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11-11-2004 NRBBA Notes

Mansour, Dick, Tom, Don, Joe Lodinsky (City Parks), Clark, (Yours truly).

Don: "Heart of the City" Advisory Plans - how frame for City voting: "yes/no" for each or either/or for both. (Degree of feedback issue.) 2 consensus-building visions: on ballot discussion of public cost in each case? (Desirable or make sense?). Clark: Council want to make decision or pass to another process in how cast ballot? Don: All depends on incentive for power plant to exit. ... Rezoning future: best use of land? - value to community. Phasing. AES exit strategy. AES agreement with Williams Electric -- 10 years left in contract with additional 5 year option. Last year operated at 19% capacity. Can't rezone to take away commercial value -- would need to negotiate deal to buy. Can sit back & wait for people to present projects, but City also seen as responsible for planning. (Stewardship issue, although not public land.) Mansour: "Vision" include transmission grid? Don: Switching yard ... Mansour: Any value to Torrance in some vision (re wires)? Don: "Regional planning" not way works. Cf. HB's lawsuit on HOC. Clark: SB COG role? [Also see 11-11-04 Easy Reader article "Advisory vote to include fiscal numbers."]

Dick: Re PD presence, while at PD one day, inquired -- told to contact Officer Diehr; so, drafted a letter to the Chief: [read] re sending a representative of the department and brief report at start of each meeting.

Tom: Re holiday lights, will supply lights if City put up. Ready to go. [Passed around light set. Discussion.]

Dick: Concern re "lushness" of median from Inglewood to his store block. Joe: Working on filling in spots. Project still continuing. Don: Some plants died. Warranty covers replacement [?].

Clark: [Big news!] New project: acquired next door lot (old King's restaurant); plan for 2 lots, architecturally tied. 5100 sq. ft. with small 2nd story area. Next step Planning Commission meeting. All about parking. Parking in back, with some "street walk" motif. [Passed around drawings.]

10-14-2004 NRBBA Notes

Paul (RBCC), Kathy, Mansour, Jen (Lib), Phil, Dick, Tom, Don, Joe Lodinsky (City Parks), (Yours truly).

Phil: Same job, same place for 40 years -- heading out to the "back country" and getting a "5th wheel" trailer; so, last time at NRBBA. New general manager Prince Loeffler; but will still train instructors for corporation. (Only a couple of businesses have been longer on Artesia Blvd.)

Jen: November 29-30 State announces which Lib's get grant. Some Lib Foundation members going to Sacremento to lobby. If not get grant, 2006 State Bond issue might help; otherwise, still raise funds.

Joe: Holiday lights went to "tree heaven" with the trees. Kathy: City have any plan? Budget? Joe: No plan or budget; so, gathering ideas. Don: If Riviera gets any holiday lights, it would be a result of the BID. Tom: NRBBA might fund if we can come up with a number. Joe: Banner ... Don: Ala Civic Light Opera ... maybe produce. Joe: Who has first dibs on banner space. What City did was supply electrical power. There is power for that purpose. (No power near sidewalk palm trees, however.) Kathy: "Adopt a tree" ... Mansour: Tree lighting in NRB? [Discussion.]

Kathy: Would like "bad check" handling presentation again for holiday season. Don: John Parsons very busy with BRAC and "310" area code preservation campaign -- before PUC. See Beach Reporter 10-14-2004 page 27. Paul: See site redondoadvocacy.biz for info and form to send to representatives. [Discussion of area code overlays.]

Joe: Back to holiday lights & contractor & putting up -- past lights "90-day" duty cycle, so not permanent. What contractor?

Kathy: Redondo Union HS "100 years" celebration. Posters for businesses for stores; get info out now for alumni contacts (planning). Site ruhsalumni.org.

9-9-2004 NRBBA Notes

Rob (City), Mansour, Dick, Tom, Don, Jen (Lib), (Yours truly), Gina & Charlne (State Farm).

Tom: Need help with program planning, membership; after 25 years a challenge to come up with ... .

Rob: Need more participation from merchants on street.

Gina: Found NRBBA on Web site ... find out more ... initially thought part of Chamber.

Dick: Recap on why in NRBBA ... help with City Hall via meeting people at meetings. Lack of motivating focus now as in past with street projects.

Tom: History ... formed 1979 re utility pole removal ... battled til 1990 when occurred, which started revitalization for the boulevard. Years ago Archie Snow ... put out press release that putting in parking meters on Artesia -- got out a crowd.

Dick: ... nothing attracting a lot of attention right now.

Mansour: ... in past, 40 people at meetings. Passed out flyers, thrown out [of places] because don't (or want to) understand. Tried promotion to get more store owners ... but not interested til an "issue." No time or desire to do proactive advocacy with City, et al. Lacking inviting on a personal level.

Jen: Networking, info sharing.

Tom: First meeting held in children's section of North Branch Lib.

Don: Recall when more structured agenda. PD, Chamber updates, topic speaker. Organization needs to assess what businesses need & offer value/benefit. 3 or 4 topics should be of interest: (1) Holiday lights -- what's going to happen (Harry Johnson re questions old/new lights); (2) BID -- pro's/con's; (3) signs & requirements, banners. Energy to move forward.

Dick: How get PD involved again? Don: Chief responds to email. Only one CPO.

Jen: Committee, e.g., program committee? She can help publicize.

Mansour: ("Catch 22" re membership & manpower to coordinate programs.) Was told a long time ago ... what ask Tom ... Tom will try ... .

Tom: Recognition by Lib Foundation -- see picture. Jen: (Fund raising status.)

Don: This year combined Safety Fair with Patriot Day celebration at Parras Middle School on September 11 from 10am to 3pm [Contact: M. Diehr (310) 372-1172 x2493].

Tom: Springfest $ to Lib Foundation. Jen: Continue to be interested in benefit.

Don: 2001 Artesia [property] project conceptual plan approved. Tom: Waiting for financing. Don: Cf. development on corner Artesia & Aviation; also new development planned near Galleria (off Grant). Target Store [where?] -- old building torn down; scheduled ~1 year build.

Rob: Harry not sure where [holiday] lights are (called on cell). Commercial Rehab: Artesia Market awning; Pendergraft Chiropractic exchanging out etched [damaged] glass. Don: Aviation Blvd under construction: County project 3 - 6 months RB-MB; 5 islands, resurfacing MB Blvd - Rockefeller. (Ask Brad L., City.)

8-12-2004 NRBBA Notes

Rob (City), Dick, Don, (Dan), Starr, Kathy, Jen (Lib), (Yours truly).

Jen: Re Lib, Lib Foundation fund raising: Saturday (August 14) event 1 - 4pm here -- fund raising sign unveiling, donor recognition, BBQ. RSVP. Seeking grant from remaining funds in prior Bond issue; ~500 libraries competing for funds to varying amounts.

Kathy: High School RUHS 100 years of grads "100th Celebration" events in coming year. New Redondo Marina MarketPlace (a Conte Production) Wednesdays 2 - 8pm off Harbor Drive in Marina Parking Lot. "Farmer's Market" produce, food, jazz band, product booths. Don: Permit temporary -- testing. Kathy: ... to end of October according to vendors. Need more advertising. Marina Parking $ if park there unless eat at Ruby's, etc., and get validated.

