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  • February 8, 2005 - State of the City - see pictures and Easy Reader article.
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12-14-2006 NRBBA Notes

Dick, Kathy, Clark, Mark, Don (Council), Ernie, Sheila, Dale Petrulis, Jean (Lib), Starr & Dan, Pat, Joe (City), Rob (City), Phil, Sparkle, Don (resident), Barry (Council District 5 Candidate), John P. (Council), Steve D. (Council), Arlene Staich (School Board), Ben (City Econ. Dev.), (Yours truly).

Rob: Commercial Rehab: Redondo Dental, Source 1 Realty, Kurt Hardware (glazing), Makato Jujitsu (awning), ___ (roof), to be scheduled Pizza Man (glazing), Arteisa Asso. (roof), ___ (glazing), Civic Light Opera (glazing). Handyperson: on-goal. Mobility Access: wheelchair lifts and grab bars. Emergency Repair: every week: trees, electrical. Deferred Loan: new extensive remodel(s) soon.

Joe: Coming "Gateway Harbor Sign" maintenance support. Dick: Question re bus bench cleaning.

Clark: Re Springfest, met with promoter: 2007 event (April 26-29) will be more themed vs. strictly carnival. Kathy: First Thursday theme - ideas; and for each day something special.

David Byrd: "Blue Star Mothers of America" Chapter 5 care packages for service people overseas. For packing, can use volunteers. Support group for parents win sons/daughters in military.

Don Szerlip: Re "Building a Better Redondo" initiative ... "direct democracy" re land issues, e.g., changes in zoning, Discussion: John P., Clark, Don re impact on City planning, cost of voting, developer interest, and what's happened in other cities that have done same. Steve D.: Response to traffic & congestion but congestion is from region vs. internal (to City). If passes, still have problem! Question re process & schedule re signature collection & filing. Initiative themes vs. reality (or unintended consequences). It's too easy to frame the issue(s) as "overdevelopment" or "too much traffic," etc.

Jean (Lib): Fund raising: "Putting on the Ritz" event raised ~$20K. Verizon grant for computers brought their total donation to $45K to date. "Homework Help" flyer (handout).

Meeting adjourned for Artesia Rededication ceremony (see pictures).

11-9-2006 NRBBA Notes

Pending official minutes.

Discussion included the Artesia Blvd Grand Reopening/Rededication ceremony on December 14 at 9am. See this flyer.

10-12-2006 NRBBA Notes

Mike D. (PD), Mark (Albertson's), Sheila, Phil, Sparkle, Erin (Lib), John P. (Council), Kathy, Starr, Paul (Chamber), Don (Council), Pat, Clark, Jim (Indep, Repair, a founding member of Redondo Rotary), Joe (City), Kristi (Merrill Lynch), Ernie, Dick, Phyllus, (Yours truly).

Jim: Red Cross Blood Drive October 13.

Starr: ... balance in accounts, $2500 for scholarships (4 checks), $300 insurance refund for Springfest.

Mike D.: Crime Part 1 reports ... car explosive incident; Stanford house break-in -- 3 guys caught; ... "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" show (see www.cornerstonecgextreme.com) for injured officer with baby; closed block -- new home date October 18. Last weekend's Public Safety Fair went well.

Dick: Story at store: A guy said, "Call police;" so, called 911 and dispatcher talked with the homeless guy; guy leaves, comes back twice, wanders off; two officers enter store, "What's going on?" Guy on bus bench -- just wanted money to get home.

Phyllus: Thanks to PD -- raided Carnegie house; 7 to jail.

Sparkle: Windows tagged; called Hotline. Mike: Better to call non-emergency PD dispatch -- a volunteer will document, handle as crime report; then call Hotline.

Dick: Bus bench near store "grungy" -- below standards. Mark: Ditto. John P.: ... for Joe to make note.

Joe: Re Grand Artesia Re-opening, "free up October 20" -- date still to be scheduled. Re bus bench, if $, steam cleaning requires polution capture vacuum unit -- more difficult than just a pressure wash. "Deep clean."

Ernie: Veteran's Day Tribute Committee -- flyer for event.

Don: (1) "Landscaping & Lighting District Assessment" (tax): mail in ballots sent to all property owners, commercial & residential. Public Hearing City Council November 7. (2) Re Prop 90 so-called "eminent domain" re-imbursement scheme, any potential future value compensation -- negative impact on City's land use planning & economic development.

John P.: Trying to put coalition together to endorse L&L District (see above). See info handouts from Steve D.

Clark: Board met with new Springfest promoter (Roy ___, oentertainment.org).

Paul: "2nd Annual Redondo Beach Economic Development Summit" November 2, 7:30am - 1:30pm, Portofino Hotel. $50 / $60 per person. See flyer.

Sheila: Flyer for free 3-day event by Friends of RB Arts.

Erin: "Live Homework Help" from Library's site -- online tutor (www.redondo.org/library); Halloween, Book Discussion events.

9-14-2006 NRBBA Notes

Clark, Rob (City), June, Sheila, Phil, John P. (Council), Pat, Marna (RBCC), Herb, Joe (City), Erin (Lib), Kathy, Steve B.; Steve D. (Council), Starr, Joyce, (Yours truly).

