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12-11-2008 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: April, Sheila, Kathy, Pat M, Mitch, Jawad (presiding for Clark), Pat A, Vivian, Erin, Ernie, Bruce (local resident), Rob; Ian and Andy, Kelly; Don, (Yours truly).

Handouts: Veterans Memorial Task Force brochure - new version, Statement of Cash Flow October 1 - November 30, 2008.

Rob: Clark's place in progress. Redondo Lock & Key glazing & film; South Bay Aquatics ... HR: Wheel chair landing for veteran in NRB with VA for chair & lift ~$5K. HP: Landing for above lift. DPL: 3 more loans in line despite small budget, some for heating - cracked fireboxes.

Ian: Andrew (Andy) Sartor: CBO projects Neighborhood Watch & Citizens Academy. Ian (re "Business Watch"): 60 people attended Crime Prevention meeting at City Hall. Learned things about identifying & preventing crime -- apply to businesses, e.g., structural (design of buildings & stores), public vs. private space -- visual or partition, deter transients. Re graffiti -- big arrest in SRB; will be new anti-G officer in January. Discussion about Citizens Academy program: drills, simulator, procedures. Possible ordinance regarding businesses and blight cleanup. City Council agenda email signup (EZine) -- PD added new items, e.g., Part I crimes, etc. Kathy: 911 incident on her cell phone and where routed ... vs. land line; so, reason to call local PD dispatch. Jawad: Got 3 counterfeit $50 bills ... [discussion]. Neighborhood Watch signs available re upcoming meetings.

Don: Treasurer's report handout -- no activity since last meeting.

Jawad: Holiday banners & lights up on Artesia -- lights on some blocks not working. Banner vendor choice to be reconsidered.

Kathy: SpringFest (April 16-19) flyers & posters still in the works -- O' Entertainment takes January off; so, getting things planned in advance still important.

Erin: NRB Library old building being taken down for new construction: last day open January 31. New Library plan ~18 months.

Ernie: New version of VMTF brochure. Also see videos: Introduction and Site Overview. Discussion of ideas to get more businesses to attend NRBBA meetings.

Pat A: March election: UUT (Utility Users Tax) on ballot which changes language (vs. rate) which may impact other items in future UUT's, e.g., VOIP. State budget "hits" -- will see how shapes City budget.

11-13-2008 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, April (new), Mitch, Don, Jawad (presiding for Clark), Marna, Starr, Rob, Ernie, Herb, Pat M, Kelly; Sheila, Mansour, (Yours truly).

Handouts: Southern California Slack Key Festival 1/18/2009 - flyer, Seaside Ice 2008 - coupon, Veterans Memorial Task Force - brochure

Jawad: Springfest planning ... Taste of Artesia later '09.

Don: Treasurer's report - see Cash Flow Summary handout. Working on paperwork (501C) with State.

Rob: CR: Lock 'n Key - anti-g film; Clark Adams glazing & plaster; SB Aquatics meet with re ... . HP & ER: Continue with house, e.g., disabled vet wheelchair lift & grab bar. DPL: Loan re kitchen remodel; new loan this month. CR # calls down (with economy) but funding low anyway - next year will see. Development across street (WattCommunities Condos) got new financing - some workmen on site. Jawad: Q re business banners (vs. signage). Rob ... Kathy: "Sign police" bulletin. Ernie: Regulations ... ordinance ... permit ... 30 days ... twice / year. Jawad: Re promotions in this economy ... Pat M: Re "human directionals" (sign holders) ... [discussion].

Don: Today big quake preparedness exercise day. Big drill at Galleria, for example.

Jawad: Banners & lights on Artesia. Sheila: Tim Shay said power on 1st week November; City will put up lights. Don: Still trying to contact company who put up banners last year.

Springfest '09 in April: Kathy: draft flyer with coupons in progress ... sponsor banners for stage backdrop ... kids stage Saturday professional talent (like last year) but Sunday will be local talent; 2 non-profit booths; local vendors get discount. Sheila: Fire Dept fund raiser will be following week (after Springfest). Kathy: Possible chili entry? ... Kathy: Health Dept (permit) covered by NRBBA. Starr: Health Dept checklist in advance? Mitch: Hawaiian SlackKey concert January 18 ( & July) possible booth swap, email blast? Kathy: Stage time? Handout noted above.

Jawad: Ernie & Herb - Vet's Memorial presentation (see video).

Pat A: Seaside Lagoon ice rink 8-week program $150K with City in for ~$100K so far. Sheila handed out $2 Off coupon noted above.

April: Volunteer for Springfest ...

Mitch: See handout for concert noted above.

Marna: Dates ... South Bay Association of Chambers of Commerce (SBACC) Mixer re Air Force base - November 18 at Performing Arts Center 5:30 pm RSVP required. Seaside Ice opening November 19 (see RBCC Newsletter or Web site). November 19 RBCC Membership Appreciation Dinner RSVP 5:30 - 7:30 pm at King Harbor Yacht Club. December 2 City Tree Lighting 5:30 pm. December 17 Regional CC Mixer. January '09 State of the City. Sheila: December 22 at Galleria, Senior Craft Fair 9:30 am - ... see banner across Inglewood Ave.

Don: South Bay Council of Governments (SBCOG) Holiday Light Exchange via SCE.com (exchange incandescent strings for LED ones).

10-9-2008 NRBBA Notes (from Kathy's minutes - yours truly away)

Attendees: ...

NRBBA Minutes October 9, 2008

  • Meeting called to order at 8:05 am
  • Flag Salute
  • Introductions
  • Minutes: M/S/A approved minutes of 9/11/08
  • Treasurer's report: (Don excused) report to be filed, balances as of August 31st = Checking $2,121.47, Savings $4,867.46

Rob Hall - window glazing work ongoing. Other programs all on track.

CPO: Discussion about graffiti problems. Discussion of the problems in the area of Bogeys. This Saturday will be Steve Diehls monthly community meeting, police chief will attend.

Detective Leonard Jordan gave a presentation on counterfeit bills and bad checks.

