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5-9-2002 NRBBA Notes
5-9-2002 NRBBA Gathering A5-9-2002 NRBBA Gathering B5-9-2002 NRBBA Gathering C

Tom; City - Brad Lindahl, ?, Tim, Harry, ?, Steve H., Sue A.; Clark, Phil; CA Water - Ross, Lynn; Mansour, Kathy, Dan P., Don & Cindy, Dick; SoCal Gas - ?, ?, ?, ?, ?; Kurt, John P., Mike M.

Steve H.: Scoping, coordination for project construction - Maureen Lull. Landscaping design in August, September. All to Council ~December for approval to do construction. Brad will be supervisor.

Brad Lindahl Brad Lindahl (Engineering & Building Services, Capital Projects Program Manager): Introduced project team -- City and utilities. Draft Artesia Improvement schedule handed out. Managing concerns of businesses, etc. Rindge left turn ~2 - 3 months delay to get materials. Larry Moss & Asso. awarded beautification. Question re how many years to cut street? Steve: 5 years. Immediate issue is utility work. Gas & water begin week of May 13 for 8 - 10 weeks. (Steve: City already finished sewer upgrade.) Gas begins at Aviation Way on south side (current line was installed in 1921); water starts on north side at Inglewood (current line on south side was installed ~1940, but new line also on north side) -- to improve water flow and allow growth for new businesses. Question re water shutoff? Question re accommodation for various businesses' operation? Hotline phone number in operation next week. Notification to businesses re status, City Web site, signs on street "Businesses open during construction." Also updates to Police & Fire Departments.

Steve: 4-City joint effort on resurfacing. Coordination on beautification a possibility. Question re width issue of street & signal-controlled intersection & U-turns. Sue: Inglewood improvements funded from a different source (on book for a long time); so, some coordination with Artesia beautification and freeway on-ramp. Question re businesses' input on streetscape improvements design. Brad/Sue: Will be revisiting SCE right-of-way parking lot concept. Question re new fire hydrant locations.

Mark Conte: SpringFest was one of the most successful; new layout worked well; good weather, good attendance. (Mark's been doing event for 18 years.) Don Z.: Public Works commission working with event companies for signs -- more (or clearer) signage re parking.

Paul G.: Chamber Business Expo coming May 23, Chamber Installation Dinner June 14, Fire Dept. CERTS Program. John P.: Saturday (May 11) Fire Station Open House(s), May 18 City-wide Budget Workshop (10am at Main Library).

3-14-2002 NRBBA Notes

Tom, Don & Cindy, Mansour, Kathy, Mike M., Marna, Sue Armstrong, Maureen Lull, Kurt, Ernie, Phil, Kelly G. & Tom L., Rob; Dan, Clark, Dick

Sue Armstrong

Presentation: "Artesia Improvement Plan" - Sue Armstrong, Assistant City Manager and Maureen Lull

  1. Resurfacing
  2. Signal improvements
  3. Utility improvements (SoCal Gas, CA Water Service)
  4. Beautification (streetscape)

1. Resurfacing - $1M HTC funds added via Supervisor Don Knabe.

2. Signal improvements - Green, Slauson, Felton, Rindge (done), Vail, Mackey.

3. Utility improvements - new gas line from PCH to Hawthorne. And 7000 feet of water pipe.

4. Beautification - make very attractive & functional; design by end summer.

1 & 2 in design to complete in a couple of months. One project in fall -- for bid. Begin construction in spring so done ~summer 2003.

Maureen Lull: Re Artesia, not "reinventing the wheel" but revisiting some "dated" ideas from 12 years ago. In-house scoping group will identify maintenance issues, etc. [Q&A] After street resurfaced, usually a moratorium on utility tear ups for a certain number of years (~3 - 5). Project status posting, communication with community -- ideas discussed. Considering on-site City rep to work with contractor (as was done on Performing Arts Center Project). Handed out survey: List 3 physical improvements you want to see along Artesia Blvd. Question re "selection committee" for contractors / design firms, who may contact NRBBA, etc., to prepare for their presentation to City staff; and point at which general public and local businesses may give input.

