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12-9-2010 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Frank, Chantel, Erin, Mitch, John (PD), Mickey, Pat, Clark, Don; Bob, Bruce, Ted, Rob, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes

Don: Cash flow updated but no printout.

John: "Nothing major to report." DUI checkpoint week before & after Christmas (roaming task force). Kathy: January presentation possible re bad checks, counterfeit bills, fraud, etc. for businesses?

Clark: Holiday lights installed on Artesia. Swapped old lights for new LEDs via SBCCOG program via charge in SCE bill. West & east ends of boulevard.

Pat: (+'s) Council approved 3 entertainment permits on Artesia: Bad Street, Dolphin, Thirsty Club. Emergency moratorium on acupuncture / massage parlors in City (see Easy Reader 12-9-2010, p. 12). New presence on Artesia coming, a City agency.

Rob: "Not a whole lot to report." Stimulus $ for glazing. CR applications trickling in. HP - Rob acting as "general contractor" to coordinate. MA reaching goals. 3 new DPL applications.

Don: Chamber: LobsterFest "reasonable" profit. State of the City in February - NRBBA table. RBCC support for Measure G, which passed. Pat: Comments on #'s, % turnout.

Erin: Flyers on December Library programs & next Thursday 5pm Holiday Story Time. Don: Holiday shopping via Library site (for selected merchants).

Ted (Ed Foundation): $40K grants to teachers. February 24 Poker fund-raiser (see last month's notes).

Bruce: Bicycle rack on Artesia by Chicken Dijon (within a block of the bike path). Donated. City installed.

Chantel: Comedy Night last Tuesday. 28th 8pm.

Mickey: Galleria "Pet Photo Night" (with Santa) Monday 8 - 9pm.

11-4-2010 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: (Kathy), Erin, Mitch, Don, Clark, Jim, Michael, Bob, Ted C (Ed Foundation), Sheila, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes, (Sheila) Creative Holiday Boutique Art Exhibit 11/6/2010 9am - 6pm @ RUHS.

Don: No new Statement of Cash Flow. ~$1500 gross Dine Around. Holiday Banners 15 - 17th November scheduled (separate supplier from Civic Light Opera's).

Clark: Rob couldn't make it but still taking business names for Stimulus $ for glazing. PD not present. One West Bank robbed last Friday.

Dine Around summary # restaurants (see www.dinearoundartesia.org), 88 people. Deliver value to businesses; more ideas, e.g., coupons. Bringing people to the boulevard (possible BID flavor). Survey: Best overall, best setup, best interactive experience, most likely to return to. Discussion; ideas. SpringFest: nothing new to report (see www.springfestredondo.org).

No City staff present. Measure 'G' passed 52 to 48% (19,000 votes). No Chamber present (see agenda for calendar of events). Erin: Flyer available for Library events. Jim: Rotary ongoing events, membership drive.

Ted: Education Foundation: Fund raisers: November 18 mixer @ Cheese Cake Factory $25 per, 6:30 - 8:30 pm. February 24 Texas Hold'em Poker.

Mitch: January 23 4th Slack Key Festival. March 13 International Flamenco Festival. Michael: New AIM site online with pickup at store. Sheila: Art Exhibit at high school Saturday (handout).

Holiday boulevard lights date? Clark will call City.

10-14-2010 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Don, Diane (Patch), Marna (RBCC), April, Mickey, Erin (Library), Randy (Metro), Mitch, Clark, Rob, Jawad, John & Don (PD), Frank & Chantel, Steve D, Pat A, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes; (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow September 1 to September 30, 2010; (Randy) "Help us plan more transit in the South Bay" community meetings flyer, South Bay Metro Green Line Extension DEIS/EIR handout (10 pages), South Bay Metro Green Line Extension Transit Corridor Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement / Environmental Impact Report FAQ - Fall 2010 handout (15 pages); (Rob) City CR, HP, MA, DPL program flyers.

Rob: CR: Several places stimulus $, signage ... Q: Status of vacant "Hollywood Video" location? Kathy: Cotton Shop closing. Steve: No ordinance to cover blight.

PD: Open House Safety Fair October 3. October 21 CERT course. October 22 Senior Health Fair. October 26 LA/RB Flu Shot Clinic at Performing Arts Center 10a - 2p. DUI checkpoint ... Don: Lawndale graffiti arrest.

Clark: Dine Around tonight. SpringFest 2011 update.

Steve: October 29 Binational Mayors Summit here at Crowne Plaza; dedication of desal plant; Econ/Eco; lunch free; 9a - 2p. Measure G notes, as well as from Pat. (Steve Aspel out of hospital.) November 7 11a rededication of Pier "George Freeth Heritage Plaza of Surfing and Lifeguarding."

April: Rotary / Salvation Army pancake breakfast Saturday.

Randy (Metro presentation): Upcoming community meetings re Environmental Studies (by end 2011) for Metro Greenline extension. Handouts. 4-mile extension south. Measure R funding $272M out of $500M estimated to Torrance. Phased approach -> Galleria -> Torrance (2014 - 2010 vs. 2035).

Diana: Pier-to-Pier Walk.

9-9-2010 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Frank, Mary Thompson (Auto Club), Mitch, April, Clark, John M & Don M (PD), Erin, Michael, Jawad; Rob, Bruce, Steve D, Suzanne Haring (www.suzHaring.balloonhq.com), Diana (Pier to Pier Walk), (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes; (Clark for Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow August 1 to August 31, 2010; (Kathy) "Dine Around Artesia" flyers and posters; (Erin) Redondo Beach Lib Foundation VIP "Unveiling of the North Branch Library" fund raiser flyer.

Rob: New sign at 2301 Artesia (Martial Arts). Lead base paint issues slowed CR. (Lead testing required if building constructed in 1977 or earlier and by trained contractor.) Stimulus $ for glazing on boulevard ~6 places. HP program contracted out - "lead certified" trained. MA monthly calls. DPL slow despite $ available.

PD: John: Citizens Academy started (12-week course); annual Open House October 3; Senior Safety Health Fair October 22 (11am - 2pm); Flu Clinic October 26 (10am - 2pm).

Catalytic converter thefts throughout City. Auto burglaries - unlocked or valuables in plain sight. Don: Graffiti August 13 two guys gang tags in NRB - suspect driver, tager possible prosecution. Neighborhood Watch campaign,

Clark / Kathy: "Dine Around" October 14 - flyers, posters handed out and available. Next SpringFest dates now April 15-17, 2011.

Steve D: See also District News. New bus bench design. PD 2 new officers. Lib Foundation $600K to City. Homeless census form (emailed later). Grant for 2 police cameras - Perry Park. Measure 'G' & Prop 22 on November ballot. Binational Mayor's Conference October 29 @ Crowne Plaza.