President's report: Sheila is going to meet with Tim Shay about getting the lights up. She will report to Clark. Don is still trying to connect with the banner folks about scheduling. We must wait until the performing arts center puts up their holiday show banners. We are going to table the discussions about the artesia dining project until after Springfest. Springfest is coming along in the planning. Discussion about the revamped chili cook-off. Discussion about the possibility of a 5K run with the Ed Foundation.

Pat Aust -Discussion about the car show at the Lobsterfest, the upcoming Seaside Lagoon Ice rink, the ordinance concerning no smoking at our parks and beaches, the George Freeth bust and the fire dept's new thermal imaging machines.

Chamber - Discussion about Lobsterfest (accounting still going on). Announced various upcoming events - network mixer, event at Veteran's Library on 10/15, the State of the City on 2/17, a candidate's forum on 1/15 and business success workshops.

  • Ernie announced the Veteran's Day ceremonies to be held at Veteran's Park. Also discussed his ideas on the current stock market situation and some ideas on what to do.
  • Library - Puttin' on the Ritz will be held 10/25. North branch project coming along.
  • Sheila will talk to Tim Shay.
  • Rotary is having a Casino Night in March - details to follow.
  • Mansour talked about the passing of Marilyn White. The NRBBA will make a donation to the Library Foundation in her name. Kathy will send a card to the family.

Next general meeting will be Thursday Nov 13, 2008 at 8 am. Meeting adjourned at 9:25 am. Respectfully submitted by: Kathy Swift 11/04/08.

9-11-2008 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Mitch Chang (Hawaiian show producer, Performing Arts Center), Ben Larson (NASE), Kathy, Don, Pat A., Alex, Sheila, Don, John P., Clark, Erin, Pat; Ernie, Jawad, Mansour; Ian, (Yours truly).


Don: (Treasurer's report): bank change to end-of-month reporting; no changes other than that note.

Clark: Executive meeting on Tuesday - re holiday banners. Don summarized last year's arrangement. Clark to proceed. SpringFest: Kathy: more local participation - events & re-branded. Chili cook-off, DJ & bands Fri & Sat for high school students; classic car show (?); January promo materials (vs. March); RB business booths directly via NRBBA (vs. O Productions). Mansour: comment on SpringFest dates - in past in March (vs. April) re attendance.

Ian: Working on responding to graffiti from marketing company that stenciled on Aviation Blvd for a new film. October 5 Public Safety Fair. Citizen Police Academy coming - a 12-week program. Note Public Safety Commission 3rd Monday of each month. Pat: re burglary that turned into robbery - did catch 1 guy (later 2 more via video). Ian: "Trust your gut" - see something suspicious, report / call.

Pat A.: Coming up: Saturday 10am at City Hall dedication of 911 Memorial; LobsterFest, car show September 28. Don: Question re "Redondo Harbor" website vs. "King Harbor" branding - comments by Pat A., John P., Ernie, Don.

Mansour: Question re median maintenance schedule - frequency; status of holiday lights. Question re NRB promotion ... "a basket of help" for stores ... discussion of past & new ideas & in-progress (see prior meeting notes).

John P.: Chamber's LobsterFest "Lobster Feed" table? October 1 Partners in Education "State of School District" night 6:30 @ Main Library. "Tall Ships" in October. "Putting on the Ritz" October 25. "Power of Art" October 17-19 -- see www.redondobeachartgroup.org.

Kathy: RUHS alumni calendars $5 - scholarships fund-raiser.

8-14-2008 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Clark, Jawad, Don, Pat, Pat A., Matt, Stan, Rob, Ernie, Marna, Ian, Sheila; Jim, (Yours truly).

Don: Statement of Cash Flow handout.

Rob: Start new fiscal year - 4 projects: Expo Cleaners, So Bay Aquatic, Lock & Key, Clark Adams - glazing, cleaning, ... Other programs ... DPL - last 2 months 4 projects finished - remodels; 2 more 80-90% done.

CPO (Ian): Former Castle Golf 3 lots new vendor (~12 months) tractor trailer storage company - so hopefully cleanup re hangout & graffiti - a couple caught. Discussion re accountability, parents, follow-up. Upcoming training workshops, e.g., bad checks, in planning. Status re George Freeth statue theft - see Easy Reader August 14, 2008, p.22. Re business trespass, e.g., with transients, on property after hours, PD can act.

Wattcommunities.com development across street on hold due to financing. Matt: City working with developer for security but other action unclear.

Clark: Planning for holiday lights, e.g., re City electrical - some median sections okay, some not. Planning "Taste of Artesia" event in a few months - format, funding, day of week.

Matt: North Branch Library with City staff: designs, options & details. Q re Easy Reader article on Ben & City: Pat A.: Personnel matter so a few months. Matt: Met with Harbor Commission - historical data review, process & #'s, audit committee, budget process certification possible goal. Pat A.: Issue of how $ reported. Matt: Direction (trend) of $ and Harbor development.

Clark: Q re article re Building a Better Redondo wording (in Petition). Initiative sections re legal challenge & standing in toto.

Sheila, Pat, Marna discussion re representatives from Chinese city visiting later this month as part of exchange for last > 20 years.

Pat A.: Another community outreach meeting re RV (oversized) vehicle parking: August 20 at - see City's site. Issue to revisit regulation on own property. 2007 Torrance survey found 1800 spots within 20 miles but long waiting lists for only ~50 spots available actually, and expensive.

Marna: Regional Family Mixer coming August 28 5:30-7:30 pm - restaurant food samples, kids activities - see Chamber's site. September 26-28 Lobster Festival with Dive 'n Surf as primary sponsor with new areas. New seafood banquet for community groups ($800-1000/table). Pete Moffat producer (he did 4th July event). "Celebrity bar tenders" at Lobster Fest - community faces (as in past) - need volunteers from City, organizations.

Pat A.: Sunday Sept 28 "Rods, Rides, Relics" re '70 cars show 10 am - 3 pm on Pier (cars by invitation only).

Erin: Summer Reading Program concluded. Galleria donating 1% of gift card sales on August 30.

Jim: Rotary (which meets Wed's noon at Blue water Grill) Literacy Breakfast collecting school supplies.

Stan: AQMD conference "The Future Is Green" Conference Sept 14-16 handout.