Rob: 2 active commercial rehab's -- Artesia Produce and (Starr's) Don's business. Handyperson program down 1 man due to resignation.

Don: Council has 1 employee, the City Manager; and City employees work for City Manager. Candidate list in development. John Baker (who has no interest as candidate) is interim contracted City Manager til end December. [Discussion of City Managers past.] City budget is fund-based; by law restricted for special purposes, e.g., Tidelands $. Garcia restructured along departmental overhead allocation, as another perspective on budget.

Dick: NRBBA future? "We're drifting." Mansour still involved? Tom's health? [Discussion.]

7-8-2004 NRBBA Notes

Marna (RBCC), Paul (RBCC), Starr, Dick, Rob (City), Jennifer (NB Lib), Clark, (Yours truly).

Jen: Re Lib, Lib Foundation kick-off event Saturday August 14 1-3pm here -- unveil sign; presentation by donors, e.g., some corporations; free BBQ.

Marna: "Latitudes" (old Chillers) mixer next Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm. Board meeting end of month will assess metrics for year -- re programs' value.

Clark: Biz undergoing changes. Acquired lots next store; in planning for development -- approvals even to use as expanded parking.

[Comments on Artesia beautification ... appeal ... improved biz environment.]

Rob: Start of fiscal year.

Starr: Dan (husband) celebrating 25th year in biz.

Note: City Manager Lou Garcia resigning effective August 6 (contract was to be up in December) -- see articles in local newspapers (e.g., Easy Reader). Submitted to Council Tuesday night. [Discussion.]

Marna: Upcoming two town hall forums for Assembly candidates, Mike Gordon, Greg Hill -- for Chamber Boards only.

6-10-2004 NRBBA Notes

Former Councilwoman Marilyn White, Paul (RBCC), Tom, Dick, Rob (City), Ernie (City), Don, (Yours truly).

Tom --> Marilyn: re Lib and SpringFest tickets -- short lead time but $1400-1500 advance tickets. Tom: Successful event, credit to Lib Foundation; and NRBBA donating $5000 to Lib Foundation.

Paul: Bayou Bash lost financially (Tom heard, wondered if be done again).

Rob: Commercial & Housing Rehab -- busy time of year -- all projects reach or exceed goals -- more projects but smaller. Ernie: $$$ ? Rob: Loan get money back ... Don: Available only to single family units. Rob: HUD's Redevelopment Block Grant 40% of budget. 2 -year backlog on Handyperson program; but Emergency Repair program "health & safety" related handled as needed. Gotcha is Davis & Bacon Law 1938 for projects > $2000 "prevailing wage" applies (also for commercial projects > $10,000). Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds also used by Lomita, El Segundo, Hawthorne (but not all cities).

Don: 2001 Artesia complex approved by Council. (Mixed use, senior housing.) Don mentioned other projects are in discussion in North Redondo re "aging demographics."

Starr: Volume of junk mail & gardening biz cards ... way to get licensed? Ernie: No license inspector for another year; in mean time his inspection clerk going into field for a couple of hours a day.

Ernie: Discussed $9M sewer improvement bonds and City's investment in higher rate instruments vs. a "sweep account." Bond spending rate (so called "burn rate") over 5 years ... 1st year 10%, ... City Engineering ~$1.9M in 9 months.

4-8-2004 NRBBA Notes

Dick, Paul, Marna, Mansour, Tom, Don, Rob, Starr, special attendee former Councilwoman Marilyn White.Marilyn White

Marilyn is working on the North Branch Library Rebuild effort.

Tom: Spring Fest discount tickets available -- see flyer (also was an insert in the latest Chamber newsletter).

Marilyn: Going for State grant for Library, but many others going for as well; so, no guarantee.

Marna: Possible way to sell advance tickets for Spring Fest @ Chamber. Discussion.

Don: Council to consider suspending fee waiver for all events -- in next month in budget recommendation. Tom: To take effect next year. E.g., for Spring Fest fee ~$4000 - 5000 (includes police overtime). Marna: Lobster Fest hired private security inside, so only 2 City police outside. Tom: In 23-24 years he's been involved there's been no problem. Beer available this year (Sat, Sun only) -- Rotary Club's own insurance.

Dick: Artesia Blvd, plantings maturing -- medians looking good. Concerns about left turn signals. There's been 2 car accidents at Mackay (yellow light running?) -- impatience on turn on left arrow only vs. permitted on green as well (as formerly only). Tom: Red turn arrow years ago under CalTrans didn't work out.

Mansour: Day laborers near 7-11 store gambling (?). Dick: "Public latrine" area possible problem.

Sal Princiotta: Just joined RBCC. Pre-paid Legal Services and Identity Shield programs.

Rob: ... working Stats business. Final quarter of fiscal year.

1-8-2004 NRBBA Notes - Happy New Year!

Tom F., Don, Marna, Paul, Tom L., Kathy, John P., Mansour, Phil, Rob; Starr, Dick, Mark C.

Paul: January 15 City & Chamber hosting Business Excellence Awards Breakfast 7:15am, Porttofino Conference Center.

John P.: Regarding BRAC (Base ReAlignment Closure), it's been 10 years since the last round and the issue of AF Base retention. The new Federal Commission's list (of military base closures) will be coming out May 2005. The South Bay Cities Council of Governments is concerned ... the State (CA) in the midst of other challenges has not been active on the issue, although the new Governor recently mentioned it in a speech. Despite all the press about the Base Redevelopment, there have been no contracts signed as yet on the property redevelopment plan. An effort is being considered to raise money for a campaign to preserve the base here in El Segundo.

Mark: Springfest has a new date this year, being moved to the 3rd week of April, the weekend of April 25. Sunday music show will have local talent. No wristbands on Sunday, only on Thursday and Friday night. Logistics similar to last year. Tom: Considering getting Library Foundation involved for advance tickets -- some meetings. Mark wants all to note that he's completed relocation of his business operations to 1926 S PCH in Redondo Beach, (310) 316-1725 (Web site address same as before).

Tom: A new project will be coming before the Planning Commission -- "senior citizen" mixed-use 48 unit condo building with 7000 sq ft of retail space on the 2000 block of Artesia, across from the Hayward Center. Three stories of housing will be above the front retail spaces. John: Considerations will include zoning requirements, review of parking requirements, density of 80 units per acre. Don: Compare the existing Casa de Los Amigos senior center.

Mansour: Artesia Project done? Don: Will present list (if he provides) to appropriate person to check such items, e.g., signs, plants. Rob: Maureen's contract with City ended; so, not expect her here.

Kathy: Newsletter delayed due to December flu. Let her know informational items. One page.

Starr: "Is the City broke?" John: (Comments on state budget.)

Marna: Mixer next week January 14 at Samba's 5:30 - 7:30pm.

John: Next meeting February 12 same date as State of City; so, no meeting or attend at 7:15am Crowne Plaza.

11-13-2003 NRBBA Notes

Kathy, Paul, Mansour, Tom, Phil, Dick, Mike J., Starr

Tom: His business was hit by a "quick change artist."

Paul: Senate Bill 2 calls for mandatory healthcare for businesses >= 20 employees, mandatory 80% employer coverage cost. Paul handed out RBCC petition due Friday midnight. Poster: "Redondo Needs You to Help Find Its Heart."