Rob: Commercial Rehab: RB Dental City's portion done ($300K+ project with City $12K); Source One Realty painting, glazing; Kurt Hardware glazing; MC Jujitsu awning; Pizza Man waiting bid glass, glazing; RB Beauty ditto; Civic Light Opera wants ditto. HP/MA/ ... DLP new kitchen, bath, roof, electrical (residential).

Rob: Evidently single owner for Winston Tire, Numero Uno, & Marie Calendar properties.

Starr: ... status of some checks.

Joe: Grand Re-Opening Artesia Blvd October 20.

Clark: Re street patch Dick reported last month, fixed.

Marna: Lobster Fest 2006 Sept. 22-24 - handed out $2 off coupons ... LA County Supervisor Don Knabe breakfast flyer "Emergency & Tsunami Preparedness in LA County" Oct. 4 7:30 - 9:30am at Crowne Plaza Hotel $35. Nov. 2 City & RBCC Economic Summit. "Grow Your Business" conference $99 each or $500/table early registration for May 2007.

Clark: SpringFest August 29 meeting with Kathy, Dick, and Christiansen Amusements 2 rep's. Carnival provider (vs. vendor booths, stage -- "community" elements permits) vs. promoter. Promotion? Do self? Info re $ split & past contract shared.

Erin: Lib events ...

Steve B.: Civic Light Opera started "Noises Off" -- English comedy.

Steve D.: SpringFest fees waived last year -- permanently waived as signature event. Meeting with Albertsons re Arteisia Grand Reopening -- remodel by end year; would like to relocate recycling Center but difficult. Trip to Seattle for Nordstrom's retention and mall design.

Marl (Albertson's): Re meeting with Mayor, Steve D., etc., store complete remodel planned probably after holidays.

Steve D.: Landscape & Lighting District - City-wide ballots will be sent to commercial & residential re tax. Vote requires majority, weighted by property. How assessed? Varies. Fees not updated since 1980's. When mailed? More info to come. City-owned camera can be located for PD surveillance. Encourage NRBBA BID plan. Event promoter contact re 10K. Today City Strategic Planning meeting. Knabe breakfast -- re Lib support say "thank you" (re County) redevelopment $ available.

8-10-2006 NRBBA Notes

Paul, Kathy, Sparkle, Sheila, Mike D. (PD), Marilyn White, Pat, Richard G., Rob (City), Clark, Starr, Joe (City), Steve B. (Civic Light Opera), Don Z., John P., Dick, Ernie (City), Jim C. (Indep. Repair), June, Mansour, (Yours truly).

(Fox Hollow service back.)

• Minutes approval.

• Treasurer's report (Starr): Missing items some prior years statements (Mansour said accountant Chuck has these; CD in 1990 & rolled over; bank name changes & new bank manager); profit / loss since 2000, ..., talked with bank re CD, checking balance; misc expenses. Discussion re receipts for donations, etc. Kathy: New form will help.

Paul: Voice mailbox set up at RBCC x65 for NRBBA. Coming Network Cafe August 17, Family Mixer August 24 -- see Upcoming Events page.

Crime report: "Save Our Nation" protest & incident with motorist; construction site thefts; Galleria cell phone thefts among juveniles; jumper from 3rd floor Village, serious injury. 3 new VIPs in training. Public Safety Fair October 1 -- see this gallery page for pictures from last year's event.

Joe: Artesia Median Renovation moving westward, finish ~ mid Sept.

Dick: Water pipe for median, cut in pavement, patch workmanship issue. Joe: Water Co subcontractor did. Ernie: Patch slumping & 2nd job. Dick: Compaction not issue when stomper used for his work. John P.: Supposed to do in 1 step, not 2; ask to fix.

Rob: Rehab projects ... brochure handed out "A Sharper Image." DPL 3; HandiPerson 5; Mobility Access -- handicap showers vs. tubs.

Dick: A graffiti guy caught; restitution hearing.

John P.: Helen Wong City Workforce ~20 years leaving.

Pat: "Winston Tire" property vacant eyesore - status? Mansour: Property owner trying to redev larger area if can get Marie C's lease.

Clark: April 27 - 29 Springfest 2007; interviewing promoters.

Marilyn: Redondo Foundation for Rebuild ...

Steve: Homeless people, wheelchair guy hang, fight, urinate, sleep near Lib's dumpsters -- impact on business?

7-13-2006 NRBBA Notes

John P., Tom, Mansour, Ernie (City Treasurer), Sheila, Dick, Rob (City), Clark, Pat, Mike G. (Mayor), Erin (Lib), Paul (RBCC), Kathy, (Yours truly).

Kathy: May 11 and June 8 Minutes approval. Boy Scout Blood Drive flyer: Saturday July 15 for injured Troop 788 leader.

Mansour: Brought Treasurer's books and records and mailbox key; received by Clark. No further info from Conte Productions other than $8600 day after Springfest, with ~$6000 loss after expenses.

NRBBA Donates $5000 to Lib FundSheila: Presentation: NRB Lib Foundation fund raiser -- see September 24 "Dolphin Dash" handout. (NRBBA donated $5000 to Lib Foundation.) Donation cans now plastic 1-gallon buckets. Also see the Adobe Reader (PDF) brochure "The Redondo Beach North Branch Library Needs Your Help!"