Sheila: Woman's Club October 11 @ Clean Waterfront Redondo Festival fund-raiser @ Seaside Lagoon - need business food donations, etc. (tax deductible).

7-10-2008 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, John P., Vivian (First Federal Bank), Clark, Don, Matt, Sheila, Jawad, Pat, CPO, Erin; Stan, Ernie, Jim, (Yours truly).

Don (new treasurer): Received boxes of records from Starr; will setup general ledger; last tax return 2001 & will catch up -- goal to restore non-profit filing.

CPO: ... at B.E.R.T. (Business Emergency Response Training (ala C.E.R.T.) meeting -- discussion of training approach. Graffiti contract approved by Council. Kathy: Orange seals being stenciled on sidewalks ...

Clark: Quick survey re meeting topics and priorities. What subjects would you like addressed at our general meetings? (Bad checks, counterfeiting, ...) What would you like the NRBBA to direct its attention and funding towards? (Beautification, holiday decorations, security, graffiti, ...)

Matt: ... discussion of permits, processing and new codes that impact cost. Comments by Clark, Don. Community workshop re "oversized vehicles" / RV parking on streets was mostly attended by RV owners. (There's already an ordinance re living in RVs.) Set-back issue for when on property / driveway; locations for RV storage & fees -- RV owners concerned about security; related to "5th wheel" ordinance.

Ernie: (As noted in newspapers) the AES lawsuit was vacated / settled -- "nobody won."

Erin: N Branch Lib architect's contract approved by Council.

Stan: AQMD leaf-blower program for businesses is available. (1) SB1646 Clean Fuels bill -- needs support -- on Governor's desk. See http://nrbba.digivideoplus.com/organizations/AQMD/SCAQMDclean_fuels.pdf. (2) The Marine Vessel Emissions Reduction Act of 2007 (Federal bill) needs support -- reduces toxic emissions from domestic and foreign ocean-going ships calling at all U.S. ports and marine terminals beginning Dec. 31, 2010 by switching from "bunker fuel" to low-sulfur fuel. See http://www.aqmd.gov/news1/2007/marineportbillPR.html.

Kathy: RUHS Alumni Association scholarship fund-raiser calendar ad's -- NRBBA, etc., available.

Jim: Rotary International "Read by 9" collected over 1/4 million books. His shop doing FREE car checks.

Matt: Getting together bike path sponsorship a la "adopt a highway."

Vivian: Promoting 4.16% liquid checking at bank.

Sheila: Woman's Club mixer July 17 5-7pm at clubhouse.

Jawad: 7-Eleven (store chain) celebrates 81 years old on July 11 with FREE Slurpee drinks. See http://www.7-eleven.com/NewsRoom/HotDogItsNationalSlurpDay/tabid/260/Default.aspx.

6-12-2008 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, John, Don, Marna, Alex (Midnight Mattress), Ben, Rob, Sheila, Erin, Pat, Clark, Starr, Kelly; Jawad, Ernie, Samer (Redondo Tobacco), CPO, (Yours truly).

Elections: candidate statements ...

Starr: Post Office bill ... balances ... Clark needed to cover $3K for SpringFest insurance due to delay in O' Productions check. Check ratifications.

Rob: CR fiscal '08-'09 - 4 applications: Expo Design, So Bay Aquatics, Clark Adams, Civic Light Opera - completes budget. HP - reached goal '07-'08 - waiting new funding July. DPL - 5 loans active, 2 waiting; in 1978 100% (Fed) block grant, 40% now, so rest City/State dependent.

CPO: Riviera Village counterfeit $50 bills - watch out. Graffiti contractor temp - June 17 proposal to Council - so cleanup awaits for any Hotline reports. 2518 Artesia new wine wholesaler relocated from MB. Re graffiti - discussion about accountability.

Clark: Net $2763 for SpringFest. John P.: election results: President Clark, VP Jawad, Treasurer Don, Secretary Kathy. Plaque for Clark's service on RBCC Board for NRBBA.

Ben: Ben's leaving July 25 to return to grad school MBA.

Ernie: Telecomm UUT discussion coming re City budget. Note: City Council June 17 agenda item: trash/waste rate increases. Comments from Ernie, Don, Clark, CPO (who was formerly in father's garbage business).

Marna: Community Core Services meetings (CERT, VIP, etc.) - interested in doing CERT-like program for businesses.

Erin: Next Council meeting NB Lib contract on agenda. Summer Library programs starting: "Catch the Reading Bug." October 25 fund-raiser at Veterans Park old library.

Sheila: Went to Economic Development Conference - asked re NRB BID progress. Clark: BID hard sell at this time due to economy; keep awareness going, develop understanding. Marna: Need real, actual businesses engaged for benefit, common vision.

5-8-2008 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Rob, Ernie, Erin, Sheila, Ben, Pat, Stan, Kathy, Starr, Don, Pat A., Clark, Jawad, CPO Miesn; Steve D., (Yours truly).

Starr: CD, savings, checking balances. #1126, 1127 checks - inquiry re auto coverage from savings. #1128, 1129 ratify. IRS letter - discuss at exec meeting.

Rob: CR all $ earmarked for current projects ... next year (July) So Bay Aquatics, Expo Cleaners. HPP doing labor intensive stuff. DPL 5 loans ... Block grant funding declining, so redev $ more important. Clark - factor in his business' expansion plan.

CPO: Thanks for 10x10' booth at SpringFest (see photos). Alcohol & Beverage Commission - class to 48 employees throughout RB last week - admin responsibilities and possible criminal consequences - so proactive. Graffiti - temp contractor while bid out. G-film good idea. Work with schools in progress. Typical age 16-17 ... > 40 sq ft ($400) a felony. (Mobile) skate park exciting at Perry Park. 5 community meetings in May - info & needs assessment in each Council district - see web site. Business Watch - anyone interested in organizing - grass roots basis. Former "Castle Golf" area off Marine - hangout issue being worked. Saturday K-9 Trials and RBFD Open House.

Kathy: SpringFest ... some discussion re next year planning.

Clark: Elections ... next meeting ... candidates ... treasurer (Don), president (Clark), secretary (Kathy), VP (Ernie) ...