Erin: September 23 fund raiser for new library branch (handout); September 28 (4-8pm) North Library Grand Opening and regular hours September 29.

April: RBCC network cafe 11:30am Outback, Torrance. "Lobster Month" with Lobster Fest (www.lobsterfestival.com) September 24-26.

8-12-2010 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Clark, Don, Mitch, Bob, Mario (City Public Works), Pat, Michael, Erin, Matt, April, Jeff & Gordon (Vinyl Fence & Patio Cover), Mickey, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes; (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow June 1 to July 31, 2010; (Mario) Sidewalk Cleaning Services.

Clark: 8th anniversary RBCC certificate for NRBBA. "Dine Around" October 14. SpringFest April 2011. New NRBBA address: 1525 Aviation Blvd #1979, RC CA 90278. North Branch Lib meeting room use settled. Erin: Tuesday September 28 Grand Opening 4pm (regular hours MWThSat).

Mario (Maintenance Supervisor, City): Sidewalk cleaning started. Handed out flyer. Call 310-318-0687 with any special or emergency requests. Frequency varies, e.g., bus stops more frequent. Hydro blaster, steamer, scrubber, liquid vacuum from Waste Removal Fund.

Pat: Update re BBR lawsuit and November election, and appeal. (Consequences complicated.) Chronology of "approvals" and DD passage. Current ruling (in favor of BBR) by retired judge who was last minute replacement for real estate expert judge. Outside legal opinion favors other side. Matt: 30 other cities with non-CCC certified zoning; so, if not appeal, 1964 zoning likely, which poses worse development situation.

Don: Question re day worker ruling and appeal. Matt recapped; also not enforcing due to appeal process. (Locations in question: 7 11 Artesia, MB Blvd & Inglewood shopping center. Suit by MALDF.)

April: RBCC: network cafe 11:30am; regional mixer August 25; August 17 Young Professionals lecture; August 20 Vinyl Fence ribbon cutting 12 noon; Power of Art this weekend. Mickey: Lobster Fest September 24-26; September Labor Day weekend National Wii Championship in front of Ruby's in Harbor area.

Gordon & Jeff: Started business 7 years ago in Santa Ana. 35 staff, so new expanding in RB.

Mickey: Galleria Living Spaces Grand Opening; yesterday groundbreaking for Nordstrom's Rack, ... Galleria 25th anniversary celebration in October.

Mitch: Coming Performing Arts Center events next year - guitar venue.

7-8-2010 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Clark, Don, Rob, Mitch, April, Jawad, Frank, Chantel, Mickey, Sheila, Marna, Monika (RB Ed Foundation), Erin, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes; (Monika) "Helping the RB Education Foundation" door hanger.

Don: ... no activity.

Rob: CR 5 projects approved on Artesia (facade jobs). HP re-bid, hoping for better response. DPL bids back in progress.

Clark: dates: Dine Around October 14, SpringFest April 8 - 10, 2011. El Polo Peruvian Grill now Snax restaurant.

Concept: "Power of Art" on Artesia possibility. Discussion. Sheila, Clark. Business flyer tie-in; permit; branding (sponsor); schedule ... "Art tease" in greenbelt.

Presentation: Monika: RB Ed Foundation (rbef.org): All volunteer: parent, teachers. Last year raised ~$100K: High School career center PCs, Middle School science labs, Middle School intramural sports. This year $208K (13% families in district donated): town hall meeting > 200 attendees: teachers, class size priorities. Handed out door hanger -- coming campaign. Event: August 4 fund-raiser poker tournament at Blue Water Grill; partnerships: PTAs, local corporations; looking for synergies, e.g., SpringFest.

Don (PD): June 29 stabbing 7 11 on Artesia 1:40am. Graffiti arrests: 2 guys residential area; near freeway 4 arrested. Increased shoplifting at Galleria.

Marna: Government Relations committee re position on November ballot. Harbor BBR lawsuit. April: Networking events. Marna: Yelp offering. Social networking consultant >= $150.

Erin: New Branch construction progress (see photos). Council not pass "hold" (book) fee; approved "no pickup" fee ($2). So, # days open remains at 3 days per week (MWSat) (versus 4 days).

6-10-2010 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Don, Frank, Chantel, Mitch, Erin, Michael, Diane, Clark, Sheila, Tim Shay (Public Works), Jawad, Rob; Bob, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes; (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow March 1 to May 31, 2010; (Sheila) "Power of Art" June 18 4:30 - 7pm at 616 S. Irena Ave.

Clark: "Dine Around" $ #'s and ideas for next time, e.g., more advertising, coupon package, banner on van. Frank said more people than he expected at Bogey's.

Rob: CR couple new applications -- martial arts, Guiliano's -- signage and anti-G film ... Stimulus $ 9 pending approval so over half way on funds. HUD rep toured Artesia -- camera likely not qualify, only exterior work. ER/MA on target. HP: 5 projects out to bid, 8 contractor walked sites but no bids (possible issue with lead paint for some). New law regarding lead testing. DPL ...

Clark: Elections ... without any nominations ... existing Board members ... adding Mickey to Board for marketing. Greenbelt ideas? Art venue?

Presentation: Tim: Refuse rate adjustment. Consolidated Waste Disposal annual rate change -- cf. residential mailer from City. June 15 Council hearing. For businesses no change for recycling bins, so can reduce. Jawad's bill went from ~$260 to $150 due to more recycling. Artesia sidewalk quarterly power washing to start in August. Holiday lights: NRBBA get LEDs? Tim said just one section where a power issue.

Erin: June 23 summer reading program kick-off. North Branch to open in September. Windows in now. Discussion re meeting room use, library hours and access.

Sheila: Riviera Village Festival June 26-27 (Saturday and Sunday) 10am - 4pm. Michael: AIM "green" printing.

5-13-2010 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Mickey, John P, Pat A, Clark, Mitch, April, Sadhna, Frank, Marna, Diana (Merchant Solutions), Erin, Jim, Jawad, Bruce (re bicycle racks), Don Martinez (PD), Michael, Don, (Yours truly).

Note: Be sure to sign-in at meetings (using Kathy's checklist) so you can vote in NRBBA elections.

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes; (Diana Davis) "Merchant Solutions IQ: Leading the Revolution in Credit Card Processing."

  • 2010 North Redondo Beach Business of the Year - Clark Adams
  • 2010 Redondo Beach Business "Green" Award - Jim Chen

Rob: On Artesia Fed Stimulus $ projects 7 in process (out of total available ~15) in next year. HP met with 9 contractors and job walk and will see (re outsourced now in its 32nd year). ER/MA continue to get applications. Awaiting new funding for DPL.