Kathy: Idea for January 2002 NRBBA Newsletter -- speakers, events, news, business descriptions, Artesia reports.

Discussion: December 3 "Blvd Opening" party -- any new info? Other comments on "bow outs" and parking.

Mansour: Artesia scraping in RB vs. reconstruction to ground in Torrance stretch. "15 year" road?

Tom: Preliminary discussion with head Librarian -- promoting SpringFest as "Ron Cawdrey / Library Springfest."

Phil: Seen some accidents with bicyclists and pedestrians on sidewalk or with car. Would like CPO here.

Starr: "Check card" ATM card lost; was used by someone to charge purchases in stores (no pin needed?). (Check with bank for photo ID feature.)

10-9-2003 NRBBA Notes

Tom, Starr, Jen (Lib.), Paul (RBCC), Marna (RBCC), Kathy, Michael Johnson, Mansour, John Baker (City), Phil, Dick, Rob (City).

Kathy: Redmond's (Redmond's Key Service, 2213 Artesia) son Dave (20 yr old, Navy) will keep his business going (George died last summer). (Rob: On Commercial Rehab list.)

Tom: Proposed new sewer fee ... introduced John Baker.

John BakerPresentation: John Baker: He oversees Artesia Project ... on schedule ... also Chamber and City came together on ad campaign, 6 ads per week, Easy Reader, to bring people back to Artesia; encourage businesses to stay open for the event -- party on Wednesday, December 3 "Boulevard Opening"; looking for volunteers to help, e.g., with refreshments. Uplighting (in medians) turned on December 3. Signalization not all done yet.

Sewer Fee: PowerPoint presentation is on City's Web site. "$100M infrastructure" built >= 50 years ago. General Fund has been carrying cost. Fee will permit long term financing and spreading cost over years. 78 out of 90 cities in County have fee. Handout 3 pages. Fees $1.3M residential, $170K non-residential, $228K "significant dischargers."

Disk: Question: How billed to individuals? Answer: Options -- property tax or CA Water bill. Having CA Water do the billing will cost $150K more (?).

Tom: Question: Project $ reserve (when infrastructure project set up years ago)? Answer: $170 - 200K collected a year for ... (?). ... no money "in pot" for sewers. Also, EPA and other regulations in future. ... maintain property value. (Note: Sewer and storm drains separate.)

Jen (Lib.): Announcements: Local author / poet reading October 11 2pm @ Main Library; North Branch October 8 2-3pm children's pre-school stories "Putting on Gorilla Feet;" Internet classes. Flyer handout -- more "Drop-in Story Time" free events. Library Foundation seeking board participants.

Tom: Plans started for next Springfest (later part of April 2004) -- with funds going to Library Foundation.

Rob: Commercial Rehab: #1 Liquor signage; Blossom Plaza signage, paint, glass; Stats paint, awnings; Spa Service Center signage; Beauty College "face lift;" Redmond's.

9-11-2003 NRBBA Notes

Tom, Paul, Marna, Kathy, Phil, Dick, Jerry, Lynn ___, Mansour, Starr, Michelle ___ (new), Don & Cindy, Victoria ___ (Easy Reader).

City: Public Works: Jon Emerson, Sylvia Glazer, Grace Huizar; Debra (Code Enforcement), Maureen, Bill Meeker (Planning), Jen (Lib.); Dave Haprov (Consolidated Disposal Service).

Artesia News (Sample eMail Notice)

Urgent Notice - Street Reconstruction Resumes Tomorrow, Sept 11

Beginning tomorrow and continuing to either Sept 17 or Sept 18 - the contractor will resume street reconstruction - this phase of the project is very dirty, messy, dusty and inconvenient.

The work will be done in the #2 and parking lanes - the contractor will grind the existing asphalt and then put in temporary asphalt paving. The grinding is substantial. Driveways may be closed for up to 2 hours during this time.

The schedule for the remainder of this week is as follows:

  • Thursday, Sept 11
    • North side Artesia from Mackay west to mid 2100 block
  • Friday, Sept 12
    • North side Artesia from mid 2100 block west to just east of Meadows
  • Saturday, Sept 13
    • North side Artesia from east of Meadows west to PCH
    • South side Artesia from PCH east to mid 2100 block
  • It is possible the contractor will not be able to do the work on Saturday
    • in which case the work to be done Saturday will be done Monday.

More notices will follow as we approach the weekend. This work is very dirty and loud. Every effort is being made to notify businesses that will be affected. Please make all necessary arrangements anticipating limited driveway access. More to follow.

Maureen Lull, City of Redondo Beach

Maureen: (Artesia Update) Today - 17th - 18th reconstruct surface (deep grinding to base & building up again vs. 1" overlay) for Mackay - Hawthorne. Contacting businesses re driveway closure (~2 hours) a day in advance. Curb-to-curb resurfacing will be at night (~8p - 6a). Newspaper ads that might work will occur; door hangers within 1 block, etc.

Bill: Two-page summary handout re Re-Zoning Process -- Zoning map Amendment flowchart. Block by block basis (but multi-blocks can submit on one application). City web site has zoning map.

Phil: Question re bump outs and loss of parking spaces. Sylvia: 95% where red curb was.

Marna (RBCC): "Dine Around the Boulevard" handout (1 page) September 18 $35 -- promote awareness of Artesia Blvd restaurants and local businesses. September 18 also "Lunch with Don Szerlip" at Blue Water Grill 11:30am. Lobster Fest September 26, 27, 28.

Tom: New trash hauler. Sylvia introduced Jon Emerson for presentation (pictures, video). New bins starting ~ end October; more information & FAQ hanger, e.g., what to do with old bins. Handouts: "City Adds NEW Recycling Services for Residents and Businesses Under New Waste Hauler Effective November 1, 2003" (1 page); Business Recycling Program (glossy bi-fold); Public Information Meeting Schedule for New Recycling Programs (1 page); Residential and Multi-Family Recycling Services (multi-fold brochure); "Priced to Compete Made to Last" Schaefer Systems International (SSI) bin/cart description (1 page).

Dave (Consolidated Disposal): Consolidated company background (1 page handout), briefly. Lowest bid with City but State fees must be collected also.

Jerry: RBCC Small Business Development committee workshop: "We C.A.R.E" (Customers Are the Reason We Exist); starting October 7 am/pm sessions (handout).

8-14-2003 NRBBA Notes

Tom, Paul (RBCC), Kathy, Mansour, Jerry German, Azar, Mike M. (RVA), Dick, Mike Johnson, Starr, Cindy.

Maureen, Mike Diehr, Bud Johnson (new CPO), Jennifer (Lib), Don (Council).

Crime Report: August slow; sting last week on massage parlors; drunk in public & traffic accidents. Be aware of strangers hanging around in your neighborhood; some residential burglaries between 11am - 3pm, probably using lookout, maybe looking like gardener (see prior notes). Last night ~8:30pm helicopter action -- got suspect.

Maureen: (Re Artesia Improvement Project) Up lights disappeared (stolen); some measures maybe to harden; common problem for cities -- "lowers the bar" for public amenities.