Clark: ... committees ... Handed out: Marketing Committee: draft NRBBA brochure and "Get to Know Us!" flyer (with picture of new officers).

Picture caption: City Treasurer Ernie O'Dell, Senior Librarian Erin Schoonover, Councilman John Parsons, Mayor Mike Gin, NRBBA President Clark Adams, and NRBBA Past President Tom Fouts pose with Sheila Kutkus (2nd from left) after her presentation on North Branch Library Fund Raising and thanking the NRBBA for donating $5000.

6-8-2006 NRBBA Notes

Mansour, Tom, Clark, Dick, Phil, Kathy, Marna, Paul, Don, Pat M., Joe L., Starr, Sheila, Erin, Phyllis; John P., Ernie, Rob, Herb, (Yours truly).

Candidate Statements: Clark, Dick; Kathy; Starr, Mansour. Vote.

Mansour: No further info from Conte Productions. Pat: Next Springfest in 9 meetings ... who set date ... production company or NRBBA? ... to approach City ... (discussion) ... purpose, who, when, planning process.

Election Results: (President) Clark, (VP) Dick, (Treasurer) Starr, (Secretary) Kathy, (Past President) Tom.

Clark: Committee for Springfest ... agenda for meetings ... disclosure ...

Tom: $5000 to Lib Foundation; $2000 to SBCHC. Q: Re High School scholarship checks - to student or school financial aid office?

Ernie: (Handed out) draft letter to Councilman Diels re graffiti problem.

5-11-2006 NRBBA Notes

Tom, Rob (City), Dick, Phil, Sheila, Kathy, Paul (RBCC), Sparkle, Joe (City), Erin (Lib), Mansour, Pat M., Ernie (City), Marna (RBCC), Clark, (Yours truly).

Rob: Commercial Rehab: RB Dental sandblast & signage by end June; RB Beauty bids for awning; Framed Openings glass with anti-g but larger project possible 2007; Kurt Hardware window glass replacement (lots businesses hit with etching vandals; check whether security camera eligible expense). Discussion ... Ernie offered to draft a letter and recommended getting Council member in loop re problem & prosecution followup. Kathy: Purchased camera system from Freeze Frame. Rob: DPL going okay.

Erin: Library event Saturday 3pm ... check City's web site.

Joe: Median Renovation Project going forward: Hawthorne to Inglewood working toward Aviation ... "green" vs. "desert storm" look. Overhead spray vs. drip for rinsing off plants ... roses ... vs. "Palm Springs" look (where native plants work & appropriate, "picking cigarette butts off bougainvillea leaves") -- maintenance factor. See these "before & after" or work-in-progress pictures.

Mansour: Trying to get Springfest results ... Ernie called ... Clark got fax'd statement via Mark's wife: $13,589 - 12,756 = $832. Mansour got $860, but some expenses supposedly were paid; so, ...

Mansour: Nominations for new officers ... Pres: Clark, Dick; VP: Dick; Trea: Starr, Mansour; Sec: Kathy, Starr; PP: (Tom). Discussion ... possible committees: marketing, security, ...

Rob: Re forward planning, holiday lights? ... getting in City's budget ... Mansour: Pay for lights & labor ... Clark: Electricity ... Sheila: City involvement re street cones, scheduling ... Joe: Independent contractor liability ... labor intensive ... 90-day exposure limit on lights.

Sheila: Western Family Market (2808 Phelan Lane, Redondo Beach, CA 90278) largest Lib $fund can ($83) last month.

Tom: $5000 to Lib Foundation, plus a couple of other charities before leaves office.

4-13-2006 NRBBA Notes

Mansour, Starr & Dan, Dick, John P. (Council), Jean (Lib.), Sheila, Clark, Kathy, Joe (City), Ernie (City), Sparkle, Don (Council), Pat, Jeff, Rob (City), Arnette, June, (Yours truly).

(Starr set up containers on the refreshments table for nominations and suggestions.)

Starr (for Marna): Chamber of Commerce "Defining Success" 2006 South Bay Business Conference coming Thursday, May 04, 2006 11am to 5pm. For more info, see the Chamber's Calendar of Events.

Crime Re-Cap's: See the City's Crime Statistics page, the "Weekly Part I Crime Information" section near the bottom. Lots of "Burglary vehicle" incidents in the last 4 weeks.

Kathy, John P.: As announced on the City's website and in the local papers, "On Monday, April 10, City Manager Bill Workman announced the promotion of Joe Leonardi to Chief of Police.  Leonardi started with RBPD 24 years ago."

John P.: City's 114th Birthday Celebration Saturday April 29th - "Happy Birthday, City of Redondo Beach" - "The City of Redondo Beach is turning 114 years old on Saturday April 29th. In commemoration, the Redondo Beach Historical Commission will be hosting a birthday celebration from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. at the Redondo Beach Historical Museum, 302 Flagler Lane."

Rob: Commercial Rehab: RB Dental Group - some movement on exterior & signage; RB Beauty - awning over 10 years old - owner has bigger plan also; Stats - no interest re awnings, etc.; Framed Openings - glazing; Kurt Hardware - glazing (with film); Cindy's Nails - possible awning. DPL - 5 loans - roofs, kitchen, repipe, ... HPP - on schedule ... (Rob has 4-page list of completed projects in last 10 years. City-owner 60-40% split on contribution. Funding based on 50-foot lot increments and architectural drawings grant also. So business with 100-foot property can get up to $12,000 = 2 x 5000 + 2000.)