Ben: New Economic Development Council - business training for City staff re business development & planning - streamlining (ala customer management system).

Steve D.: Anti-no-growth group met and raising $ - "RB Citizens against Flawed Initiative" (web site?). Prop's 98 & 99 comments ... . Council rezoned Pier area - back in compliance & some development interest already.

Sheila: Woman's Club fund-raiser went well. See video.

Erin: New Lib flyers.

Pat: Chamber installation June 6, with John P. new chair.

4-10-2008 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Clark, Rob, Pat A. (Council), Sheila, Stan (AQMD), Kelly (Artesia Associates), Kathy, Officers Miesen & Brandes, Pat, Steve D. (Council), Jim, Marna; Mansour, Starr, Ernie, Phyllus, (Yours truly).

Rob: CR finishing 2207 Artesia, Cars Mufflers & Brakes finishing - will complete budget for year. MA out of budget. DPL 5 loans going.

CPO Miesen: Booth at Springfest. Vehicle burglary handout - business help distributing, e.g., with each pizza, each shopping bag. Business alert network (BAN) - email list. Liquor stores & bars - alcohol use/abuse orientation program (to prevent citations). Brandes: graffiti contractor quitting; so, new bid going out in a few weeks. Steve D.: "Business Neighborhood Watch" concept kick-off help. Pat A.: CERT program for businesses.

Pat A.: Council meeting re Harbor zoning regarding redevelopment; opposing initiative. Sewer fees increases ... 16% of property taxes to City < 25% of City budget.

Steve D.: NRB sales tax generator "subsidizes" SRB - water front needs to be revitalized.

Clark: Springfest flyer, poster. Kathy: Booths (vendor, community) ... Chili Cookoff "glitch" $160 Health Department fee/entrant.

Stan: AQMD "Clean Air Congress" flyer. Clean Fuels Program legislation SB1646 - support to maintain program, i.e., remove "sunset" provision.

3-13-2008 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Ben, Don, Sheila, Helen (Louis' Burgers), CPO Miesen, Jawad (new), Kathy, Erin (Lib), Jim, Starr, Clark, Mansour, John P., Pat, Rob, Phylus, Marna, (Yours truly).

Starr: T's report: CD, checking, savings, petty cash summary; check ratification. Fiscal year ends June 30. Auditing almost complete - last item is Conte Productions (from SpringFest 2 years ago).

Rob: ... out of country last month - 3rd day back ... Artesia: Salvation Army complete, Cars Mufflers & Brakes glazing, ... former Framed Openings starting construction, Beauty Lounge application, as well as Coldwell Banker. HPP going smoothly DPL progress ...

Ben: BID flyer ... City Newsletter (quarterly) - this year NRB highlighted in current issue [see cover "Discover Artesia Boulevard, inside cover "Come Shop Artesia Boulevard," page 3 "What Is the North Redondo Beach Business Association," page 5 "Discover the Diversity that Awaits You on Artesia Boulevard.," and back cover "SpringFest."] Don: Status of building across street? Ben: Progressing ...

CPO: ~2 years with RBPD, replaced CPO Diehr; added 2nd CPO (Jason Brandes) to address graffiti. Report, document, catch, testify (court). > $400 is felony, < $400 misdemeanor - change to cumulative. Spray cans lock up, e.g., at Home Depot. Some business codes require removal within 48 hours. Working to eliminate duplicate reports. Some new night digital camera systems helping. Transients issue: Artesia, Aviation, even near City Hall. Program $ problem state level & down.

Marna: Business Conference today "Branding Your Business" @ Crowne Plaza 1pm. Installation June 6.

Clark: Attended State of City breakfast - upbeat tone by Mayor. SpringFest layout ... booths ... police/fire issues resolved. This year chili cookoff - need 25 participants ... City departments, organizations: 20 gallons (donated), no entry fee, $ from samples to NRBBA fundraiser. Classic cars area. Beer garden. Local business / vendor fee (for booth)? - 'O' Productions.

Sheila: RBFD Community Spaghetti Dinner sponsored by Women's Club of RB - raise $ for thermal imaging cameras: Saturday April 26 4-8pm $10 @ Historical Club House 400 S. Broadway. [She handed out flyer package.]

Erin (Lib): Flyers - see Web site for more info.

Clark: BID in "block by block outreach" stage.

Don: ... ballot petition for term limits ...

2-14-2008 NRBBA Minutes

NRBBA Minutes February 14, 2008
  • Meeting called to order at 8:06 am
  • Flag Salute
  • Approval of minutes - 01/11/078 M/S/A
  • Treasurer's report: Ratified check #1124. Received and filed report for audit.
  • Police report: unavailable

President's report:

  • Discussion about BID meeting and mailing. Asked for block captains to personally discuss the BID and doing the mailing as a follow-up.
  • Springfest City meeting will be the end of Feb. Update on events at our March meeting. NRBBA will get a table at the State of the City Breakfast - Feb 25th. Anyone wanting to attend, please contact Kathy to get on the list.
  • Discussion about the upcoming Parks & Rec booklet, all info to be in City hands no later than Tuesday Feb 19th.
  • Discussion about the City fee waivers, what we want and the procedure. Discussion about possible events for Artesia Blvd -'Tasting of N.R.'

Steve Diehls - discussed the construction project on Artesia and Green, the reasons they are stopping construction.

Chamber - Marna discussed the campaign to stop the no-growth initiative. Discussed the Economic Development Group - meets at 3pm on 3rd Tuesday at City Hall.

Library - announced the various programs and classes currently being offered by the library.

Sheila - discussed the upcoming 'gently used' sale at the Women's Club and requested donations of articles.

Next general meeting will be Thursday March 13th, 2008 at 8 am
Meeting adjourned at 9:25 am.
Respectfully submitted by: Kathy Swift 03/01/08

1-10-2008 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Paul, Don, Pat, Stan (AQMD), Mansour, Erin (Lib), Sheila, Ben (City), Ernie, Rob (City), Sadhna (First Federal Bank)*, Clark, Pat A. (Council), David (Artesia Locksmith); Steve D. (Council), (Yours truly).