1-10-2002 NRBBA Notes

Ron, Rob, Dick, Don & Cindy, Kathy, Paul, Marna, Mansour, Jeff, Phil, Wendy Soter, Barbara Hawkins-Hanks, Aaron J., John P., Ernie O., Starr, Dan, Tom F.; Mike M.

Dick: Recent Salvation Army small electrical fire; so, recommend businesses check their electrical equipment.

Presentation: Wendy Soter, Housing Manager - Section 8 Housing Program (handouts). Rent assistance program (subsidy for landlords); RB residents served first; waiting list ~ 1 1/2 years (currently 4000 on list); help for veterans especially. Policies approved by City Council via Housing Authority. Landlord pluses: 1. City portion of rent is guaranteed; 2. If renter loses job, City pays 100% until tenant re-employed. Currently in program landlords with from 1 to 40 tenants. HUD is funding source. ~$3.7M per year and 593 households. Another incentive: business license fee waived for participants. Generally good tenants due to incentive. E.g., % depends on tenant income; for $1000 rental, greater than or equal to 30% paid by tenant, so maybe $450. Rental range limit in RB limits units re waiting list.

Presentation: Rob (slideshow): 4 City programs (Handyperson, Mobility Access, Deferred Loan Payment, Commercial Rehab) -- information with Barbara Hawkins-Hanks, Analyst, who does intake on programs.

Announcement: Marna:

Thursday, January 17th - 1st Annual Business Awards Breakfast -
Business Excellence Awards Breakfast Honoring Local Businesses
Time: 7:15 AM - Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel (300 N. Harbor Drive)
Cost: Members $16, Guests $20 -- Includes a Delicious Buffet Breakfast

The Business Excellence Awards Breakfast will honor outstanding local businesses for their contributions to the community. The featured speaker and presenter will be Mayor Greg Hill. Awards will be presented in several categories, including those nominated by the North Redondo Beach Business Association, the Harbor and Pier area, and Riviera Village.

This will be an excellent networking opportunity! This monthly breakfast will be exciting with the announcement of many new awards to our local businesses. Join us to congratulate these Redondo Businesses!


Announcement: Aaron: City working on grant application $8-10M -- PUC energy saving program -- need creative ideas for businesses. Due to finish writing within ~ week.

12-13-2001 NRBBA Notes

Dick, Phil, Jeff R., Paul G. (RBCC), Mike M. (RVA), Marna (RBCC), Kathy, Mansour, Tom, Cindy & Don, Ron; Kurt, Rob, Clark, Barbara, John P., Mark Conte; Ernie

Paul: Reminder that Network Cafe Dec. 20 11:30am at Blue Moon Cafe; Holiday Boat Parade Saturday Dec. 15 5:30-7:30pm at King Harbor.

Barb: Look in March/April for business breakfast hosted by Clark Adams.

Mike: "Shop Riviera" - 3rd Thursday event next week - businesses open to 8:00pm - promote evening shopping and strolling in village. Holiday event went well with more expanded venue.

Rob: Painted Redondo Auto Care; signage and roof at Caldwell Banker; El Indio next. Discussion: Question re status of property former King's Restaurant. What's going on? (Progress/plan?) Longtime vacant. Question also re unoccupied new building nearby (on Artesia).

Mark Conte: Springfest 2002 coming April 4, 5, 6, 7 - format as last year (cf. Springfest 2000). Grass area now paved; so configuration changed for arrangements. Walkthrough with carnival operator next week.

Barb: Status NRBBA City Directory ad - draft next week.

John P.: Marilyn White in hospital for operation (former Council member, ...). Planning Commission voted 7-0 for additional study EIR re traffic studies - adopted staff recommendation for Heart of the City.

Tom: Thanks to Don Kanabe, City received an additional one million dollars ($1M) for Artesia redevelopment.

Ernie: Comments on City's pool funds. Backstory on "Fox Hollow."

Clark: Went through Ultra Life testing ("One Hour Could Save Your Life!" presented at last meeting). Took around 45 minutes.

Discussion re Artesia redevelopment: Question re light sequencing, paving. Comments by Kurt, John P. John: Maybe rough timeline available soon. Mansour: Question re impact on businesses. Kurt/John: One year planning, 1 year doing, with paving last.

Ernie: Comments on recent beautification - landscaping, for example, on Artesia median; and new signage/logo coming.