(Mansour: Got balance sheet for Springfest 2005. Net ~$4000?)

Mark Conte: Springfest 2006 set up. Carnival. Weekend bands for stage. ThFri 5:00pm show with pay-once price. Sat 10am - 10pm; Sun 10am - 8pm with pay tickets per ride. Sent posters to schools, local papers [ad in Easy Reader had incorrect dates], street banners. 5 - 6 food booths, 30 - 40 vendors. Challenge due to Easter weekend. Dollars from spaces, rides; profit from rides. Hoping for good weather.

Joe: Renovation Artesia progressing -- median near Wienerschnitzel.

Dick: According to bylaws, next meeting will be nominations for officers.

3-9-2006 NRBBA Notes

Kathy, Dan & Starr, Dick, Rob, Phil, Mike D. (City PD), Mansour, Tom, Joe L. (City), Clark, Ernie (City), Jean (City Lib.), John P. (City Council), Pat, Herb (SBCHC), Steve D. (City Council), Joyce, (Yours truly).

Tom: Mansour & he will hang on (as officers) until by-laws call for elections & then make available financial books, etc. (Dick has copy of old by-laws.)

Ernie: Documents from 1983-1984 era. (See the new "About" page to view these.)

Dick: He & Clark met with Mansour ... discussed for over an hour ... legal status attorney & CPA "in play" ... case where two sides waiting on each other (for info) ... (now) don't see any problem in proceeding. Ernie fax'd him a copy of the one-page by-laws from July 1999.

John P.: Update by-laws as needed. Concern about State filing paperwork. Clark: Not 501c3 ... going for 501c6 ... and taxes through 2003. Mansour: ... issue ... "fell through cracks" ... legal status first then IRS paperwork. Ernie: Likely no taxes due ... IRS filing for any employees (if there were some) related coverage. So, hold elections & proceed ... (Clark: Attorney John Mercant [?]. CPA Chuck Anderson.)

John P.: ... not unusual with volunteer-based organization -- without staff to keep track of filings ... (continuity). Herb: ... just re-file and get on with things .. since no employees ... (SBCHC is 501c3.) So, filing dates are informational (vs. tax-related).

Phil: ... a brochure or pamphlet on NRBBA? Kathy: ... working on concept newsletter, brochure, flyer.

Tom: Met with Mark Conte the other day ... re Springfest. City waived fees.

Phil: Officer selection process ... Ernie: May nominations ...

John P.: "Noticing" is important (notice of coming events, etc.).

Mansour: ... (history) ...

Tom: Lib Foundation check ~$5000 before retiring as president. Mansour: High School scholarship paperwork ... contact made.

Mike: Amgen Tour ... crowd well behaved; applaud Public Works and volunteers. Few complaints; towed 3 cars; no arrests or injured spectators. Steve: Proud of event. 10's 1000's attended. City can absorb more visitors. Community knows now what pro bicycle race is about. Businesses on route concern about walk-in's. Complaints before race (vs. after). John P.: ... got our name "Redondo" out there ... for businesses that did less business that day, hopefully viewed as good exposure which will help benefit in future. Pat: ... following international news (on the event) ... Rob: Worked race ... feeding PD, Fire, & volunteers ,,, sprint segment was amazing. Steve: Possibly propose more events in North RB.

Mike: Crime reports [see City's Crime Statistics page] ... looking for new Chief (due to PERS & retirement conditions) ... hire from within Department.

Rob: RB Dental at standstill due to contractor & owner disagreement; RB Beauty wants to do major project; Artesia Associates roofing; Stat's ...; Framed Openings glass; Sandbox ...; Kurt Hardware glass.

2-9-2006 NRBBA Notes

Starr, Dan, Phil, Kathy, Don, Sheila, Rob, Herb, Sparkle, John P., Arnette, Dick, Erin, Ernie, Jeff, Steve D., Clark, Marilyn, Richard (AIM Mail), Joe, Pat M. (Billly's Cafe), Phyllus, Joyce, (Yours truly) [24].

Crime Report *: See POLICE DEPARTMENT Crime Analysis Unit PART-1 RE-CAP Reports Received: February 1 – 7, 2006. (* See the "Weekly Part I Crime Information" section at the bottom of the Crime Statistics page.)

Rob: Commercial Rehab: nothing new (see prior notes); Handiperson on target; Loan program going well. Starr: Q: Can individual buy anti-graffiti film? Rob: Probably work only with dealers who install. Jeff: Maybe pool interest for best suppliers and deals.

Dick: Thanks to Sgt. Christian re City fees resolution (re false alarm's $ check). Comments on glass etch case.

Sheila: $136 January Lib donations can at Sandbox. ($324 total for January.)

Kathy: Last Saturday Academic Decathlon great kids (as contrast to "bad kids"). NRBBA financial report still needed. Where stand with Springfest? Ernie: (Comments) ... used to get monthly treasurer's report years ago ... has requested in past but never happened ... to whoever has "books." Question about organization's status with State. Bylaws? ... one-page minimal (or missing). Starr: (Comments.)

Erin: (Announcements for programs.)

John P.: State of City on February 14.