* Sidhna offered conference room at her bank for NRBBA meetings when new Lib under construction.

In memory of Dick Hyde: remembrances. See Easy Reader story.

Kathy: (For Starr) - no checks in December. Minutes approved.

Rob: New contract anti-graffiti & glazing. New business at former Framed Openings - a mattress company. Contemporary Lifestyles signage. DPL - 4 bids in but funds may not be enough to cover loans. HP & MA on target. Clark: Redondo Glass moving west on blvd.

BID flyer discussion: Mansour: more info, more time to introduce notion (flyer may convey "fast track" impression) ... more education ... more businesses involved in this phase. Ernie: Yes, cover letter "hook" and example of RVA [maybe]; and process is [long] A - Z not [just] A - C. Mansour: Walking blvd at least 3 times; face-to-face. Issue of property owners. Ben: Re "flyer," designed not as [targeted] flyer - preliminary, general without geographic specifics. Pat A.: Presentation in person [vs. "cold" mailing]. (Discussion continued ... ran out of time.)

Paul: Spring Fest April 24-27. Thursday preview night. Saturday noon Opening Ceremony and Chili Cookoff.

Kathy: State of City Monday, February 25, 2008 7:30 a.m. - NRBBA table? - contact Kathy or Clark.

Discussion: Banners, hanging hardware missing from some poles. Keep [holiday] lights up?

Ben: New business tools on City's Web site.

Steve D., Pat A. (Council): ... [Re BID, etc.] Council more inclined to help someone / organization already helping themselves.

12-13-2007 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Clark, Rob, Ben, Sheila, Erin, Ernie, Kathy, Don, John P., Pat, Mansour; Steve D., Jim, Kelly (Artesia Assoc's).


(Based on minutes submitted by Kathy Swift)

  • NRBBA Minutes December 13, 2007
  • Meeting called to order at 8:05 am.
  • Minutes (not available)
  • Treasurer's report: Ratification of check # 1123, report left by Starr to be rec'd & filed. [Kathy's proxy report - ratify checks: SpringFest, banner permit. Balances: checking, savings, CD. Holiday lights purchased; Clark talking with Tim Shay; Joe L. - said wrap tree trunks, said might be electrical issue due to last median work - different sections on/off as result.]
  • Police report: unavailable.

President's report discussed the street lights (they look good!) and things to consider for next season. Cost - approx $3800. There were some electrical hookup challenges. Need to check with the South Bay Consortium about swapping for LED lights. [Clark said Dick in poor health, in hospital.] [Clark doing work on his property; talked with Anita at City Hall - explained parking lot.]

BID progress - Ben did update to BID flyer, following Ernie's email on subject. "BID Presence." Sent to Clark who will print out 100 copies for the mailing scheduled at first of year. Pat Mooney will update the NRBBA brochure and forward it to Clark for printing. Also, a reminder to Clark to submit check request for color cartridges.

  • Rob Hall gave an update on his programs (Commercial Rehab, Handyperson Program, Deferred Payment Loan Program). [CR: Salvation Army signage; Car Mufflers & Brakes - glazing, anti-G; Framed openings - unclear. HPP: Landing wheelchair ramp. DPL: 4 bids before holidays.] [Mansour thanked Rob for glazing repair & G-removal. Clark said ditto - good response from City.]
  • Ben Ganger discussed the Economic Summit meeting. This year's focus was transit (last year's was the Harbor). Power Point slides on City's web site. [Don said he's been to all 3 summits - so, vision of what to look at, e.g., Harbor zoning; Galleria Transit area; transit near Northrop Grumman - work program for years to come. Steve re Economic Summit said good material but mostly City & Chamber staff. City NB Lib funding committed. "Condo's" on Aviation are commercial (vs. SW corner of Artesia & Aviation). John P. re Econ Summit - feedback - subject? More interesting subject or timely schedule.]
  • Chamber - not available.
  • John Parson talked about the Anderson Senior Center Luncheon.
  • Library - need a place to temporarily house the library during construction. Discussion of the 'green' design elements for the new Library.
  • Don Szerlip - involved with the MTA. Has been nominated to serve on the Sector Council. [Don discussed 26 mile rail line from harbor to Metro station in LA - underutilized after Alameda Corridor developed. Possible multi-use. Ernie: issue with revenue / taxes for RB rail corridor development. Steve: Feasibility public / private partnership. Ernie: shortfall in our return from Fed / State gas taxes - our fair share. Don: Also north & south CA split.]
  • Ernie O'Dell discussed the need to review the budget and look for the funding for the Library [factor in increased operating cost]. He wants to review the Economic Summit topics [some were focused on regional transit, e.g., rail; perhaps future more on RB per se needs to go - stay vibrant.]. Interested in bringing the RB groups together - more cohesive ["dissected community" with fractured groups - seek more cohesive, inclusive. Harbor getting attention due to blight & redevelopment].
  • [Pat: Old tire store (triangle area) near Hawthorne & Artesia - coming Walgreens.]
  • [Jim: Collecting "Reading by 9" books for big Rotary conference in June.]
  • Next general meeting will be Thursday Jan 10th, 2008 at 8 am.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:15 am.
  • Respectfully submitted by: Kathy Swift 01/07/08

11-8-2007 NRBBA Notes



(Based on minutes submitted by Kathy Swift)

  • NRBBA Minutes November 8, 2007
  • Meeting called to order at 8:10 am.
  • Minutes from 10/11/07 - M/S/Approved.
  • Treasurer's report: Ratification of check #'s 1121 (petty cash) & 1122 (City of RB), report received and filed.
  • Police report: unavailable.

President's report - update on Springfest activities, including information that Hennessey's will handle the beer garden for Sat & Sun - need to check up on the costs/profits. Clark purchased some sample lights for the Blvd. Discussion about which ones to purchase, City contacts, where to display them, etc. Clark will contact Tim Shea.

BID update. Committee met and has set up a three pronged plan: #1 create a flyer to mail to businesses with the NRBBA brochure - plan to mail right after the holidays.

Presentation on the sewer fees by Mike Shay - RB Engineering Dept. Spoke on the fee history and the proposed fee schedule. There will be another presentation to the council Dec 4th. Check website for details.