11-8-2001 NRBBA Notes

Ron C., Dan P., Joel L., Don & Cindy S., Paul G., Kathy S., Art H. & Mike Dehr, Tom F., Mansour B., Phil S., Kurt S., Clark A., John P., Dick H., Barbara R.D., (Rob H., Mike M.)


Community Policing: Art: Last couple of months not very active - 2 burglaries east part of Artesia. Handed out updated City Phone #'s Quick Reference. "Bad Check Restitution Program" -- presentation by volunteer to businesses (300 flyers to Galleria but no attendees) -- will invite to future NRBBA meeting. Handout -- BCHD "After the Attacks" meeting/table discussion.

Regarding dayworkers (e.g., at Artesia & Felton location), increased call volume; searching for viable solution. One report at apartment building of transients/dayworkers using property as "bathroom." New laws make handling difficult, stalemate. Issue is soliciting work from a public right-of-way. (Q&A) Comments on "drop off" centers in other communities (Glendale Home Depot site, N. Hollywood) as examples of alternatives. (85% dayworkers are NOT illegal according to one study.) Mike D.: A comprehensive solution will cost and require police, business, and city involvement -- a "creative solution." Loitering laws require demonstrable hindrance or obstruction (re public property). On private property, incident must be observed by resident.

Comment: Issue of impact on Artesia redevelopment plans and attracting business. A "dayworker center" not appealing. Where would such a "center" fit?

Artesia Update: Mansour: Question re street signs replacement. Joel L.: New signage planned. Tom F.: Contract just let $75,000 to a graphic design firm for new signs throughout city. John P.: 2 year process for redo of Artesia -- with focus groups, etc.

Chamber Events: Paul G.: Regional breakfast with Jane Harman re Homeland Security November 20 at 7:30am at Crown Plaza.

Presentation: Dr. Larry Omo on Ultra-Life, Inc.'s "One Hour Could Save Your Life!" screening (handout). Dr. Omo, a chiropractor, discussed the latest technology to detect early stages of cancer, stroke, heart disease (the biggest "killers"). A brief history of healthcare and insurance companies. Criteria for care: symptoms, tests; but the basic physical was not designed to detect these "killers," because usually detected in final phases. Stroke 10% due to weak blood vessel, 90% from clots in neck down due to plaque. Compare cost of Ultra-Life, Inc.'s mobile screening ($500 deal for both tests, by the way) with hospital costs, say, once every 5 years. Mobile unit is in area every 5-6 weeks.

10-11-2001 NRBBA Notes

Ron (wearing dark glasses due to black eye from fall, will be undergoing more radiation treatment for the next 3 weeks), Phil, Dick, Paul G. (RBVB), Mansour, Don & Cindy S., Jeff Rowe, Mike M. (Riviera Village Association), Starr & Dan P., Clark Adams, Rob Hall, Charles McManis (Daily Breeze), Aaron Jones (City Econ. Dev.)

Presentation by Mr. McManis on the newly redesigned Daily Breeze -- see "Take a look at what we have in store for you."

The redesigned Daily Breeze will be out October 14. Surveys provided focus on new features. "Not just slapping a coat of paint on old content." New ad space layout -- fixed block, strip ads. Local news moved up front -- greater local focus. Each week 3000 free samples (rotated by week). Page 2 will become one of the most popular -- columnists' articles. Prep sports. Police blotter Tues - Sat, "Lights & Sirens." Editorials moved to first section.

Technology changes permit "unbalanced" paper -- sections don't need to be the same length any longer. Full color weather page. (They also print the local NY Times distribution.)

Mon - Fri features page, continued following week. Business section -- more local content, including local company stock issues. Weekly stock summary the same.

Web site includes AP's Money Line.

Side "rails" (like a Web page) to navigate to other content in issue. "Not as local as Beach Reporter" -- no Redondo Beach Zone. Ad zones, e.g., Harbor, South Bay, ...

Rates: $2.80 per week declining to $2.55 per week if subscribe for a year. (~40% recycled paper content.)


Rob: Commercial rehab -- independent repair developing scope of work. Paint Redondo Auto Care. Caldwell Banker roof work maybe. El Indio going to buy vacant lot to west for parking. Handi Person on target with projects. Deferred Loan Pay really taking off.