Presentation: Mike Morales, RVA, on Business Improvement District (BID) effort going on in South Redondo Beach. See his FAQ handout. Main goals are beautification and promotion -- funding. Membership dues not viable -- only 40 or 50 actually paying -- can't mandate join; so, ... a tool to get funding. Approved every year by Council. When went to Council, got into discussion of license fees. Hope to become resource for other parts of City which may be interested. BID fee 1/10th of 1% of annual gross revenue, with minimum of $100 per year.

Don: (In minority on Council for this BID vote) Council in general favors BID concept; but issue in plan -- disagree with financing mechanism. License fees in place. (Issue) opening business' books to City's inspection. Not right we change the way we assess a fee. Use info (on businesses) City already has. (So, Council has voted to proceed with next step in process, which at some point entails vote of businesses.) "Opt out" vote. One vote per business weighted by $ business size with a limit. Public reading, public hearing.

Mike: It's taken 1 1/2 years to get to this point. Researched other cities (e.g., MB) and different BID structures. Examples of improvements: Planters, steam cleaning sidewalks, benches, trees, lighting -- in public right of way. Only administrative costs anticipated is an accountant; otherwise, volunteer effort.

Starr: (Comments on taxes and City's use of ...) landlords role to maintain vs. assessing businesses.

Mike: Want opportunity to see if we can do ...

[Other comments re giving money to government; opt-out character ...]

Mike: ... long term view ...

Dick: ... landlord responsibility ... City $ is "our $." Too much taxes already.

Mike: Example lighting ... partnership with City for what needed already. Because City collects, called a "tax."

Paul: Note that Mike here just for informational purpose.

Mike: 2 types of BID -- business license holders vs. landlords. MB charging more.

Jennifer: Lib Foundation fund raising start in fall. See Web site.

Dick: Has design of Library been set? (Issue re location of building next to street or like existing.)

Don: (Comments re review process.)

Maureen: City Planner owes NRBBA flow chart on changing General Plan.

7-10-2003 NRBBA Notes

Tom, Dick, Don, Phil, Kathy, Mansour, Randy Foster (The Bead Studio); Rob, Maureen, Mike Diehr, Jennifer (Lib)

Scholarship award: Mr. Bostick and his son Elliot were present. Tom awarded to Elliot the NRBBA's annual scholarship of $2500. As Maureen wrote in her latest Artesia Newsletter Update: "... awarded its annual scholarship to a graduating senior from Redondo Union High School. The recipient, Elliot Bostick, will be attending Whittier College in the fall." Elliot won 8 letters in wrestling. Congratulations!

Dick: Re Artesia, after the first week or so, not many comments; people've adjusted.

Maureen: Still Hotline calls saying not heard of Project before; every other week a crush of calls. Relatively quiet this week; but some calls on new cones re "saw cut" of curbs in front of businesses; so, will pull cones if not saw cut within 48 hours. Impression that contractor wants to finish by Halloween. Lost days, made up some days. Not started night work (at Inglewood and Hawthorne).

Rob: Traffic moving surprisingly well.

Maureen: Re cones, could move everyday; but another reason [not to] is consistency between Inglewood and Artesia (traffic model). 184th to Grant a separate project (resurfacing).

Kathy: Delivery services (UPS, etc.) having problems.

Maureen: Meeting with contractor talking about parking in front of businesses; limited only where actually doing work, even if #2 lane closed. Informing businesses and [then] hoping businesses will communicate to services, etc.

Mike: Patrol short of CBO's (Community Based Officers); Art left Department (was serving the North end); lone CBO now. A CBO works day shift, attends community meetings, conducts Citizens Academy, etc. Works in office but tries to be in field as much as possible. There are no Crime Prevention specialists currently.

Guest presentation: Bob Janney, Window Tints Etc., on dealing with tag'ing damage to store front glass windows. The product is a 6mm film with 99% UV protection. The technology was developed for earthquake upgrades. He demo'd protection by scrawling on a protected piece of glass with an awl. Can't put on top of damaged glass (due to liability of such weakened glass). The glass need not be removed. Typically replace the film in 12 to 18 months. He has a contract with El Camino College for ~5 years; but no RB business as yet. Depends on insurance carrier whether any discount; usually requires additional security camera measures. Maybe work deal with City.

Dick: Re 36" x 80" glass ... "$5 a square foot." Tom: New glass ~$8 a square foot (so, ...).

Mike: Working with SRO's (School Resource Officers) to catch some tag'ers (vs. gang members).

Mansour: Info on bank robberies? Don: Reported in paper ... .

Kathy: 6 nights of neighborhood fireworks and, despite calls, no police response, no confiscation of fireworks. Short handed (all at Pier)? Mike: Will check calls for service log.

6-12-2003 NRBBA Notes

Tom, Clark, Marna, Paul, Dick, Phil, Azar, Mansour, Kathy.
Don, John P., Maureen, M. Diehr (PD), Ernie; Kurt.

Maureen: Artesia update: Trees removed, grubbing median, some large specimen trees in; for 2 months PCH-Hawthorne lane 1. Hotline [318-0649] working well. "Many people don't think there's a person listening!" Very predictable the content, depending on the time of day. Every person calling claimed they did not know about Project. Re some calls, delineators are up all the time, prior to 7:00am, due to November 21 commitment; normally project like this takes a year. Predicted delay from PCH-Hawthorne ~10 minutes. There are 1000 delineators (and 250+ signs), along 2 1/2 miles x 2; so, not cost effective; more appropriate to leave in place overnight. [Look for #1 lanes to open up at the end of July or beginning of August.]

One issue: "curb sneaks" -- using parking area as an extra lane. Not many calls re ficus trees after removed; a few while ... "what's different?"

Even many business owners didn't know Project coming. EDC (Economic Development Council) has been visiting blocks at a time, businesses, 2 at a time (volunteer from City and Chamber Tuesday & Thursday's), passing out information and discussing business solutions such as loans, workshops. Newsletter -- get on the mailing list [email maureen.lull@redondo.org]. In newsletter (coming) featured business to promote.

Will get "uglier" when Project takes over #2 lane and parking strip. Biggest tie up's at Aviation and Inglewood.

Phil: Right turn onto Artesia from Inglewood ... illegal parking causing cars to swerve into and out of lane. [Officer Diehr took note.]

Maureen: Working on block signs, listing businesses and where to park.

Don: Maybe "big P" parking signs for all off-street parking.

Marna: Story re man outside business saying "you can't park here -- if you're not coming in here" -- parking on street 2 hour sign.

Maureen: Putting together a proposal for one block for cohesive parking plan, requiring cooperation of all business owners on block.

Kathy: Schools, fund raise (e.g., for buses for team events); Band Boosters, series of concerts, first few free, with snack bar fund raising. Would like businesses to put up posters. Student car washes, wash free with suggested donation -- student leadership team.

M. Diehr: Crime Prevention Specialist retired; so, he's taken over D.A.R.E. program support. Citizens Police Academy starting up again -- 21st class. Revitalizing Neighborhood Watch. Some burglaries at "2 or 4 on a lot" properties, with rear units; seem to be watching properties since quick in and out (when owner leaves and returns ~1 hour); call if suspicious people hanging around.

Rob: Finishing up ... met with Bob J___ company puts protective coating over glass; so, when scratched, remove and replace film. Expensive ~$275 for 6' x 6' glass versus replacement cost?

Tom: Re Library fund raising ... maybe funds from next Spring Fest.