Don: Coming area code overlay and need to dial 11 digits.

Richard: Working with management company / property owner re monument sign ... Steve: (Comments re procedure with City.)

Joe: Funding re ... Ernie: ... public land versus private property beautification ... safety issues on street ...

1-12-2006 NRBBA Notes

Phil, Mark (Albertsons), Kathy, Mansour, Starr, Marna (RBCC), Clark, Dan, Dick, Joe (City), Marilyn White, Herb & Tina (SBCHC), Sheila, Tom, Erin (Lib), Pat, Jeff, Rob (City), Phyllus, Ernie (City), Sparkle, Joyce, Mike (PD), (Yours truly) [25].

Rob: Commercial Rehab: Dental Group ongoing, Something About hair awning up, Beauty College ..., Artesia Associates ..., Stat's another application in progress, Sandbox asked for application. DPL 2 more bids yesterday, looking 2 more, total 7 soon. Handyperson ongoing.

Sheila: Lib $ raised from store donation cans > $1500.

Starr: Springfest financial results unclear ... getting info from Conte productions. Anyone interested in being NRBBA officer?

Dick: 1. Patch on Grant nicely green, south of Kingsdale near railroad tracks. 2. Graffiti windows marked again. Clark: Same. Jeff: Also. 3. City's quarterly magazine ... NRBBA not included; so, ... Ernie: Publication is City-oriented but okay to submit an occasional article or ad. (Contact David Bacon.)

Ernie: Getting the word out that NRBBA exists. Comments on history and $ (disbursement), by laws, officers.

Kathy: Comments on Springfest $. Tom: 2006 City fees waived. 2005 "fell through cracks" (didn't get in City budget): $3000 check in hand for City.

Tom: Intro SBCHC ... early recipient of NRBBA $ ~25 years ago.

Presentation: Herb Masi, South Bay Children's Health Center. Handout (flyer page) -- description of services. E.g., last year ~12,000 kids helped, dental > 11.000. Since 1947. Letter to NRBBA thanks for $1000 donation for "fall appeal." Every $100 serves 3 kids in dental clinic. Fund-raiser event Saturday, May 6, 2006 (postcard image).

Tom: Rob & Kay S...'s letter requesting funding (for child) to perform at Carnegie Hall. Suggest $100. Did get call from Conte's office re 2006 dates, but not heard from Mark himself. Propose giving $5000 to Lib Foundation. As far as he knows, has cash from 2005 Springfest. Has $1400-1500 still to give to Mark. Mansour: ~$6000 ... $53,000 in bank.

Marna: State of the City by new Mayor February 14 7:30am ... like to see NRBBA represented there.

Erin: Haywood Center (Lib) program on Saturday 2pm "Ace Your Interview."

Clark: Intrigued with BID idea. Will volunteer to work with others interested in studying what's involved and discuss, get the word out. Comments: Kathy, Marna, Ernie.

Mike: Citizen Academy #25 starting January 25. Contact him. Get to know way PD works. Crime report. Dec. 24 stolen vehicle; pursuit 2 days ago; stolen car female jv. Dec. 23 mutual aid with Lawndale gang gunshots. "Fairly busy." Catching quite a few people.

Joe: Remodel of median ~middle March near Marie Calendar's to "calm the desert storm effect" -- more green. (See prior meeting notes on this topic.)

12-8-2005 NRBBA Notes

Phil, Kathy, Mansour, Tom, Mark (Albertsons), Starr, Marna (RBCC), Paul (RBCC), Sparkle & James, Ernie (City), Erin (Lib), Dick, Arnette, Rob (City), Clark, (Yours truly).

Marna: State of the City February 14 not on a NRBBA Thursday this time; so, ... theme "Emergency Planning."

Starr: Question to Mansour: "Any funds to help needy families for holiday?" Mansour: Currently overpaid; so, no.

Erin: Verizon donated $25K to Lib Fund. "Ace Your Interview" workshop January 14 2pm at North Branch. "Storytime" times Mondays 11:30am for kids 3-5 years old.

Dick: Graffiti on front store. County asking for expense re restitution. Cost quotes. Starr: Just put film on windows and got some graffiti; so, figuring cost.

Rob: Commercial Rehab: RB Dental ongoing restrooms, outside stucco, signage; Something About Hair awning; RB Beauty in application. DPL a few more applicants.

Kathy: Status of senior housing condo development across street? [Some comments.]

Starr: Holiday lights ... any ideas? Ernie: No $, late already. Rob: Good time to plan for next year -- re labor if NRBBA gets the lights. Ernie: ... incentive for City to match funds (needs to be line item in budget). Work with Councilman (e.g., Steve, District 4) to champion the action. Marna: ... expect 2-way expectations. Any interest in BID (Business Improvement District)? Easier to get City to help if already helping yourselves. Ernie: Overview of BID and annual costs to businesses (~tax) and process and oversight "board," possibly NRBBA. Concept arose in response to large malls to get $ to advertise and promote shopping at local small stores. City acts as collection agency. Council reviews plan. Paul: RVA (Riviera Village Association) BID allocated 80% beautification, 10% marketing, 10% administration ... "give & take" with business mix of interests (or lack of).