  • Rob Hall gave a status report on his City programs and the 7 completed projects.
  • Ben Ganger is working on our BID flyer. He also discussed the 3rd Annual Economic Development Summit Meeting. Reservations may be made through the Chamber. $50 includes breakfast and lunch.
  • Chamber was asked by the City to review the capital management fee schedule and the listened to the Chambers comments. Chamber is pleased by the Council's response. Feb 20th will be the State of the City Breakfast.
  • Library - Council noted that the library construction is a priority; they need to look into funding. Thanks to everyone helping to make the 'Puttin on the Ritz' a success.
  • Next general meeting will be Thursday Dec 13th, 2007 at 8 am.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:30 am.
  • Respectfully submitted by: Kathy Swift 12/01/07.

10-11-2007 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Erin, Marilyn*, Arnette, Dick, Don, Steve D., Kathy, Ben, John P., Sheila, Starr, Rob, Mansour, Gwendolyn (City), Jacqueline, Ernie, Mike D.

Starr: CD ~$35K, savings ~$7K, checking $758; one check for petty cash: now $182.02 will finish tax statement when get bank statements ~$3500 net income last year.

*Marilyn: South Bay Energy Saving Center: [handed out package] - education grant from PUC; free bathroom fixtures upgrade program -- Steve D. did his business.

Dick: Bus bench near his business destroyed by serious car accident.

Mike D.: PD Safety Fair (Mansour donated some pizza). New demo's: motorcycle, SWAT. Graffiti: 2 CBO's, one assigned to crime mapping daily contact, Graffiti Hotline on patrol & work with volunteers. New CBO in January 15. Graffiti bust 2 kids; taggers compensation still issue - Mansour question re restitution. Mike - done through courts; so, .... Dick: (History ...) waiting ... long wait if at all. John P.: (comments re attorney's office).

John P.: (1) North Branch Lib facility - chasing inflation & costs - Lib Foundation asking City for placement in capital projects list. October 23 City Council meeting - attend. (2) Harbor Dept zoning proposal for October 30 Planning Commission meeting - conformity with General Plan. (3) RUHS Homecoming Friday 5-7pm tailgate party.

Ernie/Dick/Steve: Holiday Lights - City committed, yes (according to City Manager). Don: Holiday Banners option; he'll investigate more. Ernie/Steve: Lights/banners - take the (arbitrary) $5K and do it! - coordinate with City that lights appropriate. City contact: Sylvia, Tim.

Ernie: BID handout - hypothetical sketch of a $ profile plan. "Eating the whale" metaphor - not simple process, but not impossible.

Rob: C Rehab - 6 projects pending - etched glass. Also signage / sign improvements. DPL - wheel chair lift & lift at house; one bid complete - pad & ... to help.

Ben: New department head Gwendolyn.

Erin (Lib): ~$6k from Dolphin Dash. Fund Raiser October 27 "Putting on the Ritz."

Steve: Introduced Stan Miles, South Coast AQMD. Fees - business & sewer fees - see Easy Reader. Capital projects meeting October 23. School Bond coming. Economic Forecast meeting October 31. Signal Sync - South Bay Council of Governments - PCH not part of County (CalTrans), Artesia, 190th, Torrance Blvd. Business Neighborhood Watch action - Kathy info.

Don: Construction on 190th started but Torrance not ready on their side. One lane with delays.

Jacqueline: Working on graffiti restitution / community service - in process to get grant.

9-13-2007 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: (Yours truly absent)

(Based on minutes submitted by Kathy Swift 10-5-2007)

  • Meeting called to order at 8:10 am.
  • Reviewed minutes from 08/09/07.
  • Minutes approved.
  • Presentation of plaque by Clark Adams to Tom Fouts' family – various members contributed Memories of Tom.

Treasurer's report:

  • Starr is working on finding the missing bank statements and assorted paperwork.
  • Ratification of check #’s 116 – 120.
  • Report received and filed.


John Mate discussed the Bike Path – members voiced concerns and suggestions.

Jackie Nason presented a program offering to assist with evaluating prospective employees. She will have handouts at next meeting.

Sheila discussed the upcoming Dolphin Dash at Lobsterfest (9/21 – 9/23). Also discussed the Library fundraiser "Puttin on the Ritz" 10/27. John Parsons discussed the possibility of the NRBBA purchasing a table.

John Parsons and Steve Diehls discussed appealing to the City Council during facilities discussions about finding more funds for the Library.

Police report: not available.

President's report: Update on Springfest (meeting with Roy Hasset and Paul Goldman 10/2).

City Programs: Rob Hall gave updates on projects.

Ben Ganger discussed BID Strategies.

Steve Diehls - discussed South Bay Energy Savings and holiday lights. He talked about the task force on recycling and the importance of public/private partnerships (example - the Dean Thomas batting cages).

Discussion on the possibility of this year's holiday decorations. Motion made to allocate up to $5000 for holiday lighting, contingent on the City putting them up and taking them down. Motion (Ernie), Second (Clark): approved. We will look into the costs of buying vs. leasing.

Chamber of Commerce – not available.

8-9-2007 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Ben & David (City), Clark, Marna (RBCC), Steve B., Don, Ernie, Jacqueline, (Yours truly); Starr, John P., Steve D. (Council), Dick.

Clark: Interest / nominees for City's "Housing & Traffic Study" group? - Don, John P.

Starr: No activity; so account balances + interest. Re state filing, Don volunteered his wife as (accounting) resource.

Steve: Re PD report, there was an armed robbery nearby in HB - concern for his operation and "Business Neighborhood Watch."

BID Basics II Presentation (David & Ben): Here's the PDF version of their PowerPoint file. State Law 1989. Self-assessment to augment City services. BID Board and (sponsoring) organization association - may be separate or related. In Riviera Village BID they are related. Assessment model can vary by type of business: zones. As well as benefit model can vary by zone and by year (time). If multi-zones, vote is overall result vs. zone (protest) tally. For Riviera Village, bill appears on business license bill. For rentals, property owner is business vs. owner-occupied condo's, etc. Involved if there's business license. "Equation" for possible Galleria role? Chamber-City Economic Development Council as a resource. Marketing before intent notice - 1st business contacts (should be) well before formal steps.