Aaron: Chamber, VB, Econ Dev Group sponsoring January 17 Business Awards & Excellence banquet. Criteria: Chamber member, community service & contribution, image enhancement to storefront area, etc. Nominations due by November 30.

Don S.: As a member of the Public Works Commission, toured the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority's right of way -- train corridor, train yard. Trains and traffic flow, impact on Redondo Beach. Alameda Corridor Project $4.2B (largest public works project in country)! New bridges. Project will reduce freight train travel time for Harbor to downtown train yard from ~ 8 hours to ~ 2 to 3 hours.

9-13-2001 NRBBA Notes

Ron (will undergo some preventive radiation treatment), Mansour, Paul G. (RBVB), Kathy, Jeff Rowe (Rowe Strategic Planning), Marna (RBCC), John P. (City Council), Dick H., Starr & Dan P., Don S., Joe L. (Recreation & Parks), Hank (formerly "Hank the Plumber" -- started NRBBA in 1980), Phillip, Kurt S. (City Council)

Ron: Two thank-you notes from scholarship students.

Presentation: Maureen Lull, City Project Manager - Performing Arts Center Update

Project organized into areas with schedule dates. Area 1 done -- curbing, utilities, ... Area 2 estimated December -- parking area. Area 3 new addition -- steel work will start soon. Area 4 involves sound, electrical, ceiling (temporary), stage, orchestra pit. Patio area same as yet.

Question: Track area? This phase the track is still there. Phase 2 field rectangle will be moved to eliminate "dead" space and for new running path. Phase 2 unfunded, but when done the oval will be there with reduced width. "Track stays."

Question: Green Lane intersection? City Council recommended not to proceed at this time. "On the shelf" re construction management. Space Park is the main entry to eventual lobby (now temporarily emergency exit only) with queuing distance. (Eventual walled patio area currently is lobby area.)

Phase 1 completion anticipated to be summer 2002.

Question: BCHD role? Currently there is no BCHD role "on the table" re gym, etc. (John Parsons talked about history of BCHD's proposal and reasons for need to rethink.) BCHD needed to make profit, which expanded programs, which expanded building, which expanded parking, which reduced green space, and unbalanced master plan.

175 trees coming in for park area. Play equipment going in front of gym. Construction update is on City's Web site.

John Parsons: There were dozens of public meetings (in addition to individual meetings with organizations and other "stake holders"). [More back story on track area redesign.]

Maureen Lull: "Very small part" of track users were negative. John P.: [These few] tore up plan update flyers [posted at track]; so, no longer posting there.

Maureen: Call if you hear conflicting information. "We want to be real clear about what people are disagreeing about."

Artesia Update: Joe L.: ~3 more weeks to complete median update. Discontinued use of CA Conservation Corps (CCC) workers due to need to complete faster. Plants removed to grade entire median first -- new plants afterwards. John P., Kurt: Caltrans check yet (re master plan)? Don S.: Plan to meet with NRBBA re planning.

Kurt: Steve Huang, City Engineering, will be at his next neighborhood meeting.

Dick: Question re communications tower going up in Edison green space. Note that Artesia TV will be relocating (by end of month) due to building renovation.

Marna: Announcement re Business Guide (business listing and advertising going out this year to entire City), need to submit by second week of October.

Jeff Rowe (BSME, MBA, jrowe200@hotmail.com): Started South Bay Ethical Business Association. Will be meeting 2nd Tuesday in evening.


South Bay Ethical Business Association

Please attend our meeting of this fast growth organization!

Date: Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month (upcoming Oct. 9, Nov. 13, Dec. 11)
Time: 7 PM - 8 PM
Location: David K. Hayward Community Center, 2000 Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach CA


  • Discussion group for Ethical businesses, owners and employees
  • Discuss pertinent ideas and issues surrounding ethical businesses, organizations, and their employees
  • Plan and organize concepts & events to help the community, promote good ethics, and grow as individuals

Why? There seems to be large void of ethical thinking in our places of businesses. This organization will help to fill this void. It will also help to foster and grow more "good" concepts and goals for businesses and other organizations.


