36,000 per year to be generated. Tom (at All Internet) -- there'll be no problem with use; other comments -- owners talking about paying, overflow, buying spaces. Aaron -- spaces now on side streets will be freed. Ron -- any time in past parking structure built it filled up -- will attract. John Parsons -- in Riviera Village working to get meter 2-hour limit enforced; businesses worried about employees parking all day; merchants need turnover, RV Association asked for more meters; permits won't generate $36,000/year. Aaron -- agree; permit $30 per month per space. John Parsons -- also taking walls down, glad to hear re past discussions about subject; parking key factor for successful business; no extra traffic generated on residential side streets. Dick -- comments on parking; need is there; conversations with Meeker. Tom Fouts -- Rotary members discussion.

Re increasing Web presence and NRBBA participation, Ron -- possible mailer to businesses. Parsons -- saw example of another city with Web page postcards.

Mike Gin re 190th left turn lane; "heart of the city" program has convinced him that change needed; community meeting to be scheduled Sept 16 probably at City Hall.

Ron -- two thank you's from scholarship recipients.

Parsons -- murder/suicide Monday, family in need (see Esay Reader, August 10, 2000, p. 14; The Beach Reporter, August 10, 2000, p. 1). Marna -- re helping family, Cheer for Children, setting up help. Devastating situation.

7-13-2000 Notes


Ron - 4 high school grad's awarded. He read a card from awardee last year at San Diego State U. His daughter at El Camino also had a good year.


Ron read Mike Gin's email reply to John Healy re 190th & Anza left turn lanes issue. Discussion. Torrance did approve in past -- comment on why hadn't proceeded. Mike Gin also contacted Don Szerlip, who wondered if "cart before horse"? -- residents consensus (view) first, then local meeting, then seek funding; appeared to favor due to "heart of the city" plan.

Ron's commented on history of traffic corridor -- Anza & Lilienthal route. Long history (my comments too). Tom Fouts (?) -- said that history of route went back to 1950's when Ripley was reconfigured for South Bay Shopping Center. Changes to Inglewood back then also.

See Mike Gin's district meetings schedule card (July 22, September 9).

Question: "Update on take over of Artesia?" Ron passed question to Rob Hall, who reported for new fiscal year, work on Kurt Hardware, Redondo Dental, and west of that (last year's projects All Internet Bldg, Coldwell Banking) -- also meeting re what willing to contribute toward parking lot, to maybe raise priority in Redondo's 5-year plan. Other than that housing rehab program "going great guns" -- four 40-yard dumpsters at one property for clean up. Possible new applicants for Deferred Payment Loan Program for home owners (code stuff, 4% simple interest). Qualifications: own home, low/mod low income); first year's budget $100,000 for loans; min loan $10,000.

Rob said that the parking lot will come along some time -- whether metered or permit, etc., details still to be worked out. Concerns about invalid uses -- park&ride, overnight parking, etc. Comment from Tom at All Internet Bldg -- more cars (clients & visitors) than spaces available on street, so lot would get cars off side streets in residential area. Get input at meeting -- hopefully next week.

Larry Cote mentioned that at last Council meeting there was mention of "talking" street lights for blind access. Larry said good bye -- this was his last meeting -- he's selling his house, and moving from the area -- to Lake Isabella area.

Subj: Re: 190th Street Traffic Flow
Date: Friday June 23, 2000 11:13:04 PM
From: Gin4Dist3
To: Jphealy

Hello Mr. Healy,


Your message regarding the 190th/Inglewood and 190th/Anza left turn lanes is timely. The City of Torrance informed us a few months ago that they were very interested in upgrading the intersections to have dual left turn lanes. I have noticed the overflow problem of left-turning cars on many occasions. My initial response to the change was pessimistic because of the history of concern that many Inglewood Avenue corridor residents have expressed over the years about Inglewood Avenue traffic. I mentioned to our City Staff that I would not personally approve of any changes being made to the 190th/Inglewood intersection until I've had a chance to hold a neighborhood meeting with the Inglewood Avenue residents to discuss the possibility. This meeting was tentatively scheduled to occur on Saturday, July 22.

The City of Torrance informed us this week that their request for funding from the MTA to upgrade the Inglewood/190th intersection fell through. They would not likely receive any funding to perform the upgrade until the next fiscal year, at the earliest.

Because the City of Torrance would need to do the work on the 190th/Inglewood intersection, I have decided to hold off on the discussion until the City of Torrance is fully prepared to fund the improvement.