Steve D.: Bike path looks great. (Steve's an active bicycle rider.)

Kathy: Last opportunity for ads in RUHS calendar - Alumni Association fund-raiser. (Kathy also had a flyer for a "Families Helping Families 'Fun'd-raiser for two special kids" event on September 15 at Seaside Lagoon to benefit 2 kids recently diagnosed with leukemia.)

7-12-2007 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Matt (Council), Erin (Lib), Ben (City), Clark, John P., Pat, Dick, Anne (www.girlwalksdog.com), Don, Marna (RBCC), Ernie, (Yours truly).

Clark: Tom passed away yesterday. Dick: Plaque commemorating his long service in progress. (Card & donation basket passed around.)

Treasurer's Report; Starr: (Starr left paper report.) More conversations with CPA re billing. After SpringFest, quiet month. Scholarships in process.

Clark: New NRBBA brochure - passed out. BID "Wish List?" Core committee volunteers? - Kathy, Marna, ... John P.: Critical to get business owners participating. Kathy: Create possible benefit model first. John P.: Learn from (Mike Morales' ) Riviera Village effort. Clark: (re boundary model) showcase a section.

Ben: Last month seminar ~35 businesses. He's a resource, advocate for business -- not much contact from NRB businesses as yet. John P.: Where to get answers.

Matt: Kick-off for new bike path? October? John P.: Bike path signal safety comments. Matt: (comments) John P.: Possible presentation?

Marna: 12th Annual Lobster Festival September 21-23 - FREE SHUTTLE PARKING IS AVAILABLE on Saturday and Sunday only. Chambers Mixer August 23 at Seaside Lagoon. See the events calendar on Chamber's Web site.

Erin: Summer reading programs - Saturday here. Also October 27 dinner & dance fund-raiser.

Kathy: RUHS calendar (Alumni Association fund-raiser) - advertising opportunity - bottom banners for each month $100; middle sheet business cards ads $50 - see Steve Bopp's flyer. (Deadline August 15.)

John P.: 8 1/2 years ago (people asked him) "when find time" - now "what do with your time?" - on Library Foundation board - audit done so now can qualify for large business / foundation grants. Diels house tear-down fund-raiser in the works.

Don: Frustrated ... 99-cent shopping carts abandoned in neighborhood - store in Torrance, however. Submitted complaint on RB City's Web site.

Sheila: New Maui Wowi grand opening August.

Ernie: Bus bench cleaning "issue" still puzzling. Dick: Torrance cleans 'em. Matt: (comments re discharge form cleaning.)

6-14-2007 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Pat, Starr, Mark, Dick, Rob, Marilyn*, John P.*, Ben & Jacqueline (City), Clark, Mansour, Erin (Lib), Ernie, Don*, Kelly (Artesia Assoc's), (Yours truly); Sparkle. * Past Council member.

Clark called meeting to order at 8:04am. Minutes approved.

Treasurer's report: Balance CD $34,556,97. Interest & savings $4.53 so $6978.61. Check #1113 $300 to RBUSD; checking balance $2217.99. Petty cash $5.21 for IRS letter, $188.80 balance. '02 to present checks categorized; missing January '02 - May '02 check receipts (?).

Rob: Commercial Rehab RB Beauty awning; graphics soon. Aardvarks - anti-graffiti & glazing. Handi Person and Mobility Access good year. Deferred Payment Loan 3 new loan applicants; large project starting Monday.

Ben: June 28 at Main Lib Small Biz conference - capital lending, access to capital.

Dick: Median looks good. Artesia & McKay bus stop "miserable" - filthy - action for Public Works or Transit? Pressure washing runoff issue? Don: On City's Web site (link) referral/complaint page - see https://clients.comcate.com/newrequest.php?id=23

Clark: SpringFest 2008 dates: April 24 - 27. May 30th business lecture by Steven Little - NRBBA table there. Scholarship - 4 students picked.

Clark: Business Improvement District (BID) discussion: boundary model, assessment model, process, core committee, benefit model "wish list."

Erin: Next week Children's/Teen's/Adult Summer Reading Programs. See http://www.redondo.org/cals/library.asp

Jackie: Beach Cities One Stop - budget cut/reorganization - services. Need computers (donations) - almost any old computer will help. See http://www.redondo.org/depts/recreation/one_stop_employment_center/default.asp

Marilyn: North Library fund raiser event October 27 (?) "Putting on the Ritz." 67% children in North RB.

Pat: Holiday lights? - end of year plan?

Meeting adjourned at 9:05am.

5-10-2007 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Mark A., Pat, Clark, Paul, Marilyn, Ben (City), Kathy, Starr, Sheila, Dan T., Jacqueline D., Erin (Lib), Ernie, Mike S. (PD)*, (Yours truly).

Starr: Preparing SpringFest report. O's check $9029 + 3100 from booths = $12,129 - expenses = $10,976. CD earnings - SpringFest 5K into CD; 2000 into savings.

*Presentation: Brochure on ID Theft. Get lockable mailbox. # credit cards in wallet/purse? Credit check? - closing old card account - impact on credit vs. risk. Do not carry SS card. Shredder. Amount of info on (paper) checks. Healthcare services - still need improvement/new laws. School records - check by District policy. "Shelf life" issue. Application forms - "upon request."

RBCC Business Lecture - Wednesday May 30 - discounted price via NRBBA table.

Ben: Economic Development - Small Business Development Center (El Camino College) conference June 28 "Access to Capital" at Main Library.

Kathy: Re Phil - has leukemia, in hospital - chemo, bone marrow transplant (end of summer).

4-12-2007 NRBBA Notes

Mike, Paul, Kathy, Pat, Rob (City), Starr, Sheila, Dick, Clark, Sparkle & Maria, Ben, Mike S., & David (City), Erin (Lib), Don, Steve D., Marna (RBCC); [new] Mark, Debby, Stacy, Edwin, Scott, Sam; (Yours truly).

Starr: Change re CD $, savings, deposits from Springfest booths; checks.