Police Report: Community Services ... in charge of graffiti handling, Urban Graffiti Enterprises contractor. Compliance check with businesses selling graffiti/etching tools/supplies: only 1 out of 13 in compliance.

Clark: SpringFest tally. Kathy: ... petting zoo, pony ride, bungee. Beer garden will be dropped. VR Promotions and Events. Clark: ... rebuilding year. "Dine Around" tonight (see dinearoundartesia.org) ... discussion about future direction with other business tie in's. Bogey's will offer cheese, crackers, wine (over 21). Clark: Next month NRBBA elections; so, let Kathy know of interest or to get more information.

Pat A: City's worst year budget-wise (he's seem in 42 years), with $4-5M down from last year (which was dowm $1M). John P: Galleria South project good news. Pat: TSO on Seaside lagoon so will open on time after all. Shade Hotel ~1.5 years out, break ground in 2011. November ballot for Harbor land use plan.

Marna: Today The Greatest Crepe network cafe 11:30. June 4 Chamber installation. Leadership Redondo mixer ... June 17 tourism workshop. Business awards: Jim and Clark.

Erin: "Big Read" program finishing. New branch library naming rights and fund-raising $ [possible list of things involved?]. Dolphin Dash coming as well for fund-raising. (Library still needs $50K.)

Jim: Rotary fund-raiser was good.

Frank: 4th Comedy Night May 25 8pm (no cover) at Bogey's Bar.

Bruce: Bicycle racks on Artesia ... City approved types $299 per 2 bikes vs. another ~$70, so ... [discussion].

4-8-2010 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Don, Mitch, Clark, Mickey, Sheila, Steve D, John P, Jawad, Veronica; Rob, (Yours truly).

Note: Be sure to sign-in at meetings (using Kathy's checklist) so you can vote in NRBBA elections.

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes; (Rob) re Federal Stimulus funds for glazing and anti-G: City of Redondo Beach Commercial Rehab Program Application and DUNS Number Guidance for Federal Government Vendors; (Erin) www.NEABigRead.org bookmark, "Get the Marketing Secrets ..." May 4 flyer, "The BIG READ: A Month of POEtry" flyer, National Endowment for the Arts: Reader's Guide booklet for The Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

Clark: SpringFest update; Dine Around Artesia update and new web site (www.dinearoundartesia.org).

Steve D: Talked with Tom re shooting commercial for Artesia Blvd for commercial channels. Last meeting Council voted to put Harbor plan to vote (November). Discussion ... also Steve again stated that revenue for NRB $1M more than SRB due to greater Harbor operating expenses. John P: "Harbor going broke..." (also) Galleria expansion was approved with ground breaking coming (with opening fall 2011). Steve D: Dodger Day May 18 with Little League ticket sales going well.

Rob: Commercial Rehab: Stormy's Chop Shop glazing & anti-G; NATUREBA Brazilian Juice & Snack Bar (2415 Artesia Blvd, next to Clark's) electrical and 1st stimulus $ for glazing; Salon de France new sign and also stimulus $; Expo Cleaners signage and painting and stimulus $; Sid's ... Thai ... possible group for stimulus $ as well; Dance Studio application. Q: Surveillance camera funding possible? HP program no crew so outsource possible. ER/MA programs over goals; DPL program finishing up budget year.

Veronica: April 27 call-in 1-hour (with recast) show for budget. See redondo.org site for more info. April 29 Economic Summit. See redondochamber.org site for more info.

Erin: Lib grant for $10K NEA reading program -- see site. April 24, 30 ... 3 handouts for teens and tweens iPod poetry. Q: Any progress re community room policy at new library? - in progress. May 4 7pm presentation on marketing tips. Next week National Library Week.

Sheila: Woman's Club fund-raiser. RBFD Spaghetti Dinner fund-raiser coming. See www.womansclubofredondobeach.com for more info on upcoming events.

3-11-2010 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Mitch, Sadhna, Vivian, Mickey, Clark, April, Veronica, Pat A, Sheila, Steve D, Jawad, Bruce (resident), Bob (City Eng.), John M (PD); Bob, Jim, (Yours truly)

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes, NRBBA By-Laws March 2010; (Mitch) Los Angeles flamenco festival March 19-21, 2010, at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center (www.laflamencofestival.com); (Sheila) "Redondo Beach Police Department Pasta Feed and Silent Auction" Saturday March 13, 2010 5-8pm, at Knob Hill Community Center (www.teamsurf2sand.org).

(Don and Rob absent; so, no treasurer's or City rehab reports.)

Police report: John M: ... in the news: on Broadway attempted kidnapping ... newborn baby in trash, PD handled well for press and Larry Altman (Daily Breeze) praise. Citizens Academy in 4th week. 4 new (lateral) officers in training.

President's report: Clark: SpringFest, Dine Around Artesia, By-Laws, Business Award Nominations: SpringFest April 16-18 status and discount coupons. Dine Around II May 13: $20 or 2 for $35. By-Laws approved by vote. Business award nominees (due March 12) discussed and noted by Clark.

Council reports: Steve D, Pat A (Matt absent): Steve: Dodger Day Sunday April 18 (SpringFest Sunday as well) - tickets available via ... City looking for businesses on Artesia to participate in Planning Working Group for NRB. Veronica commented on RV Bid and lighting safety (no permanent holiday lights) and possible private $. AES new plant manager Tony Chavez, so Steve met with him re UUT vote, community involvement / outreach. Tom Kerney promoter (Seaside Ice and TV ads) re "Shop RB" as possible and relations with AES. Mitch: RBVB working on video. Steve: Waterfront generates less $ than Artesia. In May he's going to Rosarito for ... Pat A: Re AES and UUT vote ... recommended AES officially announce AES staying here long term re business plan and ... 2018 electric contract with JP Morgan Chase and "desal" plant. Council April 16 meeting revisit Harbor LUP and zoning (note Steve's remark about revenue and NRB subsidy for SRB). Shade Hotel approved but 2 - 3 years out for completion. "Cannery Row" area business condo's project going forward.

Bruce: Artesia bicycle racks(s): Requested NRBBA approve and send letter to City for a bicycle rack near existing bike path. Bob (City) re rack "cove" style no longer recommended, referred to as "wheel benders" due to falling and locking issues. "Inverted U" (surface mounted so easy to install) is type recommended by City re bike support and locking and infringe on travel way. Just a $ issue re 2 per rack. Steve: Cost not an issue as City gets grant $. Bob: Okay if > 2 bikes if cost covered, ~$300 per 2? Clark, Jim: ... other possible racks at businesses. [For photos of different types of bike racks, see www.sacbike.org/shopbybike/#Photos.]