Ernie: At Department heads meeting, mentioned Tory Pines [trees] going in will be trimmed out (pruned) to actual look ("wind blown, weathered") versus now Christmas tree-like appearance.

Marna: RBBCC installation "Viva Las Vegas" Friday evening.

Artesia Blvd & Inglewood Ave Improvement Project
Community Meeting
May 28, 2003
Perry Park Teen Center

Welcome, Introductions by John Baker, Director of Management Services
Project Overview, Status by Maureen Lull, Project Manager
Introduction of Construction Team by Mike Shay, Project Manager
Notification and Public Outreach

5-8-2003 NRBBA Notes

Kathy, Mansour, Dick.
City: Jennifer (Lib), Rob, John M. (Traffic), Maureen, Kurt (Council),
Aaron (Economic Dev.), Tim, Joe L., Brad, Deborah (Code Enforcement), Mike Shay (Proj. Mgr.), Rob Webb (Lib Foundation).

Michael Shay, Civil Engineer

Discussion ...

Rob: Finishing fiscal year. El Indio - glass, painting; Second Hand Rose complete; some in bid; ... .

Maureen: Re Artesia Improvement Project, bids opened Monday; contract awarded by Council on Tuesday to All American Asphalt (1 of 5 pre-qualified contractors). Project manager assigned: Mike Shay. May 28th meeting at Perry park will present comprehensive schedule. Start by end of month: spray paint (identifying marks) on sidewalks and pavement, some demolition, surveying, other pre-activity tasks. King's restaurant (former site) being demolished and will be used as staging area; also Artesia Ford as staging area. Maureen's role is as community outreach focus.

There will be 2 message boards at ... plus signage, plus block signs "Open for Business during Construction" with list of businesses. No detours; but other routes available as normal. Inglewood Blvd work is irrigation and trees (turf). Not a lot of "plating" (steel plates to cover construction holes) but daily asphalt patching.

Kathy: Question re traffic signals. Answer: John M.: Sept-Oct period; contractor ordering - 4 month lead time.

Jennifer (Lib): Fund raising plan; introduced Rob Webb. Grant January 2004 apply. See today's local newspaper articles (e.g., Beach Reporter article). City $2.6M put up to apply for grant, leaving ~$1.5M to raise.

Rob Webb [RBLF 937-6676, ROB.WEBB@rblf.org; R.M. Webb & Associates, Counsel in Philanthropy, Long Beach]: Donation plan between now and January; feasibility study (with local businesses, corporations, etc.) so can do; Web site in next couple of weeks (www.rblf.org).

Mansour: New name for (expanded) library?

Aaron: Economic Development Council subgroup May 20 coordination meeting in trailer (at Hayward Center) at 3:00pm to get out information to help businesses during Artesia Project: loans, improve business plan, marketing; lots of programs available. Maureen: Also no fee banner permit (previously mentioned).

Brad: There'll be some work outside Galleria on a different project.

Mansour: Would like study -- parking procedure -- re adjoining properties, shared parking arrangement. Aaron: Needs to happen, incentives, insurance liability coverage. Riviera Village in July creating Business Improvement District -- as example of how can be done.

Dick: Back to parking, general plan discussion unresolved. Maureen: "Meeker owes NRBBA executive summary" to change General Plan. Mansour: Issue is perceived "promises" being made re parking to some businesses.

4-10-2003 NRBBA Notes - Artesia Blvd Improvement Project Community Meeting 4-9-03 pictures here

Don & Cindy, Kathy, Mansour, Phil, Dick, Tom, Starr, Scott Bell, Azar Nooryzadeh (First Federal Bank), Laurent Latour (La Tour de Provence)
City: John P., Rob, Maureen, Art H., Ernie, Jennifer (Lib).

Discussion ...

Dick: (Story) ... in store making a key; another guy was wandering around; older customer came in (who owns a '91-92 Eldorado), in parking place; guy got key made and left; then sound of "crunch" -- guy who had got key made had backed his pickup into Cadillac; pickup guy split. Called P.D. Officer Fairchild arrived and got the pickup. A few days later, the gentleman (Cadillac owner) came in to tell -- officer negotiated with guy to cover damage. At a hardware store owners gathering, other store owners were amazed at response (of Redondo Beach P.D.) versus LAPD.

Art: Average response time < 3 minutes, depending on call volume. MDC system in cars -- 911 call info as typed real time to MDC. P.D. Dispatch 379-5411 versus 911.

Crime report: Aviation business robbery 3-22-03. Artesia store robbery 4-4-03. Pub motor vehicle burglary 3-21-03. Business burglary -- door smash -- 3-25-03, 3-15-03.

Rob: Commercial Rehab -- Cool Scene roof complete; El Indio in progress, Independent Repair working on (planning signage), ..., ... Redmond's Key Service in progress; Pizza Man application in progress. Housing Rehab a little behind on program reaching goals. Mobility Access ahead, doing well. Loan Program going great.

John P.: Using Web sites to get info out re Artesia Improvement Project.

Maureen: Re Community Meeting last night, drawings 90% complete, getting ready to go out to bid. Council approval on April 15. May (the month of) contract award, schedule. Highlights of meeting: (1) Plucked out and saved (boxed) every Crab Myrtle (tree); (2) Council gave nod to pre-purchase of large specimen trees for median, advantage being first choice with other cities' projects coming up; (3) Good questions ... e.g., no new bus shelters -- will clean up and paint; sidewalks -- no replacement, focus is to rehabilitate street; so, no work other than on known "trip & fall" spots; (4) Next public meeting is Wednesday, May 28, 7-9pm, Perry Park Teen Center -- will meet contractor and present schedule; (5) April- May "Public Outreach" stage; banner for store -- no fee (still get permit); with Aaron (City Economic Development) marketing campaign for holiday shopping season for businesses.

Maureen: [Project work will be] "hot, messy, dirty, horrible" -- be patient; done by November 21. Re question: In contract, not limiting work hours, but City reserves for type of work, e.g., jack hammering at night. Re question: Surface more than scraping versus Grant Ave. Re question: Utility interruptions? Not anticipated. Kathy: Suggest for schools to use flyers re next Community Meeting and Project information.

Jennifer (Lib): Due to budget cuts, City withdrew $ capital improvement; so, March grant application not done. But fund raising campaign (goal $1.4M); and January 2004 application for grant. Library has business & tax forms. Can also get forms on Web.

Ernie: Question re Artesia: Right turn at Aviation northbound? Maureen: Not part of Project, but submitted for consideration as capital improvement.

Tom: SpringFest okay; weather (re wind) could have been better.

Kathy: Scholarship packages being prepared.

John P.: 10am - 2pm Pancake Breakfast Rotary @ Crowne Plaza, $5 / $7.50, Sunday, April 13.

3-13-2003 NRBBA Notes - pictures here

Don & Cindy, Kathy, Mansour, Julie (RBCC), Phil, Dick, Rob (City), Tom, Clark, Starr; Kurt (Council), Mark Conte (Production). Guest speakers: Diane Saign, Maggie Leibert, Ralph Maestas - ACS "Relay for Life."

Presentation (using DVD player, projector): American Cancer Society (ACS, www.cancer.org) "Relay for Life," Aviation Park, July 19, 20 -- see handouts. Last year raised ~$93k. DVD (video) celebration of the event around the country.