I agree with your concerns that this improvement will eventually need to be done, especially in light of our current revitalization plans for the harbor. Nevertheless, we will need full cooperation from the City of Torrance before we can consider any upgrade to the 190th/Inglewood left turn pocket.

Hope all is well with you.

Best regards,

Mike Gin
(310) 318-5965

6-8-2000 Notes


Marna -- Chamber invited to visit China in October. Handout. Phillip commented on his experiences in China.

Ron -- NRBBA student scholarships for interest in business. Rating 1 - 10 then top 4 at $250 each. Marriott presentation. Student profiles. Invited to next month's meeting.


Rob -- rehab update: 2227 Artesia, Medical Bldg, preschool buying and doing improvements -- awning, etc. Mansour -- preschool also interested in parking situation. Working with Dick on survey, 3 - 6 months. Handi-person program at residence -- 3rd 40 yard dumpster to remove rubble, lots rats & other animals -- clean up; junk been in yard over a decade -- owner let property go; seen over years when people just collect things; started program in October 1978; contract with Western Waste for roll offs (dumpsters); deferred low interest loan program also coming back in July; get alerted by code enforcement 1-2 per year but otherwise owner -initiated popular program; considerable waiting list; qualifications: home owner, income guidelines; lean on property for loan program; minimum loan $10,000. Mansour question re graffiti -- Rob that's graffiti abatement program -- city responds quickly. Ron -- when he was on city council got involved in cleaning up a couple of places, went to court, one voluntarily cleaned up; the other iffy; unless there's health & safety issue. Rob -- first thing did was take care of trees in front of property to get access to property.

Joe -- crane to remove damaged sign in median -- tree damaged from car accident. Sometimes these things are hit & run and just take the loss.

Rob -- west of ??? Broiler there's painting; other exterior projects; re parking lot, it's in 5 year plan still, probably priority downgraded compared to Aviation. Don -- 5 year plan, budget for public works, parking lot in the plan, wish list and allocating funds as priorities change each year. Rob -- get input to council members re your concerns. King's Table sold. Starr -- what is happening on Aviation that's changed parking priority? -- Rob -- funding into (?).

Dick -- re strange things happening around place when you're not there -- another story. Bicycle on roof. Mischief leaves you uncomfortable. Question re police volunteers in police cars -- can they write citations? Ron -- only sworn staff can write. Dick -- Compliment re professional conduct of sworn officers responding to situations; but, in contrast, story re parking in disabled parking space some guy rather abrasive; so, question re community policing representatives.

Don -- re council member monthly meetings, Mike Gin in July, topic will discuss improvements of 190th at Inglewood re left turn "pockets" -- too many cars turning to fit in striped (marked) section; growing problem; question re Torrance side of street. Don -- window of opportunity, funding available. Ron -- fought issue in the 1980's. Kathy -- other changes in the picture there also needed. Don -- complaints from residents in area that change would make access to street (off their property) harder; but double left turn lane proposal needs to be phrased better to address any impact; need reasonable public discussion to address traffic hazard. E.g., traffic light adjustment will not increase traffic; just buffer (store) cars to avoid danger to thru traffic. Ron -- backup locations (patterns) in morning and evening (after work). [Decades long history of the Anza / Lilienthal and Inglewood routes. Residents. Politically hot.]

5-11-2000 Notes

David Serena, Arbitrator/Mediator: term limits presentation. The Wizard of ID cartoon handout. Varied perspectives: losing touch with citizens, accumulation of power, preclusion of viable opponents, etc. "Sit out" period -- length? Political and community sense. One consideration is possible litigation. Interpretation of current charter (election code) passed in 1974. Mayor and/or city council members. Attorney costs. November ballot -- what will happen? Discussion: Linkage with school board term limits? Concerns re visibility on combined ballot (March), funding to clarify issue re ballot arguments (mailers, etc.). Affects only a small number of people. "Term limit" catch phrase re voter response. Impact of "deep pocket" candidate? Language of "break in service."

Dick Hyde: Artesia survey re traffic -- something happening. Some break-ins during last reporting period.