Announcements: Chamber, Library, Rotary, Mitch, Sheila: Mitch: Bogy's comedy Night last month good; coming flamenco festival. April: Chamber events, March 23-24 mixers. Jim: Rotary Casino Night March 20. [See handouts list last month's meeting.] Sheila: PD fund-raiser handout.

2-11-2010 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Don, Kathy, Steve, Chantel, Frank, April, Bob, Sheila, Rob, Mitch, Erin, Michael (AIM), John P, Jawad, Michael O and Julia (Merchant Services), Pat A; Jim, Veronica, (Yours truly)

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / last meeting's NRBBA minutes, NRBBA By-Laws February 2010 Draft; (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow January 1 to January 31, 2010; (Mitch) Los Angeles flamenco festival March 19-21, 2010 at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center (www.laflamencofestival.com); (Jim) Rotary Club "Roaring 20's Casino Night Fundraiser" March 20, 2010 5:30-11pm at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center (ljhdds@aol.com for tickets); (Rob) "Stop Vandalism in your Neighborhood" flyer - Federal Recovery funds for small businesses for window improvements (call Rob at 310-318-0610 x3454) - see also City Newsletter/Recreation Brochure Spring 2010 p. 8; (Michael and Julia's presentation) "Showcase Merchant Services" packet; (Sheila) fundraiser for www.sunshinekids.org.

Don (Treasurer's report): Handout. State of the City check issued - sign up for event with Kathy.

Rob: Stimulus $ handout. Stormy's Chop Shop glazing & anti-G < $2000 so anti-G film cost down - as example of Stimulus $ targeted use. Hope to do ~one per month. One business in application, 2 pending, so open for more businesses. MA/HP ahead of goals. HP program changes TBS.

Presentation: Merchant Services. Handout package. Q&A.

Steve: Coming Tuesday's Council meeting: Harbor zoning "showdown" Feb. 16 at main Lib. Discussed handouts from City and BBR opposition. Zoning 325,000 sq ft + new 70,000 #'s 400,000 sq ft "additional" as prior proposed 1.6M sq ft to 650,000 sq ft. Existing 900,000 sq ft. Opposition says 40% change, but actually 7%. BBR lawsuit. Easy Reader letters to editor: Who has "pulse" of City? NRB "subsidizes" SRB - needs to be more economic activity in SRB and revitalize local economy. What for & against? If put to DD vote, what zoning take place? 1.6M sq ft? BBR promised parks &deliver ... claim "assaulting Harbor area" ... Pat: ... in 1992 324,000 sq ft in place to 2002 with HOC 1.6M. From 1992 to today only Kincaids & Ruby's and 16,000 sq ft Pier fire net decrease. 320,000 sq ft not touched. Coastal Plan allows 3-story but only timeshare allowed but none approved. John P: "Timeshare" a financing mechanism not what term usually means. "Hotel" really.

Bill Brand on Council excluded from lawsuit-related discussion but included for Harbor. Sheila: Where 3-story might be allowed? Pat: Where already hotels (existing corridors). Special election cost >= $100K. John P: Coastal Commission already approved 400,000 sq ft - Tuesday's meeting some other technical matters - elevation changes plus/minus already approved.

Steve: Another matter re State "takings" (of tax revenue) so petition for initiative for November ballot.

Don: Chamber: State of City, Business Awards - need NRB nomination for best practices (9 to 5 and volunteering) deadline March 12. John P: 10K event ... Erin: New North Library structure progress for July target completion (see photo gallery). Jim: Flyer for Rotary Casino Night. Mitch: Flamenco Festival handout. Sheila: Search for Cancer Cure for sunshinekids.org. Chantel: Bogey's Tuesday is Comedy Night 9p (once/month).

1-14-2010 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Marna, Chantel, Frank, Don, Clark, Rob, Mickey, Michael, Jim, Pat A, Veronica, John M (PD), Sheila, Mitch, Jeff (City *), Erin, Jawad; Bob, Ernie, Michael O, (Yours truly)

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / NRBBA minutes; (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow December 1 to December 31, 2009; (Mitch) Southern California slack key festival January 24, 2010; (Marna) Business Awards Nomination Form, Electronic Waste Collection Event flyer, Customer Service Workshop flyer.

Don (Treasurer's report): Handout. First Fed bank taken over by One West bank.

Rob: CR in talks with Expo Cleaners (signs, painting, windows), Stormy's Chop Shop (glass). HP/MA install grab bars, wheelchair lifts and ramps. DPL walk-in showers, kitchen remodels, electrical, ... Discussion about window etching problem on Artesia Blvd.

John M: Steve W (* City Engineering) Aviation Blvd resurfacing complaints: noticing in advance (short notice), noise before 7am, blocking business access: "less pain as possible." Kathy: Who to call? PD, City. Early noise call PD, so evidence (incident report) and follow-up. City Jeff x2520. Jawad: Contractors guidelines? Steve: "in contract" ... Pat: But sub'd out so on site workers not see guidelines. Steve: "one inspector ... call us we will be there ... department cuts." Question: Artesia project on City's site? Schedule? - worst case end of month Jan. 4 - Mar. 31. [Contract conduct "no charm school."]

John M: Slow December re crime ... new transit terminal project (Pat commented re Fed $ and plans and larger buses to get off 182nd ...) Galleria South project (Pat commented on new shops where bowling alley; former Home Expo separately owned, so ...) Transit passes now at City Hall Door 'E.' Neighborhood Watch program outreach where not currently active.

Marna: (1) Business Awards (handout). (2) E-waste collection event January 30-31 (handout). (3) Workshop series "Customer Service" February 18 (handout). (4) State of the City table February 22 Monday.

Clark: "Dine Around" in May TBS. Kathy: SpringFest 2010 date conflict so new carnival operator ... artwork in progress .. new Web site.

Pat: City working to respond to State budget crisis ... "everyday a new adventure as to what State will take away" ... anticipated some ... "tough year." Council meeting in February 2 presentation on development history over last 50 years [deal with "folklore" vs. facts]. Ernie commented on State and City taxes withholding despite Prop 1A .. interest rates lower this year for City's portfolio.

Erin: Busy over holiday ... new lib on schedule. See site re "resume webinar." Don: Question (as last meeting) re meeting room scheduling policy.

Jim: March 20 Rotary Casino Night at Performing Arts Center (PAC).

Sheila: "Power of Art" at PAC August 22. Women's Club of Hermosa Beach fund raiser for "Search for Children's Cancer Cure" March 6 5pm.