  1. Monthly meetings with speakers
  2. Weekly e-mail forums
  3. Quarterly events

RSVP: Preferred: e-mail: Jeff Rowe at jrowe400@hotmail.com
Phone: 310-567-7635
Address: 2304 Mathews Ave, Suite #1, Redondo Beach CA 90278

(Agenda from September)

Theme: Money

Discussion Outline:

  • Pursuit and love of money… good or bad ?
  • Greed and Profit vs. Necessity and Growth
  • Investing
  • Charity and giving
  • Capital investment, taxes, other confusing issues
  • Hero of the Month: Highlighting an ethical person or business in the news
  • Villain of the Month: Highlighting an UN-ethical person or business in the news
  • Quotes of the Month: Money related

Our roles in the SBEBA: What each of us can contribute to the group each month (we all have our specialties and skills)

8-9-2001 NRBBA Notes

Marna S., Paul Goldman - RBVB, Tom F., Mansour B., Kathy S. with daughter Charlsie, Art H., Don & Cindy Szerlip, Doug (Mobile Service), Dick H., Rob Hall, Jeff Rowe (business consultant)

Art: Last month's robberies on Artesia, initially thought to be related but not -- different people. Be extra cautious during summer weather. For homeless (?) Paul D., will possibly seek state conservatorship -- no family identified.

Dick H.: Recurrence of graffiti behind surf shop. Art: Summertime sometimes brings out such actions. There are volunteers which can come out and document (photo) and clean off. A specialist can id tagger sometimes. No matter how small or large don't hesitate to call -- report to P.D.

Art: Re skateboarder problem behind Gateway Plaza, Anderson Park skateboarder problem was eliminated with rough devices screwed into curb which prevent sliding.

Doug: Has been here 21 years. Business in escrow 4th time. Laws regarding what food and services allowed. History of loss of gas stations along Artesia -- used to be 38, now 23 within area. Design changes to comply with access. Sort of will retire and fish.

Clark Adams: Received money from corridor project; roof work in progress; moved in; working on inside showroom. Parking lot lights. Company trucks. Mansour: Nice job on signs. Clark: Unoccupied Chinese restaurant next door -- sold to intermediary then flipped to another guy so that's why hard to track down who to talk re vandalism. Probably new building in another year -- 4000 sq ft. Parking issue? Legacy factors.

Rob: Independent repair in 2700 block of Artesia and for El Indio restaurant. Deferred Payment Loan program taken off well.

Question re Cal Trans relinquishment and Artesia beautification? Marna: Money coming soon. Doug: Putting in new flowers near mall in line with mall's beautification. Dick: Median looks ratty. Tom: Probably waiting on report on what should do. Marna: Something about consultant. Doug: Summer student crew took out oleander; tree trimming; RB trucks placed new top soil; from railroad bridge east being done now. Rob: Next meeting can get staff here for report. Kathy: Several different consultants for different projects for Artesia; maybe a year before anything happens; need reports, e.g., re left turn lanes. Mansour: Make sure complete plan in place before spend money.

Marna: Business awards luncheon; next month will have criteria to select businesses -- make sure small businesses awarded throughout community. By October. Also, Chamber and City entering into partnership for new Community Guide so every household getting copy; so, consider placing your listing in the Guide. Upcoming event is August 30th multi Chamber mixer at Seaside Lagoon 5:30pm. And in November there'll be a breakfast with rep Jane Harman speaking.

Clark: There's a web site which posts street blockages. Password protected so only city staff access. Clark: Hope to host NRBBA meeting in October.

Don Szerlip: Re left turn lane on Inglewood and 190th, budgetary plan set for 2002 implementation.

7-12-2001 NRBBA Notes

(Ron - 1 more chemo session; 5% pneumonia left.)

Art: Some activity along Artesia -- robberies: restaurant (El Indio), Gateway Plaza (Cool Scene), couple places on Inglewood, etc. Maybe same group of people. One guy each time; descriptions vary. On foot. Perhaps wearing a hood. Random hours while businesses open. Mansour: Staff have become more worried about working late.

Art: Scan parking lot and your car before leaving. Call PD if feel threatened about getting to your car (call volume permitting, an officer will respond). From Artesia to MB Blvd, ...

Question for Art: How test phone programming auto dial buttons for 911 without needlessly impacting 911 center? Answer: Call the business line.