Officer Hernandez: Yes, burglaries lately -- commercial and north-end residential. Other items: patrol cars with digital mobile units for data; with City Attorney developing legal package re vendors (e.g., ice cream) near schools -- needs assessment in progress (nothing currently in municipal code). Question re flower vendors on center divider. Question re truck blocking access to parking area at business location. Hernandez -- no enforcement authority on private property; so, options for private action. Reintroducing program "Crime Watch" -- alerts, prevention techniques (awareness), weekly fax, free, subscription form handed out (see text below). Other cities using successfully. Next meeting workplace safety presentation.

Rob Hall: Finishing up June 30 fiscal year; parking lot on 5-year plan (not sure of priority). Question re two restaurants closed/empty?

Redondo Beach Police CrimeWatch
Member Subscription Form

This valuable program will provide you with information on current crime trends, important crime alerts, crime bulletins, and crime prevention techniques. This information is faxed directly to you each week by the Redondo Beach Police Department Community Policing Unit. Your information will be kept confidential.

To subscribe to our program, please complete the following subscription/questionnaire and return by facsimile to (310) 379-8822 or mail to: Officer Hernandez, Community Policing Unit, Redondo Beach Police Department, 401 Diamond Street, Redondo Beach, California 90278.

Please fill out the following information:

  1. Resident or Business Name:
  2. Address:
  3. City, Zip Code:
  4. Contact Person:
  5. Contact Phone:
  6. Fax Number:
  7. E-Mail Address:

We welcome your comments about our CrimeWatch community service or any other issues you would like to address: ___

4-13-2000 Notes


Lou Garcia, City Manager -state of city. Municipal services 8.5x11" survey handout, AES power plant site planning meetings card handout. Some Q&A.



  • Increase traffic enforcement of suspended and revoked drivers
  • Combat regional methamphetamine problem
  • Find funding sources to build new facilities for public safety services


  • Aging infrastructure
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Cutbacks in the 90s
  • Conducting study on condition of sewer system
  • Developing five-year CIP Plan


Mark Conte - Springfest netted $8-9K - very well. (See also some pictures from this event.)

Ron - Redondo Union HS scholarships announcement.

Consulting firm to talk with businesses on Artesia - let Ron know if interested. Analysis and merchant impact re CalTrans relinquishment. Discussion. John Parson's comments re state request for more input, help prove dollar number; South Bay evidently left out of perspective by Governor.

Rob Hall - update on parking lot funding sources, not from CalTrans. Nothing nailed down. 2 buildings new signs, another painting contract, deferred payment program - "rehab on track."

Joe, Parks Maintenance, introduced.

3-9-2000 Notes


Barbara Ramsey Duke - on Chamber now.

Ron - State of City presentation rescheduled to next month's meeting with city manager.

SBCHC fund raiser reminder.


Mark Conte -Springfest 2000 handout.

Marna - newsletter handout: 7-day delegation trip to China article - need 16 people for October ~$2000/person. Chamber starting community leadership program; classes 10-month series: public safety, health, etc.; starts March 24. Nominations for man or woman of year. Cereal Bowl breakfast March 31 - how to talk with customers, not at them - at Crown Plaza.

Rob Hall - Artesia update - funding available for parking lot survey; also looking for funding if parking lot construction happens. Commercial rehab program - painting schedule; signage progress. City-wide survey every 5th house in progress for HUD - condition of housing stock with categories for roof, siding, doors, etc., done every 10 years (1989 last).


City dealing with political issue re Caltrans for transfer of Artesia corridor.

Site picture of parking lot area - approval of Edison, City, 2500 Artesia block near Felton - Edison right of way - half block on both sides of street (see pictures). Knock down businesses' walls also. Trying to get for years.

Parking lot and Artesia Blvd are separate issues/actions. Options for parking lot construction schedule. Free parking or meters? Pro's & con's.

Police update (Officer Hernandez not present) - Dick Hyde - some comments: look out for stolen checks, e.g., from mail boxes. Some checks from $400 - $700. Be aware. Ring of professionals may be active. Even outright bogus checks on printed forms (that look real) with bogus IDs.

Barbara - yesterday received call from Pier that someone was selling literature for Visitors Bureau which was not endorsed or authorized.

Questions re banners - permitting, criteria, length of display (20 days). Hanging, in windows, etc. Call Larry Baker, code enforcement, for further information. Free speech vs. advertising use. Temporary vs. permanent. Sign issues: distraction, safety.

Ron - Urban Land Institute last week. Primarily dealt with Harbor area. Tomorrow at Crown Plaza preliminary presentation to City. (See newspaper article a week or two ago.) Two other NRBBA members participated - their comments.

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