John M: RBPD Blood Drive.

12-10-2009 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, April, Clark, Bob, Erin, Pat A, Don, Mitch, Chantel, Mickey, Mandy (Central Redondo Little League), Rob, Ernie, Marna, Michael (Merchant Services), Jawad, (Yours truly)

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / NRBBA minutes; (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow Nov. 1 to Nov. 30, 2009; (Mandy) Central Redondo Little League Introduction and Sponsorship Form (see www.centralredondolittleleague.com); 2010 Redondo Beach Business Awards Nomination Form.

Rob: Federal stimulus $30,430 for 2010 for 15-20 businesses application available - call Rob: grant is for glass and anti-G film on fronts. Until 2012 to spend but goal is 2010. HR, HP programs reaching goals. MPA weekly goals. Close to out of $ for DPL.

Clark: RBCC Busness District Awards nominations open: 1 per business district (NRB, RV, Galleria, Pier & Harbor) plus 3 others (Green, Young Entrepreneur, Innovation). Dine Around Artesia next in spring. Holiday lights up: multi blocks, some electrical issues. Pat: Recocmmend going to Council and thanking City for support. Don: Holiday banners up, no issues this year: (23 + 19) none lost, more open poles for more in future. Springfest: Met with promoter, signed contract.

Pat A: Not a lot of new things ... City finance still tough. Some comments on Harbor Area and BABR possible lawsuit ... and "folklore" re history of HOC. Council chambers repair in January 4 - 6 weeks for structural crack. Also upgrade of AV (broadcast) equipment with earmarked $ (from cable company income).

Marna: A lot going on: February City and Chamber reviewing "branding" and new web site with face-to-face to other social media. "Connect 4 for lunch" program. December 16 Holiday party at Seaside Ice. Jan 30-31- eWaste collection at Galleria. State of City February 22 (Monday). February 7 Chamber Installation. February 18 Customer Service workshop -- see RBCC site.

Erin: New library construction progress on schedule for June 2010 with open ~summer/fall. Main Library calendar (see site). Don: Q re new meeeting room arrangement -- Library oversight vs. Parks & Rec for old Haywood Center.

Mandy: Handout for CRLL (vs. South LL; see web site). Last year ~250 kids, 20-30 teams.

Mitch: Slack Key Festival Malaga Cove Hawaiian event promo good, comments re sponsorship.

11-12-2009 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Don, Clark, Mickey, Michael, Veronica (City Harbor Projects), Jawad, Bob, Frank, Mitch, John M (PD), (Yours truly)

Handouts: (Kathy) Agenda / NRBBA minutes; (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow Oct. 1 to Oct. 31, 2009; (Mitch) "Malag Aloha" Hawaiian Day (see also www.socalslackkeyfest.com).

Police Report: Busy October with events: schools "Red Ribbon" week, South Bay Hospital H1N1 Clinic -- in news re traffic & logistics. North-end crimes: burglary -- arrest; Gardena mutual aid re carjacking; truancy "sweep" coming in South Bay cities. School bus knocked down electrical wires at Washington Elementary (see Easy Reader 11/12/2009 p. 14).

Clark: Dine Around Artesia notes ... success ... repeat ... discussion (and photos). Holiday lights: Joe L (City) checking whether median electrical is on; City has lights from last year. Holiday banners: Don will call to arrange.

Veronica (City liaison): City Veteran's ceremony yesterday; Seaside Ice opening; Harbor & City sites with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. Economic Summit in March with Business Recognition Program. Next Thursday at Crowne Plaza Hotel "Small Business on Web" workshop -- using social media. Beach Cities Transit (BCT) with Facebook and Twitter.

North Library (progress report): Steel framework up.

Kathy: Email her re topics for meetings, e.g., re City policies / procedures like "sidewalk rules" or "business friendly" concerns.

Clark: Former glass shop next to his store was bought by martial arts business [adding to similar businesses already on the boulevard]. He still has lease space available.

North Redondo Post Office: See "City fights to save N. Redondo post office" (Easy Reader 11/12/2009 p. 14) and "North Redondo post office to remain open" (Easy Reader 11/25/2009 p. 13).

10-8-2009 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Jawad (presiding), Don, Mitch, April, Carmen (Daily Breeze), Michael, Mike (PD), Bob, Rob, ?, Pat A, Steve D, (Yours truly)

Handouts: (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow Sept. 1 to Sept. 30, 2009. (Kathy) "Dine Around Artesia" flyer.

Rob: HP "steady as rolls" helping seniors and emergencies. DPL 3 current loans remodels, roofs, plumbing and electrical. For Artesia, received Federal stimulus $ earmarked for glazing and anti-G film; not sure how much $ ... (phone call) ... ~$40K total, $1900 per business so 15-16 businesses.

Mike: Public Safety Fair well-attended; SWAT demo, FD jaws of life. Tsunami Sept 29 warning was an interesting exercise for coordinating response. As discussed at last meeting, call Graffiti Hotline to report. Camera demo at Steve's community meeting: portable mobile system; looking for grant $.

Dine Around Artesia: discussion. Carmen: "Discover Torrance" recent event - 21 restuarants 2-week period with dining certificate.

Steve: Council meeting last Tuesday to 1 am - "mob" (50-60 people) re development in SRB. Coastal Commission amendments to zone vote 4:1. Former "Red Onion" site, Shade Hotel. Shade 39,000 sq ft not really an issue versus zoning for Harbor. Harbor 324 to 400,000 sq ft down from 1.6M sq ft cap for zone. [See Easy Reader 10/8/2009 pp. 20, 21.]

Pat: Nov 3rd election Measure UU background on AES Power Plant. Boilers #7, 8 make power. #5, 6 for steam for #7, 8. Natural gas piped in through SoCalGas from supplier; so, "end user" and pay fair share. Inputed value $1 - 1.2M per year. Misinformation re will automatically increase electricity rates. [Please vote!]

April (for Chamber): Network Cafe, ribbon cutting today. October 28th Mixer at Veteran's Park Historical Library 5:30 pm.

9-10-2009 NRBBA Notes (from Kathy's minutes - yours truly incapacitated)

Attendees: ...

Handouts: (Helen from Rod's) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) information package which references:

NRBBA Minutes Sept. 10, 2009

  • Meeting called to order at 8:05 am
  • Flag Salute
  • Introductions
  • Minutes: M/S/A approved minutes of 8/13/2009
  • Treasurer's report: Received and file

Police report: Discussion about the graffiti, etching and paint - change in directions. Call the Hotline (310) 318-0685. They will coordinate the graffiti documentation. Oct 4 is Public Safety Fair open house. Oct 23rd is the Senior Fair. Details on City's website.