Presentation: City Staff: B.I.D. - PowerPoint computer-projector and paper handout. Business Improvement District $ added to licensing fees. Potentially closer working relationship with City on long-term planning for improvements and opportunities. PBID assesses properties and businesses versus BBID only businesses. PDID 5-year via petition process versus BBID 1-year via protest process (no ballot). PBID higher $ versus BBID lower $. In CA 10% PBID versus 90% BBID. BBID protest weighted by assessment basis if not a flat $ per business; or variable benefit along corridor. BID requires liability insurance; so, a minimum overhead -- related to "size" of district, whether a few blocks or an entire street. Possibly start small, develop track record, and earn trust. 2nd year renewal only involves a published notice (vs. mailed notice). BID board has regular meetings. Mike (RVA): Responsibility of board to ensure equity exists, e.g., between main and side streets. RV BID $100 flat fee + $29 per employee: ~480 business licenses and $66-70K per year. Q&A.

Clark: Springfest ... new flyer and poster. Ads in papers next week. Banners on Inglewood Ave and Artesia Blvd. City Channel 8. Performing Arts Center marquee. School PTSA packets after Spring Break.

Rob: Commercial Rehab update, e.g., RB Beauty College awning. Aardvark's sign & glazing. Bid process for some other businesses. DPL program final phase on a home. Other programs doing well.

Mike Shay (City): Re Public Hearing April 17 for inspection fee ordinance -- see handout or this Chamber notice. Restaurants, gas stations, auto services, and dry cleaners. $100 per inspection. City can subsidize all or part -- another meeting (June 5) to decide. Q: Marna: What are other cities doing? Depends on each city's programs, how comprehensive.

Erin: National Library Week starts this weekend -- see flyer.

Marna: Chamber May 30th Business Expo -- NRBBA has booth. Also comments on "Initiative" -- see web links, e.g., "Building a Better Redondo" versus "Redondo Beach Citizens Against the Flawed Initiative" or newspaper articles, e.g., The Beach Reporter, Easy Reader.

Steve D.: Went to seminar on "High Price of Free Parking."

Sheila: Meeting at Senior Center on Monday regarding Anderson Park.

Scott: Proposal for MADD fund-raiser concert.

3-8-2007 NRBBA Notes

(Based on minutes submitted by Kathy Swift 04/01/07)
  • Introductions
  • Minutes from 01/11/07 approved
  • Treasurer's report received and filed for audit

Officer Mike Diehr discussed the RCC. John Parsons applauded the coordination of the various cities involved.

Presentation: Business Watch - Art Hernandez put together booklet 'Team Business Watch' covering topics from safety, security, counterfeiting, and robbery to bomb threats. Mike touched on all the topics in the book and offered to set up meetings with individual businesses. He discussed some ways the RVA is working with their businesses to help identify shoplifters and be proactive on crime. One area is to create a phone list for neighborhood businesses and alert them if suspicious groups were in your store and heading to theirs. Kathy will work with Ben Granger for Phone numbers of businesses. Steve Diels related an incident in which he had his residential neighbor's phone numbers and could call them in the event of a problem. John Parsons added that by having numbers programmed into a cell to quickly notify everyone. Mike reminded people to call police when in doubt - if not an emergency, use 310-379-5411.

President's report: Update on the Springfest plans - we will be finalizing plans at the April 3rd board meeting. The plan is to send discount school flyers home week of April 16th. Mike Diehr will pass info on to Ken Greeley concerning the K-9 demonstration.

Clark walked Artesia Blvd checking on signs not in compliance with the new city sign ordinance. He saw a few sandwich boards or banners. Steve Diels added that the lotto banners are ok and the city has a $100 rebate towards the licensing for proper signage (6 months or the first 100 applicants). Rob Hall added that new signage might qualify under the commercial rehab program.

City Staff: Rob H. gave update on his various programs, including specifics on the Beauty College, Aardvarks and Coldwell Bank. He discussed the anti-graffiti film, which is working and is definitely cheaper.

Jackie discussed the kid's employment, summer hiring and training programs.

Chamber: Heidi discussed the career expo, INC, and the new Board installation on 6/8 at the Portofino. She discussed the leadership class and the photo contest 'Picture Redondo' (she left flyers on the various events).

Round Table: John Parsons discussed the petitioners currently gathering signatures. Steve Diels discussed the Artesia corridor and possible things coming up. He discussed the traffic study for signal synchronization, the 2 council seats being replaced, a series of fires, and that he will be shaving his head during an upcoming council meeting!

1-11-2007 NRBBA Notes

Sheila, Phil, Mark, Dick, Starr, Pat, Paul (rep O Entertainment), Kathy, Clark, Marna (RBCC), Ben (City), Ernie (City), Erin (Lib), Rob (City), Joe (City), (Yours truly).

Clark: Minutes. Treasurer's Report. Starr: Re Springfest, Consolidated Disposal - she voided check - had been paid with cash; got receipt; Fox Hollow paid. Ernie: Comments re attorney (out of town a lot re father's health) & non-profit paperwork re power of attorney.

Clark: Springfest: Met with Roy - Paul liaison for NRBBA for event. Paul: Thursday "Preview" night; rides free; Friday 5-11pm Opening Ceremony; Saturday Chili Cookoff & Battle of the Bands; Sunday "Barbecue." Beer garden Sat & Sun pending approval by PD & ABC. $18 wristband for unlimited rides - flyers will give $2 off. Forms for sponsors, sponsorship levels; flyers; banners. Need volunteers (~4 hour shifts), e.g., for Beer Garden. Marna: Bay Cities Bank Community Service.

Rob: Quiet due to holidays. Redondo beauty contract signed for awning & glazing for strip. Other programs moving along.

Joe: Next task maintain median "forever."

Dick: Q re status "Old Winston Tire" store. Ben: Demolition project by owner. Ernie: Ideas in progress re "triangle" properties as a whole concept.

Marna: "State of the City" breakfast Feb. 13 7:15am with theme "Community in Motion". 2007 is Chamber's 100th year celebration. Flyer "Career Expo 2007" Wednesday April 4 8am-1:15pm at RUHS. May 30 "How to Grow Business." 10K Run Feb. 4.


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