Presentation: "A Little History of the NRBBA" by Ernie O’Dell, City Treasurer and past president NRBBA 1982-83. [The online copy of his handout requires Adobe Reader to view.] 1979 started ... ongoing challenge to build participation. Tom: ... ongoing issue with absentee property ownership.

11-10-2005 NRBBA Notes

Attendees 11-10-2005Kathy, Mansour, Paul (RBCC), Marna (RBCC), Dan & Starr, Sheila, Dick, Steve D. (Council), Phil, Erin (Lib), Mark (Albertson's), Sparkle, Don (Council), Mike D. (PD), John P., Mike M., June (Clayton's Jewelers), Annette (home-based business, tours), Rebecca G. (Mail Center), Joyce (Subcreative Cafe), (Yours truly).

Mike D.: Graffiti on Artesia: ... person in custody; search warrant on another; "13" and "Botox" in custody; ... so, making progress. Cases going to trial, help from VIPs (Volunteers in Policing), who take reports. Graffiti Hotline contract services with City. ... lost one of the K9's; memorial service planned ($ for new K9?).

Dick: More on continuing problem behind Salvation Army building: lights go off at 10pm; talked with manager; what to do?

Starr: "Gaut building" (vacant?); transients camped out behind. June: Transients living near railroad trestle.

Mike: Officer Fairchild retired.

Kathy: Coverage for Galleria area for holiday? Mike: VIPs ... high visibility patrol, mall cameras. Usual care about credit cards, "greeter" deterrence, caution re distraction ploy. E.g., credit card issues with wife/husband -- ex-wife/husband card use. [Possible section on NRBBA site: tips re security, fraud prevention, etc. See "Crime Prevention" link on home page for past handouts.]

[Dick: Story about officer Fairchild and "charcoal" delivery incident.]

[New attendees intro's, business overviews.]

Phyllus Shaw: Beautification plan for NRB Aviation -> Prospect intersection stretch of businesses -- ideas?

Erin: NRB Lib $2.5M raised, need over $4M. Last month City appropriated $1M. Fund raiser gala event recently. Other donations from individuals and businesses.

Richard: New store "AIM Mail Center" in renovated center. Ribbon Cutting.

Sparkle J.: Sandbox -- smoke shop, glass accessories.

Mark: With Albertsons for 30 years ... in the news re up for sale.

Marna: Economic Summit yesterday ... for February 16 State of City would like to see more NRB business presence.

Steve D.: One strategic objective of City is to raise profile of City; coming event "Tour CA" pro bicycle race -- staged race from SF to RB. ESPN coverage. February 26, 2006. Re future of NRBBA, strategic plan and more visibility at Council ... "adopt a median" idea ... going to Seattle to meet with Nordstrom's ... some discussion on reconfiguration of southwest Galleria area. ... Issues: beautification (improvement), disaster recovery.

Starr: Holiday lights $. [Extended discussion by some after 9am continued.]

10-13-2005 NRBBA Notes

Mansour, Dick, Erin (Lib), Phil (!), Rob (City), Joe (City), Kathy, Sheila (Lib Foundation), Ernie (City), Steve D. (Council), Starr, David Biggs (City), Clark, (Yours truly).

Rob: Commercial Rehab - RB Dental ongoing, handicap bathroom, signage; Something About Hair, awning; RB Beauty College, facade, awning; Artesia Associates ... ; Stats ... ; Kurt Hardware, glass. Handyperson understaffed currently. Deferred Payment Loan program ...

Dick: As last time, behind Salvation Army store ..., restaurant planters stolen; screen shop small items stolen; Second Hand Rose broken into; on his store roof used syringes; behind store broken beer bottles, trash bin "nests."

Steve: Artesia Corridor underperforming and attracting businesses not attractive to area. ["Bong" shop.]

Kathy: Comments on NRBBA focus and viability as business organization; formal financial reports, e.g. for Springfest. Sheila: Meeting time possible issue versus 10:00 am ... comments on the other hand ... Dick: ... Phil: pre-announced agenda, compelling issue. Mansour: ... bringing guests to meeting.

Kathy: Still issue with holiday lights.

Joe: Artesia median -- City part-time worker specifically to weed and clean up trash (199 hours/fiscal year). Holiday lights -- no $ or staff. Power's there. Phil: Maybe banners (purchased by each store) with advertising on them. Dick: Factoring in plan to City budget cycle.

David Biggs: Lives nearby in NRB ... Riviera BID meetings, similar issues, core people. Example Huntington Beach BID became committee in local Chamber of Commerce. He's spending 1/2 time economics side, 1/2 business development side of City. Parking inventory, credits ideas.

Ernie: Next meeting (he'll talk about) history and background on NRBBA mission and origins ... financial reports ... .

Clark: Business lot improvement plan progressing.

Steve: "Adopt a media" program? (New) Target store interested in corridor ... willing to facilitate strategic planning for NRBBA, strength/weakness analysis ... proper organization (officers).

9-8-2005 NRBBA Notes

Mansour, Clark, Rob, Dick, (Yours truly), Mike (PD).

For presentations, need new contact person ... (passing of baton ... ) ... attendance ... (discussion).

Rob: Job training presentation next month (hopefully).