Question for Art: How was 4th July? Answer: Okay, fireworks display okay, no arrests or citations. Neighborhood calls somewhat impacted by manpower and call priorities.

Rob: New fiscal year underway; met or exceeded goals on block grant programs; 2 Commercial Rehab in pipe line & looking for new clients. Deferred Payment Loan Program has 4 in progress and 3 out to bid. Dick Hyde: Thanks to Rob for help on his property -- "painless -- take the money." Clark Adams Windows & Doors also complimented Rob for meeting at 7:00pm the other evening. (Clark Adams grand opening coming in September. But setting up now.)

Questions re status of property Chinese food place -- formerly "King's Restaurant." Vacant. Art will request board up on open window. Landlord phone number not responsive. Rob will make a call also.

Kurt: Will be getting left turn signal on Rindge and Artesia. 1000 signatures on petition. Artesia relinguishment money not here yet -- but maybe this month. Ron: Question on left turn whether pocket and timing adequate because that's the reason taken out years ago.

Question re 2400 Nelson Ave commuter traffic -- used as shortcut vs arterial Inglewood. Traffic load and speed. Ron's story on Grant Ave lane redesign some years back -- did indeed slow down traffic, which had tended to go over 50 mph!

Tom, John Parsons, Ron -- other stories about barricades and unintended consequences of such controls.

Left turn double lane on 190th and Inglewood status? Maybe 2003.

Mansour: Springfest April 2002 permit okayed. High school NRBBA scholarships ceremony went well -- would like to see money increased for each (maintaining North Redondo emphasis) or more limited number of students. Perhaps 2 or 3 at $500.

John Parsons: Every 3rd Saturday morning office hours for Kurt and himself. Please note.

Rob: Question re status of parking lot on 2500 Artesia. Kurt also remarked re bike lane. Rob: "Keep the spark alive."

Kurt: Also with Caltrans money there's new sign plan for Artesia. (Asked him to see if he can get info from consultant's presentation.)

Mansour -- question re ...

Check city web site for info on GREENFLAG STORM DRAIN PROJECT. These links have project description but not status information other than street closure:

Consider adding 190th St store fronts to NRBBA Business Listing [former FileMaker Server]. Talk to Ernie O'Dell re getting data on floppy disk (versus paper printout.)

6-14-2001 NRBBA Notes


After the usual round-the-table self-introductions, Ron introduced Terri Reynolds, Analyst, and Barry Kielsmeier, Harbor Director, who then proceeded to give a presentation on the Heart of the City (HOC) Plan.

Barry, using a PowerPoint computer-to-projector system, started by explaining the context, where the city is coming from. Regarding sales tax sources, he asked which area of the city supplies more -- Harbor or Artesia/Aviation excluding Galleria? Actually, they contribute about equally. These areas currently are considered equal. It's important to understand the economic impacts of HOC. The city is putting together a speakers bureau to get the word out.

His slideshow then discussed the history of the harbor area. Urban renewal (~1960's) fragmented community elements. Vision for the future is to reintegrate community elements. Single biggest challenge is parking. Funding is built into the revenue plan. Barry's presentation concluded (after 9:00am) with a few minutes of Q&A.

Quick Reports

Rob: Finishing up Clark-Adams signage; next to Kurt Hardware, Shahjehan restaurant; finishing up first Deferred Payment Loan; bids up for more; on goals for Handyperson program, etc.

Ron: Hopefully he's finished chemo. School scholarships -- 6 recipients to receive next Monday night.

3 robberies lately -- concern.

Also attending today: Paul Goldman, new marketing director for RBCC and Visitors Bureau; and Marna Smeltzer, CEO, RBCC.

5-10-2001 NRBBA Notes

Mansour: Announcements?

Rob: Clark Adam's (Windows & Doors) building finishing touches, signage next. El Indio another upcoming project. Independent Repair another major project in pipeline. Deferred loan program 8 loans in progress. Other programs on target. Q: How paint color picked? A: Planning Dept controls. (Not sure what actual guidelines.) One other project: restaurant next to Kurt Hardware working on roof and siding.

Art: Before meeting was talking about Parking Enforcement responsibilities. Weekly they work with Street Sweeping. Spread thin, not much time for proactive enforcement. Employees of City Hall -- code enforcement, not operate out of Police Dept. Q: Re enforcement of handicap parking spaces.