Rob: 5 active rehab projects going; 3 more applications in progress -- see updated list.

Tim Shea, CIP Construction Manager, Engineering & Building Services: Construction manager for Artesia Improvement Project -- in trailer (see pictures). Door is open when he's there. Suggestion box. Pager #.

Starr: Question re relocation of plants being replaced. Answer: Yes, effort to do so.

Don: Start date May now; so, ... November 21 "drop dead" date for holiday and work that would impede businesses.

Julie (RBCC): "$2003" membership drive and drawing, prizes. Business Expo April 9 at Torrance Mariott. $85 for a booth. See www.redondochamber.org.

Mark: 23rd SpringFest April 3-6. More space this year since construction at site done. ~110 vendor spaces available. 12 noon Saturday opening/dedication ceremony. Extended hours for Saturday to 8pm for "battle of the bands" -- 4 local bands. (Riviera Village Fest moved to June; so, next year SpringFest to 3rd week in April.) Handed out booth applications, flyers, posters.

1-9-2003 NRBBA Notes

Meeker taking notes 1Meeker taking notes 2Meeker taking notes 3

Kathy, Mansour, Mike M. (RVA), Phil, Tom, Starr, Don, Marna (RBCC), Dick.
City: Jennifer (Lib.), Bill Meeker (Planning), Maureen L. (Community Services - Projects), Ernie (Treasurer), Rob (Community Services - Rehab), Art (PD), John P. (Council), Kurt (Council).

[A lively, sometimes emotional meeting, as might be expected when the subject is parking.]


Don Szerlip: Running for City Council District 3 (March 4 Election) [campaign flyer].

Ernie O'Dell: Running (to be re-elected) for City Treasurer (March 4 Election) [help handout].

Jennifer: North Branch Library survey [handed out].

Maureen: Performing Arts Center Grand Opening "black tie" event Friday January 17 - by invitation and tickets (check City's Web site).

Tom: Yesterday's mixer at Tim Chin's Honda repair -- was one of Rob's rehab projects.


Maureen: Committed to discussing issue of parking -- defining the "problem", acting as a resource, facilitator to carry process further. Last month's meeting ran out of time. (Shared her personal opinion as mother and business customer.)

[Bill Meeker: On flip chart, taking notes.]

Dick: Question ... . Kurt: Question re survey on parking space count. Maureen: Yes, done several [surveys] on-site, on-street, off-site. Access to rear -- awareness, egress problems. Don: (Comments on unified approach -- broader plan of use and access.)

Maureen: Re Edison right-of-way, City staff unwilling to recommend to Council something which not confident will solve Blvd parking and [will] "waste" money. Tom L. (in All Internet building): (Each block individually or revisit General Plan.)

Maureen: General Plan (GP) not to resolve problems but a vision for future. ... Controls on parking ... building by building ... imaginative thinking. Mansour: Frustrated with City's response to years of comment, e.g., Branch Lib [proposed design] on street. Having inconsistent one block parking in back, next in front, ... not acceptable. Ernie: Historical viewpoint on, e.g., Gateway shopping strip [2300 block], set back versus new "Quizno's" building on street. Revisit Plan.

Dick: Re "pedestrian friendly" tone, Artesia full of heavy truck traffic versus Riviera Village. Kathy: Whatever gave anyone [the idea that] we want a "pedestrian friendly" boulevard? We are "destination places!"

Maureen: Okay, you need to make it happen. ... revisit GP and change it. NRBBA must commit, hard work ... "citizens group" (of businesses, residents, land/home owners). Kurt: You're changing the law ... engaging in the political process. Mike: View from Riviera Village, core group of businesses guiding the business community and working with City. Maureen: Talking about a GP amendment, expensive, bring a consultant on board. Perhaps alternative [is to resolve] specific parking problems (versus changing the law ala "Heart of the City" plan).

Dick: Concerned about any process going forward at same time new Branch Lib put on street (no setback) which we see as "wrong." Marna: As a consumer, never [and never will] park in back -- uncomfortable to visit or stop if so.

12-12-2002 NRBBA Notes [from notes taken by Kathy Swift]


Rob: Finishing up repairs 2700 block; El Indio cont.; 2nd Hand Rose cont.; #1 Liquor (Aviation & Grant) new applicant. Goal was 22 projects and so far 29 this year!

Art: Thanks for all the donations for Thanksgiving drive: 23 families benefited. Reminder: Need for increased vigilance during holidays. Crime areas, mostly minor stuff. Increased vandalism -- cyclical.

Dick: Someone dumped a refrigerator on his property; but while trying to find a way to dispose of it, someone stole it!

Maureen: Council agreed to go forward with conceptual plan for Artesia Improvement Project [see Easy Reader article 12-5-02]. Ficus tress are an issue re their removal. Other issues are minor things. Proceeding with design development. More public contact before next Council presentation, including a major public meeting. Still heavy in discussion is bus shelter design. Approved landscaping ideas. May start some planting now (while plants are dormant). Council pleased with outreach attempts. Evaluating preliminary cost estimates.

Question raised about length of time new repaving will last. Current plan is for a 10 year street (the standard). With regular planned maintenance schedule, it should last longer.

Issues reported to Council: Parking (subcommittee has been formed); right turn lane at Aviation & Artesia; request for additional design guidelines re look at north end of town.

Presentation: Bill Meeker, RB City Planning

Overview of how/why/where General Plans & Zoning, basically a primer. Explained differences between CUPs & variances. Part of discussion as to why [Artesia} "pedestrian oriented," why stores with front parking versus rear. Type of business and area involved: 1/2 of Artesia is pedestrian oriented. Also mixed uses.

Handouts: RB Zoning Ord. "MU Mixed-Use and CR Regional Commercial Zones" 10-2.900 (16 pages); 1992 RB General Plan, Artesia Blvd (12 pages); General Corridor;" Zoning Map Legend (4 pages)

11-14-2002 NRBBA Notes [information courtesy of Kathy Swift]


Art: There was some discussion on recent thefts from businesses on street. He gave report and "holiday warning" for this time of year. The PD got together with RBUSD to do Thanksgiving family donations. 30 turkeys donated. Also talking about gift certificates (e.g., Phil's karate studio) and passes.

Presentation: City: Maureen Lull, John Mate

Maureen debriefed the last community meeting of the Artesia Beautification Project. There will be no "bump outs" at right turn corners. U-turns will be allowed at almost every intersection; but at Vail & Slauson only one will permit a U-turn.

John M.: Showed a detailed map starting at Pep Boys; but Inglewood not included, so he showed detailed map. Double left turn on Artesia East to North Inglewood; so, no U-turn. He will look at U-turn North on Inglewood. Note: Evidently it's legal to make a U-turn when sign says "no left turn" only.

No jacaranda trees. Re plant menu, generally okay but some specific objections. Plant design is quite preliminary and will have more reviews.

Not presenting to Council until December 3. Two more general meetings in January timeline.

Other resurfacing in Districts: Some Q&A re "striping in a timely fashion" concern.

10-10-2002 NRBBA Notes

Charles Simmons, Rossetti ArchitectsCharles Simmons, Rossetti ArchitectsNorth Library Concept Drawing

City: Rob, Ernie, Maureen, John P., Jennifer T. (Lib.), Jean S. (Lib.), Art H. (PD).