Officer Diehr: 4th July one of quietest. How's graffiti? ... Rob: "biggest complaint I hear." Discussion of glass film, video, ... Dick: Question re commercial recycling bin cardboard pilfering. Question re possible Goodwill Store donations pilfering. Mansour: Transients ("homeless") at shop -- paying for food not issue -- issue is appearance, smell, congregating in groups. Mike: City-wide & other cities issue. Difficult civil liberties case. Dick: process (steps): sign, request to leave, refusal & warning, police explain on site, restraining order, police arrest & act as witness. Mike: Issue is whether "causing disturbance."

8-11-2005 NRBBA Notes

Rob, Dick, Clark, Tom, Paul, Don S., Starr, Mansour, (Yours truly).

Rob (City Rehab): Commercial Rehab: biggest [project] RB Dental Group - interior & exterior, bathrooms & signage. "Something About Hair" awning -- meeting today. RB Beauty College -- redo awning & exterior, maybe 2-story remod. [Zoning review -- Tom: plan review indicated ... things to the front ... .] Artesia Asso's roof repair. Stats Flower Supply. Housing Rehab loan -- 3 new loans kitchen & bath, plumbing. Handy Person -- short staffed, so hard to reach goals. Mobility Access -- various calls for plumbing, electrical, ... .

Paul (RBCC): Announcements: August 23 "Power Lunch" with 53rd Assembly candidates, 11:30 am at Portofino Conference Center, $30. August 25 Regional Chamber Mixer, 5:30 pm, Seaside Lagoon. Carnival August 25-28 Aviation Park by Beach Cities Entertainment.

Dick: re CBO here or not. He explained situation to Steve Diels ... (and last month's meeting canceled, so ...). Got one message that Officer Diehr couldn't make meeting. So, ... graffiti guy arrested ... . Don: Call Graffiti Hotline 318-0685 -- 3rd party "Graffiti Blasters" company.

Mansour: Someone talk with City re holiday lights? Don: last year City no commitment -- labor $ ... City no staff to do. (More comments on PD restaffing progress ... Public Works director still looking.) Clark: Any issue re electricity $ for lights?

Dick: Grant Ave. new pavement torn up at Inglewood & Mackay -- patching "2nd rate." Don: Yes, upset likewise ... replacement (patch) quality. Dick: City check? [Check with City Engineer.]

Dick: Personal story re skin cancer on bald head. Dermatologist found melanoma 3 months after prior okay check. Clean now (after surgery). "Wear a hat."

Clark: Note from RBCC for NRBBA membership $.

5-12-2005 NRBBA Notes


Informal Candidates Forum - Special Municipal Runoff Election 5-17-2005

  • Mayor: Gerard Bisignano, Mike Gin
  • City Attorney: Michael Webb, Dave Wiggins

4-14-2005 NRBBA Notes

Mansour, Kathy, Steve D. (Council), Phil Skornia, Ernie (City), Rob (City), Dick, John P., Erin Schoonover (Lib.), Geoff R. (Framed Openings), (Yours truly).

Phil: [former owner/operator Academy of Judo & Karate, 2703 Artesia Blvd.] New owner of Academy ruined business; so, back from desert with "5th wheel" to see what can do for existing customers.

Rob: Rehab: new glass with anti-graffiti film for ...; new signage for ...; major interior and exterior rehab for ...; Artesia Asso's roofing work; anti-graffit film also for ... . Loans: 3 or 4 between now and May. Dick, Ernie: Comments/compliments on rehab program.

Kathy: Wanted to get another newsletter out ... re Springfest. Ernie: ... on agenda for Council. John: City Staff recommends waive soft costs, but hard costs recommend to Council ~$8K, that one-half profit go to hard costs; but intent of profit to Lib Foundation; so, not sure. Kathy: Also need what to do with scholarships, NRBBA Treasurer's report.

John P.: BRAC and LA AFB retention effort - May 13 likely for list; still could go either way ... aerospace business meeting ...Washington contacts "cautiously optimistic" ... political level now ... CO, NM among other states ... only interim Secretary of the AF to deal with ... AF procurement organization structure in flux -- a challenge in "pushing the right buttons" ... battle will continue whether on list or not ... takes 5 of 9 commissioners to get off ... Rumsfeld handling situation differently that in previous 4 rounds [of BRAC]. ... Governor in tricky situation -- he can't just come out for a single military AF base. County gave up $30M in tax revenue (as part of Redevelopment District) to make El Segundo redevelopment project work financially. ~50,000 jobs ~$10B in contracts each year from LA AFB -- just the "public" programs.

Upcoming Candidates forum ... [see Chamber's announcement] for runoff elections. john.parsons@redondo.org

Erin: Lib selling advance tickets for Springfest.

Phil: Ran oldest, most successful martial arts academy for over 40 years ... looking for part-time place to rent, say, Monday and Wednesday evenings ... approached AdventurePlex with offer but no go, despite open schedule slot there (not "cutting into" Taekwondo program there).

3-10-2005 NRBBA Notes

Paul (RBCC), Mark C. (Conte Productions), Don, Tom, Kathy, Joe Leonardi (PD), Mike D. (PD), Steve Diels (unofficial new District 4 Councilman), Dick, Ernie (City Treasurer), "Birney Bobcats" Diane, Suzy, Francesca; Mansour, Starr, (Rob), Mike M., Clark, ___ (Clayton Jewelers), Mike Johnson (___), (Yours truly).