Art: Description of volunteer officer assistants. Recently trained to use radar guns.

Tom F: Question re parking on front yards in neighborhoods.

Kurt S.: Will be getting left turn signal at light on Artesia and Ringe. There was a petition. Funding in place. Issue is when. Tom: Used to be there (and other intersections) 20 years ago and didn't work! Kurt S.: Keep your arguments in hand -- there'll be upcoming meetings. Other comments: U-turns restrictions. Mansour: Concerned about CalTrans plan spending money on efforts before doing full studies, what do we have and what can we spend; left turn signal needed on Vail; hopes Council and Planning limits spending on items before complete plan done.

Mansour: Couple of days ago we had problem on Artesia -- traffic congested (30 minutes to go 4 blocks) because of power outage. What if anything does Police Dept have in place to deal with such situations. Really bad, concern about accidents. Art: Limited heads up on outages so get signage out there; target major intersections; so, lesser streets no relief. Kathy: Rolling blackouts no way to manage, possible cascading effects. John Parsons: Sounds like you're asking police to do traffic control; what's in plan is to get signs out, not enough staff to get out to all intersections. Art: Also issues for home security systems and calls. Mansour: On last blackout, how many calls were there? John P.: There was a report but not sure.

Starr: Talked with Art re graffiti on wall near post office -- was photographed? Described another incident re catching someone and cost to replace window.

Marna: BeachStock event. Tough to schedule in between other events like Mother's Day. Weather terrific. Pictures on Chamber's Web site. Chamber preparing for Installation Banquet.

Tom F.: Ron seems to be progressing well. In "down side" of chemo currently.

John P: Chamber hired someone new? Marna: Yes, new marketing director. Paul Goldman, used to have business in village. Used to be president of Riviera Village Association. Hasn't started officially yet.

Tom F.: When see results of consultant working on Artesia? John P.: CalTrans done. Will bring timeline to next meeting. Kurt S.: Heard comprehensive planning will take a year.

John P.: City did survey on interests, concerns. Some surprises. First question was how often vote -- 38% said vote but latest turn out was around 10%! Districts that most support Heart of City plan are 4 and 5 (north part of city). Another interesting thing -- bonds for police station and sewer system; sewer system won. Art: Come on down for tour, see how creative we are in turning a closet into an office.

Starr: Question to John P., do you have map of districts which can bring to meeting?

Mansour: This weekend K9 trials at high school. Art: Police Dept hosts, teams from all over county, country. Family event. Provide awareness of what's out there, capabilities of dogs.

Mansour: Hopefully Ron here next month. Now, do want to pass out paper asking 3 subjects to discuss at this meeting, will help schedule speakers. Would like to see discussion of signs on street, painting. Banners.

Kathy: With school ending, student scholarships awards -- with Ron recovering, ... Mansour: Needs volunteers to review student folders. Marna: (Story of a student in very challenging situation.) Mansour: We are looking for needy students in north end and grades good enough. Have 5 or 6 students to review.

Marna: Chamber will be doing business survey on technology use.

Mansour: What happened to intersection of Inglewood and 190th? Don Z.: Funding to maybe fiscal 2003 - 2004.

4-12-2001 NRBBA Notes

Ernie O'Dell
Kurt Schmalz, in-coming Council Member, District 4
Bob Pinzler, out-going Council Member, District 4
Steve Huang S.E., City Engineer / Chief Building Official
Art Hernandez
John Parsons

Ron -- hopefully a speedy recovery ["best wishes" poster to sign].


Art: Addressing day laborer issue (surfaced again).

Dick: Fictitious check story: looks legitimate, driver license ID check okay; but out $25. A reminder that happens. Bob P.: What might have done differently? A: Intellicheck check. Kathy: 2% of people keep us busy -- be careful about trash disposal and leaving mail out for pickup; damage done before discover problem.

[Ron dropped in.] He'll be having "highs" and "lows" (e.g., next week) in the coming weeks. During the "lows" his immune system's weak; so, can't be around people. With the chemo, he's getting over the pneumonia part. Small cell inoperable lung disorder, essentially a blood condition. He quit smoking in 1977. Should be under control. Up and down for next few months.