Dick, Kathy, Cindra (RBCC), Starr, Dan, Mansour, Phil, Tom, Mike J.; Jeff, Don, Mike (RVA).

Speaker: Charles "Chuck" Simmons, Rossetti Architects, El Segundo CA.


Art: Safety Fair last Sunday went well, with new Chief in dunk tank :-) On other side of news, there was a police officer involved shooting that evening. (See articles in Easy Reader, The Beach Reporter, etc.). The officer is doing well; investigation underway; good support from Chief. In other news, he's been making the rounds of businesses, checking alarm systems, etc.; and recommends doing regular checks for correct operation, e.g., that the panic button works (at one business was not), as well as confirming alarm company procedure.

Maureen: In middle of conceptual design for Artesia Beautification Project (see 7-11-02). Visited Moss' office last week. (Has a few sketches.) Just received Moss' drawings for "bump out" locations and will check with our understanding. Showed: (1) Bump out general design (artist's sketch, overhead view); (2) plant "menu"; (3) intersection drawing (overhead view).

Dick: Question: Left turn (with yield) after left turn arrow ends? He objects, if so.

Next Artesia Community Meeting, which will focus more on review of concepts, is October 24 (7:00pm) at the Perry Park Teen Center.

Starr: Question: Re new "monster houses" development in R1 blocks. Response: Next Neighborhood Workshop on Residential Design Guidelines will be October 14 at Anderson Park Senior Center (3007 Vail Ave) from 7 to 9pm. (See, for example, Easy Reader 10-10-02, p. 13; or this link on the City's Web site.)

Presentation: Jean Scully, Library Director; Charles Simmons, Rossetti Architects

Jean: North RB Branch traffic increased 20% in the last 2 years. Discussed changes in charges and dropped some fees, e.g., Internet access. More programs, e.g., pre-school. At one time there was a plan to connect the North Branch and the Community Center buildings, but that proved to be impractical. The City Library passed the first cut on proposals. The City designated $1.8M for match and the total estimate is $4M; so, ... fund raising. Rossetti Architects is the same company that designed the Performing Arts Center Project. Handed out "Redondo Beach North Branch Customer Survey" (2 pages).

Chuck: Looked at history of site and 3 building types (single engine fire station, library extension, community center). Economics dictated ... Issue of "street presence." Pedestrian use and "animation." Lou Garcia and Planning Department discussion: instead of remodel, consider all site plan. Community meetings were held (see 7-11-02). Showed overall site plan drawing (overhead view): close to Artesia Blvd, with parking in back. One-story. Square feet 11,500 versus existing 3600 + 2500 = 6100; so, almost twice as much floor space. The Library will be "down" -- relocated to a temporary site -- during demolition and construction.

Mansour: "Problem with parking" -- parking in back of businesses along Artesia versus "City's view." The business problem is visibility of rear parking and the perception of safety. So, takes issue with Library parking in back.

Starr: Dan's business shares parking with Post Office and in front is red zone; so, ... against Library sitting on street -- due to noise, soot and cleaning, etc.

Don: Question: Re community room, separate access? Response: Yes. Question: Number of parking spaces? Response: Decreased number of spaces. Question: Oops!

Phil: Question: 2 story? Response: Not practical -- cost issue.

Dick: Re the Artesia parking problem, bump outs reduce; if the Library has less spaces ...; so, ... my business relies on people driving and parking to load materials.

Mansour: The "City is wrong" -- traffic speeded up over the years because there was nothing to draw people in, inviting them to park. Compare Tom's Gateway Center (which Tom designed). (Why did the latest new shopping center yet again put parking in back, with a narrow lane access?)

Dick: "Artesia is a through highway" -- decide which (contrasting) view is to be: a business district attractively landscaped or a landscaped zone with a boulevard through it.

Chuck (in response to a question): The main problem with the existing community room is its shape.


Rob: Newest applicant for store front remodel is Redondo Beauty College.

Mike: RVA Halloween events going on.

Cindra: RBCC sponsoring "LA County Health Care System in Jeopardy" presentation by LA County Supervisor Don Knabe on October 31 at 7:15am at Spectrum Catering located in the Historic Library in Veteran's Park. This Annual Regional Fall Breakfast is co-hosted by the El Segundo, HB, MB, PV, and Torrance Chambers. Cost $20.

9-12-2002 NRBBA Notes

Ken TrevettKen Trevett

City: Rob, Ernie, Maureen, Jennifer (Lib.), Mike Magdaleno (Municipal Enforcement Manager), Debra duVall (Code Enforcement Officer). Council: John, Kurt, Mike.

Don & Cindy, Kathy, Mansour, Clark, Phil, Starr & Dan, Tom, Jeff, Mike.

Speaker: Kenneth P. Trevett, J.D., President/CEO, Research & Education Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Tom: "Good to be up and about." :-)

Maureen: 2nd Community Meeting (Artesia Beautification Project) went well. One point heard: "too fluffy." Next meeting October 24. City wants to help with parking and perception of parking problem. Some say problem exits, some no, e.g., parking behind businesses; so, would like to facilitate and work with NRBBA.

John P.: Story about parking behind businesses some years ago. (Some more discussion.)

Clark: Introduced speaker re County Harbor UCLA Center status -- funding, possible closure due to County & State funding.

Ken T.: New to area ~10 years ago. Relationship between Research Institute and Medical Center. Whether social or personal interest, closure would impact everyone in South Bay (~2.2 million people). The only Level I Trauma facility (acute injury or serious disease) 24/7 (versus on-call specialty services) in southern Los Angeles County. "Big County USC" plan consolidation of tertiary services versus Harbor which has primary, direct service (acute care) and backup doctors (e.g., surgeons) full-service on site. Not just "working poor" issue, a quality of life issue for the South Bay.

Research budget ~$58M from non-County sources, biomed largest part: cholesterol, thyroid tests developed; diabetes research. Such research might be curtailed as a result of Harbor-UCLA shutdown. "Most of the scientists who work at the REI also serve as clinicians at the hospital."

Issue background: Funding pressures County, State, Fed. Rising healthcare costs. Deficits kick in 2003-2004 with realized loses in 2005.

Don: Question re County seeking other funding sources.

Ken: Little Company & Torrance Memorial support Harbor-UCLA's continued operation.

John P.: Comment: Need to lobby Washington (ref. 1995 effort) -- local & state lobbied. This time Governor not meeting with County Supervisors! ... political scenario of closure by pulling away piece by piece.

Ken: Yes, need unified front to Fed. Ongoing basis, stability ~$350M additional per year (significant share is Medicare waiver). Fiscal solution at multiple government levels.

Ernie: Trying to come up with (fiscal) answer. How get money? (How write suggestion?)

Maureen: What asking for (if write a letter)?

Ken: Depends on who writing to, indicate (Fed, State, County) "partially responsible for" ... .

Maureen: More specific?

Ken: Not sure if waiver (best approach). Need to get all "players" to sit down at table.

John P.: Homeland Security aspect to maintain Trauma System.

Tom: Years ago was stabbed in robbery attempt and cared for at harbor.