President's report: Helen updated on the ADA lawsuit. Info on working with City and the Strateic Planning Committee (14th). Also working with City Manager to try to come up with some way to help out City businesses. Perhaps a certificate of compliance with City regs - therefore adding City to complaint. Possibly getting Jane Harman involved. Clark updated the group on the status of payments from Springfest 2009 and the plans for Springfest 2010.

Also discussed our plans for the Restaurant Night on November 5th. Flyer will be ready for the Chamber mailing by the 15th deadline.

Steve Diels: Dodger Day is 9/20. Details on website. Discussed the MLPA meeting that he would be attending later this morning. Details on the MLPA website, SW region. This could result in the permanent closure of fishing areas.

Pat Aust: Discussion on the UUT tax and AES and the Nov 3rd election. Informed the group of the article on AES in this morning's paper. Reminded folks of "Rod's, Rides and Relics" car show on the Pier on Sept 27th.

Chamber: Lobsterfest will be Sept 25-27. Reminded folks of the survey out concerning the Chamber's workshops. Chamber is working very hard on getting out the message of the importance of the Chamber as 'The voice of small business'.

Library had a formal groundbreaking. Still on plan to open summer 2010. Discussed the Dolphin Dash. The new computer system is up and they are working out the bugs.

Rotary: (Check for Springfest has been given to Rotary.) There will be a district family get together at the Seaside Lagoon on 9/20 with a cardboard boat race.

(Scheduled "Trash Talk" Presentation by Grace Huizar and Jon Emerson) Re Solid Waste Collection contract, discussed the 3 options, the pro's and con's of each. They talked about the timeline for public outreach, bids and contract. This will be discussed at the Oct 20th Council meeting.

  • Next general meeting will be Thursday Oct. 8, 2009 at 8 am at Las Brisas Restaurant
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:15 am.
  • Respectfully submitted by: Kathy Swift 10/1/2009

8-13-2009 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Clark, Erin, Sheila, Matt, Don, Michael, April, Chantel & Frank, John M (PD), Marna, Vivian, Phyllis, Mitch, John P, Jeff (new), Mickey M, Bob H; Steve D, Pat A, (Yours truly)

Handouts: (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow July 1 to July 31, 2009. (Erin) Dolphin Dash posters, August Library event flyers.

[Clark presiding.] Don (Treasurer's report): Cash flow statement.

John M (PD): Quiet recently. Business Watch ~3 months out. In SRB subterranean garage burglaries. Full-time graffit guy now: Q-Star cameras to monitor active areas.

Clark: Meeting with SpringFest promoters: Pete Moffett (RB LobsterFest, MB Christmas Fireworks, RB July 4 Fireworks) and Mike Ward (RB 10K, RVA SummerFest). "Dine Around Artesia" in planning -- restaurant participation needed. [Clark described event vision.]

Steve D: Dodger Day Sunday September 20. Tickets [will be] available online. Talked with City attorney re ADA and recent court cases: City can't usurp Federal law; but can incentivize upgrade fees for restaurants.

Matt: Trash presentation by City: rate options, local public-outreach meeting schedule. John P: On commercial side, free haul-away for recycling bin but few businesses know this service. In some cases issues of space for the additional bin.

Pat A: Council voted to put UUT (Utility Users Tax) for AES power plant on ballot. [See Easy Reader "City, AES headed for another fight" by Mark McDermott, published August 6, 2009.] Q&A re "whose" gas AES uses and where the generated elctricity goes.

John P: Beach Cities Transit outreach Thursday August 27 @ BCHD 4pm. RBCC revenue down with economy: Visitors Bureau and TOT. But 10K and LobsterFest better than prior year.

Marna: Upcoming mixers [see Chamber Calendar]: Regional Mixer Wednesday August 26 5:30-7:30pm at Seaside Lagoon. September Lobsterfest. Sign ordinance -- will present to Council. Social networking (Internet) workshop.

Erin: Library groundbreaking coming ... trailer on site. Clark: Jim C donated $3K to Lib Foundation. Erin: "Dolphin Dash" Saturday August 22 4:30pm at Pier [day of Chalk Art Fest]. Handed out promo signs and tickets. New computer system for Lib catalog & circulation August 27. Handed out August event flyer.

Matt: Trash pickup options (residential) with pro's and con's -- see City presentation. (64-gallon gray barrel currently.) Pat A: Some questions re gargabe truck driver's discretion. Matt: Nuances ... Pat: Billing method ... Don: Question re hazardous waste nuance in contract ... Contract ~$10M per year. Question re commercial bins: recycling via independent helper versus bin and credit to City for mandated % recycling re State fines.

Draft vision for "Dine Around Artesia" night:

  • The North Redondo Business Association (NRBBA) is sponsoring a special "Dine Around Artesia" night for local diners to sample and enjoy the variety of tastes and unique dining experiences available on the boulevard. The purpose of the event is to promote the restaurants on Artesia and to serve as a fund raiser for the NRBBA.
  • Selected restaurants will prepare 2-3 appetizers and tasty finger food that best exemplifies their fare. We expect approximately 40 -50 guests, but restaurants should be prepared to make additional if more guests arrive. A bus will continually circulate around Artesia boulevard picking up and delivering diners to the various restaurants allowing them to get on and off as they wish. Of course, diners are permitted to stay and enjoy a full meal at the restaurant of their choice and catch the bus afterwards.
  • Diners will purchase wristbands indicating to the restaurants they are on the route and to guide diners to the area they've set aside for their promotional appetizers and samples. A program will be printed and available on the bus introducing the participating restaurants and explaining the rules. Two or three areas on Artesia will be designated as areas for diners to park and catch the bus from.
  • The restaurants are expected to provide all samples and appetizers free of charge to the wristband guests. Water should available to diners, especially for spicy foods. Diners who wish remain for an entire meal, of course, will be informed that the admission price does not cover a complete meal service and will pay the restaurant directly.
  • The restaurants are encouraged to actively promote their business during this event by placing coupons, discount offers, paper menus or other promotional items nearby for the diners collect. Feedback from the restaurants as to the success and improvements that can be made will be welcome.
  • Date: Thursday, November 5, 2009.
  • Hours: 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
  • Wristband admission price: $12.00 - $15.00 depending upon restaurant participation.

7-9-2009 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Don, Clark, Rob (City), John M (PD), Ernie, Sheila, Helen, Chris (attorney), Mitch, Garin (new), April, Ian (PD), Bob, Jim, Geraldine (City), Michael, (Yours truly). Coffee service courtesy of Neighborhood Grind.