Mansour: At a convention saw lots of check verification services. New equipment there's a 25 cent charge per check and will pay if check turns out bad.


Mansour: Was bad. Cold day Saturday, volume way down from prior year. Not have all numbers yet; may break even.

City Engineer Projects Status

Steve H: Artesia project will be more then repaving. Master plan, community meetings. Q&A. Different types of resurfacing: 1. overall pave, lasts maybe 10 years; 2. slurry coat with patching, localized.

PCH water main project. Will recommend that Cal Water use the money on Artesia. Pushing for better coordination between agencies. Bob: Immutable law of government: as soon as pave street, a utility will cut it. Cutting takes 4 - 5 years out of life of street. Bob working to get input on changes to structure of street, e.g., left turn pockets. Kurt: Maybe money to fix potholes, rather than resurfacing and needing to do over again.

New library director proposed to expand North Branch.

Rain this year delayed sewer project on Green-Flagler-Ringe 6 - 8 weeks. Estimated completion in 2002. 30 months was original plan. 8.4 million, with city contributing $2.75, rest from county.

Pinzler's Reflections on His Years as a City Councilman

Pinzler: Sense of vision and where last 8 years have gotten us -- to move forward. Re library, last 2 city managers wanted to close North Branch. When we built new library, there was sense that it was enough. What not realize was easy to get more people in North Branch -- put computers in (using funds from allocation in reducing traffic, car trips across town). Anyway as an example, of how we can rethink the street (Artesia). Takes perseverance to get things done. Since 1949 only 50 people have sat as councilmen. Need to think beyond the street, beyond residential, on what city will be 10 -15 years from now. "Heart of City" brings back civic centeredness, allows North Redondo to rethink how we want to live in this area. Artesia -- this strip of business between residential areas. Parking, traffic. If had street could integrate into neighborhood, how move traffic through, how structure businesses, part of neighborhood. Context. Revitalization comes down to buyer (business) and seller (City) working together, on same page. Naysayers said Starbucks never be on Artesia, and other branded names. Pep Boys enclosed bay working area -- concept now used widely. What's important is whether all people in this room really want this street to be what it might be. Consensus on the "dream." There's money, not always when you want it. There's delays. E.g., soon state will own power lines. Take advantage of contingencies when they arise. How find money, keep eye on. Government slow to get moving, slow to organize, but once it gets moving, it's hard to change course. Example, AB2766 funds to reduce traffic movement between parts of the City by getting computers in North Branch library.

Parsons: Comments on how to identify funding.

Bob: There is money available, need to figure how to get it. Getting government to say yes is horrible; but once says yes there is money and loyalty. Focus on getting things moving. Focus so can go to agency to say want we want. Going to them with a solution. Lesson why you can't fight city hall -- need to find where the openings are. Need focused direction. People on other end want solutions, not questions. Prior survey found people living 2 blocks south of Artesia did not know what businesses were on street. Ways to unify sense of Artesia district. Sense of cohesion. Similarity of street decor. Traffic plan. Opportunity -- but you need to set the vision.

Parsons: Talking about business improvement districts for 5 years. Riviera village was going to be a model. Other areas Aviation, Harbor. Going slow! Start the process. then "Heart of City" took attention. Efforts can require marketing and promotion, street scaping -- business improvement district can fund that. Taxing yourself for improvement.

Bob: In 1994 Desi Alvaraez approached us with sewer tax fee -- to put into that $3 per household (in a separate fund). We have spent more in acute care (out of general fund) in fixing than that $3 per household in modernizing sewer system, which is average 40 - 50 years old. Have to think differently. How we logically put together a financing plan. Lost revenue opportunities. Small up front payment for a longer term greater good.

Bob: Reason writing articles for Easy Reader is that most people don't have a clue as to how local government works. 16.5% property tax goes to city. All built out of Prop 13. City's two primary ways to raise funding: sales tax, user fees. Rethink how we finance local government (hardly likely) or in City work on "user pays" alternatives. Value and control you get out of paying.

Presentation of plaque to Bob [picture].

Parsons: Information on area code change. Trying to get meeting to talk face to face with PUC. Been changing area codes rapidly over last few years, saying coming up with long-term solution; but here we go again. Question re cell phone overlay.

Kurt: April 21 joint district meeting at City Hall on ...

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