Agenda (handed out by Kathy)

  • Call to order - Welcome
  • Self introductions
  • Outstanding business
  • Presentation by Captain Leonardi
  • Round table

Tom: Issue with Springfest this year (April 22) -- City not waiving fees, which would amount to ~total profit for event. Don: Comment re "hard" & "soft" costs/fees -- City Manager has authority over; any appeal (re ~$6000 - 7000). Discussion, comments by Ernie re history & benefit. Kathy: Suggest list of NRBBA donations over years for City. Starr: Suggest Mansour as treasurer document $ for last 5 years. Mark: Comments re ...

Presentation by Captain Leonardi

Issues for businesses, for residents. (Polled attendees.) PD lists graffiti, traffic, parking, transients, gangs, ...

1. Graffiti Hotline (310) 318-0685 or Citizen Report Form on web site. Reporting is important since not all hotline calls reported to PD. (He's addressing the issue.) Possible camera for businesses?

2. Traffic: speed, red-light violations, stop signs, left turns, congestion. Traffic Hotline (310) 937-6605.

3. Parking: cars for sale, 2-hour limits, private property, 72-hour limits, street sweeping, Abandoned Vehicle Hotline (310) 318-0638.

4. Transients: streets, library, parks.

5. Gangs: "North Side" not just NRB, Lawndale, ... Demographics 16 - 25 trend.

Crime mapping: maps.redondo.org/crimeviewcommunity/.


Clark: Building project progressing - parking area opened to provide relief for on-street parking.

Mike M.: BID for Riviera Village in 2nd year -- landscaping; coming identity banners.

1-13-2005 NRBBA Notes

Ernie (City Treasurer), Mike Gin (Mayoral Candidate), Paul (RBCC), Don (City Councilman), Dick, Tom, John P. (City Councilman, LAAFB Regional Alliance), Mike Diehr (PD), Rob (City Rehab), Kathy, Gina (State Farm), Erin (City Lib), Jim T. (Lib Foundation), Tory Erikson (Candidate for City Attorney), (Yours truly).

John P.: Re Air Force base (AFB) support & retention, campaign throughout State, holding hearings, on bases and retention strategies used. The challenge is that [to some] a base "looks like an easy thing to move" but partnerships in area collocated [so a broader resource & expertise issue]. Argument has been going on for years, e.g. 1988 round. Tough sell with those who say "an engineer is an engineer (anywhere)." Boeing's saga with the Space Shuttle Support relocation is a case in point: a small percent moved ... then the shuttle disaster, where Houston's engineers decided to ignore the advice of senior engineers in Huntington Beach regarding an indication from a simulation program. So, some responsibilities being transferred back to Huntington Beach. [Timeline for BRAC: May ... October for decision.] Several cities/states spending $millions to argue relocation to their area. [John's been so busy with the LAAFB Regional Alliance, that he has had no time to mount a campaign for Mayor. Bob Pinzler discusses the critical nature of the LAAFB in his "On Local Government: Where's Ahhnold" column in the 1-20-2005 issue of the Easy Reader.]

Mike (PD): Only one other CBO at Pier. Kingsdale & Artesia fatal accident -- Sheriff's jurisdiction. Re day laborer situation, a court-ordered restriction was placed on any further action by City. Citizens Police Academy #28 coming again. Pacific Tire situation with transients.

Dick: All (store-front) glass etched again, again. Q: What else going on? ... Mike: Will check. Periods of activity over years. An officer being assigned specifically for graffiti. Ernie: Maybe surveillance equipment might help. Mike: Tagers vs. gang; sometimes high school students.

Jim T.: Checking on Springfest planning. Donation cans for businesses. State grant not received. Recommitted to effort, hope will have raised over $500K soon. Original target $1M. Without state grant ... if need to raise entire amount, keep going. Newsletter started, mainly for internal coordination. Tom: $5K contributed last year by NRBBA.

Rob: Most calls for commercial rehab are for glass (etching damage). [Examples.] Mike: Please call, so can be documented by officer or volunteer. Ernie: Coordinate with SRO's (re tager ID). Mike: Re what can be done with kid, parents, drivers license retraction, judge's.

Paul: Candidate Forum at Council Chambers & Library all day February 8 (click here for more info). January 20 Network Cafe.

Kathy: High School 100th 1905-2005 Celebration. "Big Day" June 25 -- all-day event. Websites. [Described venue plans.] Posters handed out. See www.ruhsalumni.org.

Don: Riviera Village BID (Business Improvement District) and improvements, before Council for renewal last December. Wasn't full year but first steps underway. Mostly beautification. Public hearing required. No protests this year. Council approved 2nd year of BID. MB's BID had $ increase -- "true value." Paul: BID February 17 meeting. Ernie: [Details of cost/business.]

Don: Re holiday lights, NRBBA's offer to buy & City put up/down -- estimated 3 full days, cost estimate $6700. City put up banners at least.

[Discussion of Artesia median plants & City flowers -- maintenance. Former Mayor Lou Garcia's support/priority.]

Tom: Will be 68 at the end of month. After 25 years, stepdown -- someone else take the [NRBBA] "helm." Ernie (former NRBBA president 20 years ago): ... founded in 1979 re focus on power line undergrounding. Latest focus was CalTrans Artesia Relinguishment. "Grow organization around an issue."

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