Handouts: Harbor-UCLA Community Alliance (310-222-5492) "What You Can Do to Help" and "Speak Out for Harbor-UCLA Medical Center." LA Times 9-4-2002, B13, "If Hospitals Close, Research Flat-Lines." Also see www.rei.edu

8-8-2002 NRBBA Notes

City: Rob, Jennifer T. (Lib.); Steve H. (Eng.), Art H. (PD).

John P., Dick, Starr, Paul G., Mansour, Clark, Don & Cindy, Dan, Mike (Shell).

[Note: Tom was recovering at home after a week in the hospital, fell, went back to hospital, and is about to go home again. He's still having difficulty walking.]

Rob: Working on Independent Repair and El Indio, 2500 block.

Clark: RB Homeland Security committee formed. Subcommittees will address different areas, e.g., medical preparedness. Question re possible county-run Harbor UCLA hospital trauma center closing. Don: More may be at issue there besides trauma center.

Jennifer: Library community meeting had good turnout, supporting expansion, supporting closer to boulevard (City's "eyes on the street" concept). More children in area. Will work on grant funding, applying in March. Parking discussed. Discussion re parking behind businesses, pro's & con's. City will provide $1M, raise $400K, rest from state grant (65%) for ~$4M total.

Mansour: Question to Steve re Artesia Improvement and need to get feedback on a block-by-block basis for each intersection -- possible discussion forum with businesses at those specific locations ("site experts")?

Dick: Has issue with signal plan at Mackay.

Bruce (resident): Concerned about too many places serving alcohol on boulevard. (Dick: Residents always welcome at NRBBA meetings.) Don (on Public Works Commission): Planning Commission & CUPs -- forum.

Steve: Handed out information on "Grease Interceptor Ordinance" (amended Ordinance approved & adopted 6-18-02) and need to comply before 1-1-2003. Best management practices list, e.g., for restaurants.

Art: Within last month Quick Stop robbed; otherwise, relatively quiet.

7-11-2002 NRBBA Notes

City: Sue A., Maureen L., Brad L., Rob H., Harry J. (Super Parks), Art H. (PD).

Kathy, Mansour, Marna, Kurt, Dick H., Starr P., Don Z., Clark, Phil; Mike M., Jennifer T.


Tom F. in hospital for quad bypass surgery.

Kurt & John P.: Joint councilman neighborhood meeting Saturday at Perry Park 9 - 11am.

Jennifer Tencza (North Branch Library): Handout: You're invited ... Redondo Beach North Branch Library Remodeling / Expansion Project Community Meeting -- Help us plan the future of your library: 3pm and 7pm (attend either session) Thursday, July 18 at the Redondo Beach North Branch Library 2000 Artesia Blvd. Come and share your thoughts, needs and ideas as we plan for the North Branch upgrade. We look forward to seeing you there! For more information, call (310) 318-0677.

Marna: RBCC Guide to RB in next cycle; so, next month comments & feedback form.

Larry Moss and Bron Ruf from Lawrence R. Moss & Associates here to present site analysis for Artesia Beautification Project.


Art: Nothing notable. July 4th celebration went okay. Starr: Question re parking with Dan's store (2217 1/2 Artesia) and CaliMex -- cars being towed! (Parking space dispute?) Art: Towing authority resides with property owner/manager. Phil: Had to label spaces re similar situation (in the past at his location).

Rob: Commercial rehab: 2720 Artesia in progress (Independent Repair). El Indio new awning, will be doing windows, painting; bought next door property for parking. Redondo Dental expressed interest again. So, 2500 block active.

Maureen: Gas & Water doing okay. Service switch over discussed -- primary concern is businesses, secondary commuters. Re interruption notices and pilot (light), "hot tap" conversion so no service interrupts. Last date ~July 19. North side of street: Water Co. hustling to get done by July 19. Water work waiting on gas conversion due to hot gas line running over water line. Water interruptions over except at some intersections. Lessons: (1) Start of project rough, re contractor start times. (2) Keeping business owners informed paid off. (Phone hot line mostly commuter complaints.)

Presentation & Discussion

Larry Moss: Intro, background on his Glendale-based landscape architecture company.

Bron Ruf, Project Manager: Artesia Site Analysis chart -- see pictures re areas of focus. Particular issues: ficus trees, pro's & con's; freeway route to Performing Arts Center.

6-13-2002 NRBBA Notes

Traffic EngineerCommunity CenterOn Site Trailer at GreenOn Site Trailer

Starr, Jeff R., Tom L., Phil, Marna, Jerry F. (PD), Kathy, Jennifer Tencza (North Branch Library), Mansour, Tom F., Don Z., Steve H. (City Engineering), Brad L. (City), Kurt, Mike M., Ernie, Dick H., Cindy Z., 2 Gas Co., John P., Hank (one of original NRBBA founders), Maureen L. (City), John M. (City)

Tom: Be aware -- forger selling counterfeit $20 to kids.

Jennifer: Business reference database lookup by phone number, SIC code -- available at Library.

Maureen L.: Artesia Blvd Improvement Project update:

1. First days contractor misunderstandings re start dates.

2. Gas Co. done getting main in, now tie in's and service connections -- 2nd pass through Blvd; interruptions minimal. For restaurants can do "hot shutoff" (bypass meter) so no interruption.

3. Water Co. good progress 220 - 270 feet per day; no date yet when service interruptions; 48 hour advance notice.

4. Schedule to finish by mid July.

5. Paving ~1st week July -- not resurfacing project; but get rid of bumps, steel plates.

6. Web site. (Where?)

7. Question re accurate info re status & plan.

8. How improve on update?

9. Signalization -- where, how frequent, U-turns (with red zone), ... (John M. is traffic engineer.) County will update signal equipment in ~ a year, allowing more sync'ing. Comments on U-turn locations. Handout: 6 intersections City has control over for signal upgrade: Green, Rindge, Slauson, Vail, Mackay, Felton.

10. PCH[1] Hawthorne[107]. County will maintain signal equipment, not independent contractor. On posters, John drew directions arrows, pedestrian notes. LED upgrades 1 - 2 years. Construction: poles out on each corner & new boxes. Pedestrian crossing times are a "balancing act." Part of plan includes any required curb cuts for ADA. Also at Rindge and Mackay "chirp, chirp" sounds. 6 intersections will have left turn arrows. (Bus stop improvements done with streetscaping project.)

Maureen: City will lift "no U-turn" signs wherever possible. Question re U-turn, width posting?

Ernie: Question re right turn North on Aviation -- pedestrians holding up, traffic backup in commute hours.

Question re post office median drop boxes?

Question re buses parking under bridge impeding traffic.

John P.: Comments re left turns and North-South cut through traffic -- safer vs. allow more cars.

11. Next month's meeting will discuss "beautification" project.

Marna: October 19 - 30 business trip to China. 15 openings. $650. 10 City people going.

Performing Arts Center update: New lobby & bathrooms available in September. $100 bricks arrived (first batch).

Mansour intro'd First Federal Bank of California officer Azar Nooryzadeh. (First Fed took over former location of Frontier Savings December 2001.) He also announced RUHS NRBBA scholarship award to be given June 17. One student so larger award ($2500) for ~2 years books.

Hank: (re NRBBA history and current street work) NRBBA founded at a time City was undergrounding utilities on Artesia; and also considering parking meters.

Discussion re general public meeting for Artesia.

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