Handouts: (Don) Treasurer's report - Proposed Budget 2009/10. (Kathy) NRBBA Minutes June 11, 2009. (Geraldine) Public Outreach: Proposed Modification to Municipal Code Title 5 Chapter 4 Wastewater System.

Don (Treasurer's report): Model budget (handout). Discussion.

Rob: New fiscal year, as per usual, year scramble -- Clark's funded and SB Aquatics. Looking Expo Cleaners. Looking at stimulus $ to do 15 businesses for glass replacement / film: low to moderate income businesses, e.g., barbershop really etched, those with "greatest needs and who they serve." HP. MA -- "we're here." DPL -- funded loan to complete last year; 3 possible new.

PD Report: Last week pellet gun incidents. 4th no major problems. Lawndale officer-involved shooting. Discussion about graffiti. Ian: Yesterday meeting at BCHD looking for 3-city identify business needs and priorities and emergency response plan.

Clark: Thanks to FirstFed for hosting meetings. SpringFest $ income dispute from production company in process. Question to Ernie re average income from past SF's (rides, beer, booths). Discussion. Re Steve D and possible Dodger Night -- gathering info and requirements.

Chamber (April): Mixer lunch. 15th multi-chamber mixer at Chevron Park. (Seaside Lagoon mixer separate event August 26.)

Sheila: Lib Foundation Dolphin Dash tickets. Mitch: City's Summer Music on Pier. Aloha Falsetto Festival July 18, 2009, Performing Arts Center 2pm and 7pm.

Geraldine: (Handed out proposed City ordinance.) FOG (fats-oils-grease) program and sewer overflows. Wastewater code. Survey. Last year 8 overflows. This year 11. Factors: trees, FOG, pipe size and condition. "Laterals" maintenance. Proposed City ordinance: Sale will require lateral review as part of escrow.

ADA lawsuit update: Helen suspicious re claimant actually visited. Plaintiff's attorneys fees $7500 reduced to $4200 plus judgment award $1000 itself. Ernie: Possible ADA spec presentation?

6-11-2009 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Paul, Mike (AIM), Rob, Jawad, Don, Bob, John P, Vivian, Helen (with attorney Christopher), Helen (with attorney Mike), Pat A, Erin, Vicki (Ed Foundation), Ian & John (PD), Sheila, Steve D, Mitch, (Yours truly).

Handouts: (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow April 1 to May 31, 2009.

Rob: CR Clark's completed (see Example Cost Table for 60-40 cost split, where City's share goes direct to contractors); SB Aquatics almost complete; Expo. HP exceeded goals. MPA on target. DPL new bids next week.

Ian: New PO to handle graffiti investigations (Don M.). Arrests for $100 counterfeit bills, e.g., in RV area. Kathy: Q re Business Watch concept (informal meeting with coffee somewhere) July or August.

Election: Existing Board re-run plus ___ closed and hand vote to accept. New meeting location: Los Brisas Restaurant. Restaurant Night "Taste of Artesia" ~10 places, wristbands, bus shuttle. Steve: Additional idea: period of ~ month with card; fill card then raffle. Idea ala last year's RBCC "Dodger Night."

Helen / Helen: Federal ADA adopted by CA with attorney's fees. ADA (vs. City codes) claims -- no real "good faith" defense re compliance. In this case, defense re claim that plaintiff was at restaurant. Actions $1000 per incident + attorney's fee. Grab bars at issue in case. Usually a letter offering settlement first. Difficult new judge. Photo evidence inconsistency. SB Legal Group also involved in such cases. "Murky area." -- particularly CA law re "public accommodations" and "reasonably accommodate." Google search is interesting. Attempts to change law -- no interest in Legislature.

Mike (other attorney): ... difficult strategy with judge and $ size. Plaintiff filing 50 cases at once with fee waivers from court, so attorney does not carry any "weight" for filing. Steve D: Possible City attorney meeting.

Erin: Summer reading program "Be Creative" (see Library site). Sheila: "Dolphin Dash" again (still need funds to meet community obligation for new Branch Library) August 22 (day of Chalk Fest).

Pat: "Tough times for City" ... State grab of $: $2.1M "borrow", $1M gas tax "take" ~90%. Don: Q re "Franklin School" Drama Camp $25K for program vs. facility cost, which is larger. Possible other facility, e.g., Perry Park? Pat: Other issue which can't discuss re whole site. Steve: Issue of suddenness; won't be shut July 1. Pat: "Building not coming down." City 99 year lease (school part may be different).

5-14-2009 NRBBA Notes

May 2009 Bike to Work DayAttendees: Clark, Kathy, Mitch, April, Ernie, Erin, Pat A, Rob, John P, Helen (Rod's Char-Burger), Maria, Chantel & Frank, Helen (Louis Burgers), Bob (HCD Computers), (City), (City), Sheila, Larry, John E (City), Steve D, Sylvia G (City), Sam, (Yours truly). Clark presiding.

Handouts: (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow March 1 to March 31, 2009. (John E) Refuse Rate Adjustment and Option for Improved Cleaning, Litter Control and Trash Removal [not available on City's site]. (Steve D) Leadership Redondo application packet [large packet with limited copies].

Don (Treasurer's report): Handout - activity re SpringFest (disbursements, outstanding checks, receipts).

Rob: CR: Redmond's done; Clark's getting there; SB Aquatics new sign; Expo Cleaners bids. HP: reaching goals, same for MA. DPL: 2-3 new clients. Stimulus $ maybe for Artesia.

Helen & Helen: (Discussion re ADA issues and legal actions): Last July wheelchair restroom access complaint; then lawsuit ... court case ... photos not accepted by judge ... laws in question re remodeling or ownership change; $1000 judgment + fees. Sign re no public restroom and person who's sued ~60 restaurants. Other Helen: ~150 restaurants being "hit" in Torrance ... little info from Health Dept. Kathy: Question re "grand father" clause for old buildings. John P: Talk with reporter and State legislators and City attorney -- thought a few years ago State passed legislation to stop this type of suit. Health Dept and ADA distinct. Ernie: NRBBA talk with City on what agencies involved. Steve D: Look into it, talk with attorneys. Frank: Issue re business owner versus building owner.

Presentation by City Staff on Refuse Rate Increase: Sylvia (Public Works Director) introduced John E, who handed out 6-page slideshow. June 16 City Council hearing. "Vote" is by protest, not ballot -- "negative response" decides action by Council.

Presentation on Business License Fees Increases: Robert, Steve (City Account Manager): Business license fee increases for June 2 Council hearing. License fee + additional administrative fee: $10 more for new license; $3 more for renewal.

Clark: SpringFest "reconciliation" meeting with promoter. (Looking for a new promoter.) June NRBBA election of officers; so, nominations are in order. Scholarships to give out: Kathy: Not getting volunteers at RUHS, scholarship applications down, 2 accepted ($500 each).

Steve D: Leadership Redondo packets handed out; names of some past participants. Comments on Prop 1A-F and impact on City's budget, e.g., State "grab" of $.

Erin (Library): Demolition of North Library started in last few days. Mitch: Travel writers in town hosted by RBCC. Kathy: NRBBA "Restaurant Night" planning for fall. Ernie: Armed Forces Day parade in Torrance and Memorial Day parade in Redondo Beach coming.

4-9-2009 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Clark, Kathy, April, Matt, Pat A, Pat M, Erin, John P, Aaron (City), Don, Vivian, Cynthia*, Sheila, Rob (City), Mitch, Rob S*, Nelson (Planning Commission), Paul; Ian, Steve, Fred*, (Yours truly). Clark presiding. * New

Handouts: (Kathy) Meeting Agenda & prior meeting's Minutes, SpringFest Discount Coupon, (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow, (City) Article 6 Sign Regulations, RBFD Disaster Preparedness for Small Business, (Ernie) Veterans Memorial Task Force brochure, (Erin) "It takes a village to raise a foster child" flyer (April 21 7:00-8:45pm at Main Library).

Don (Treasurer's report): Handout. Last month NRBBA activated as non-profit organization (501c6); no past fees or taxes due.

Rob: (Was out of country last month) South Bay Aquatic bids soon; Expo Cleaners painting, glazing, signage; Clark Adams paperwork (work scope); HPP, ER moving along; DPL new client.

Ian: (With shaved head from fund-raiser) Next month Business Watch. Busy. RB crime stats low compared to last 10 years (despite recent national news).

Clark: Kathy: Handout. SpringFest Chili Cookoff canceled due to Health Dept logistics and only one application so far. Food vendors: Capt Kidds, Italian Ice, ... Stage pretty much booked. Classic Cars (via Pat A). Water Booth still needs volunteers, especially Sunday. Prospect banner up. Ernie: Beer Garden staffing via Rotary ...

John P, Aaron, Nelson: Handout. Sign Ordinance for Planning Commission re sandwich signs (versus sign twirlers) -- not allowed but complaints: small business places, signs removed, business complains. Is there another way? Planning Commission will vote in May. Discussion of business objectives, issues, setbacks behind parking lots, grass area versus sidewalk. John P: Possible specific district solution due to consistency of situation in that area. Ernie: (Legacy) issues have been blight, taste (style), proliferation. Paul: Well, empty retail space IS blight. Clark: Those of us on Artesia and Aviation take action to talk with neighboring businesses. Ernie: Possible questionnaire? Paul: Real example photos of what in past told not to do? Planning Commission meets 3rd Thursday of month.

Steve: "Cleaning up" Post Office on Artesia: facade, interior. "South Bay South" refers to south end of Galleria parcel: cinema, bowling alley. Aaron: "Replacement project." Expo Design buyers -- new tenant. Steve (Council): Fee increase for trash collection to fund steam cleaning on boulevards and remove trash in parks; put to ballot by 3-2 vote. $400K grant for new bus benches and shelters. Ruxton units started to sell [the 27-unit townhome development or the 192-unit senior condo development?]. "Smart-tesia" or "Art-tesia" in City's Strategic Plan, ala Riviera art group. Idea NRBBA business club: visit all businesses and receive some benefit. Shell Station issue with MTA right turn lane. Working for equity for project $ around City, north and south. There's a vacancy on Planning Commission -- would be good to get someone in District 4. Props 1A-1F re State and City funds sharing. "State broken." Don: Connection with Measure R (sales tax 1% increase)? Matt: Does not rescind, just not extend.

Matt: Proposed trash increase: "218 vote" then back to Council. Consolidated Waste contractual versus cleaning service. What falls under Prop 218.

John P: Successful Economic Summit conference -- DVD available, books -- contact RBCC. RBCC Installation in June -- Mike Morales will be new chair. Web 2.0 Forum.

Sheila: Woman's Club RBFD fund-raiser May 16 (here's last year's video).

Erin: Handout. Demolition of old library within 30 days. (Aaron: Recycling requirement for debris.) Reorganizing volunteer program -- long or short term, as well as community service students (>= 14 years old).

3-12-2009 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: April, Don, Clark, Kathy, Pat M, Mitch, Sheila, Chantel & Frank, Erin, Vivian; Jawad, George & ___ (Classic Plumbing), John P, Michael, Paul, Mike P, Cecilia, Mansour, Pat A; Ian, (Yours truly). Clark presiding.

Handouts: (Kathy) Meeting Agenda & prior meeting's Minutes, (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow, (Paul) Paulo Italy's Favorite Coffee: Gourmet Premium coffee where you least expect it!

Don (Treasurer's report): State acknowledged NRBBA as non-profit organization.

Clark: Comments on State of the City breakfast. John P: Challenges ahead. Clark: Kathy & Clark attended Tuesday's Council meeting to promote SpringFest and Holiday Lights concerns re median electrical. SpringFest picking up booths, need sponsors. Kathy: Council chili? Chili Cookoff Grand Prize 4-day cruise & trophies; just bring pot of chili -- to enter [but fill out application form and tell Kathy ASAP]; need volunteers for water booth (3-hour shift) for Saturday & Sunday. Saturday Battle of the Bands; Sunday Kathy's Critters, Children's Stage, Jump Kids Fitness.

Pat A: Tuesday's Council meeting City Manager update -- forecast 2010 maybe $4.5M down, planning (based on past cycles) hopefully ready (reserves, ...). Stimulus funds to repave Inglewood Ave ... National League of Cities meeting in Washington: Councilmember Diels, City Manager, ... UUT passed with ~75%.

John P: Economic Development Council -- March 19 Economic Summit overview.

Ian: Business Watch program input -- contact him in next 2 weeks: "corridors" (Artesia, PCH, Aviation, ...) perceptions & economic development, e.g., along Artesia. Ideas: cash management on site -- basic procedures in place of business; employee valuables storage; height stickers on door; counterfeit bills; underage alcohol. [Best Practices checklist?] PD chili for SpringFest.

Erin: North Branch Lib closed, books packed by volunteers. Demo date? Book Drop at Perry Park -- date?

John P (for Rotary): Casino Night.

Sheila: Help with promoting SpringFest at other organizations' meetings.

Mitch: July 18 @ Performing Arts Center "Aloha Falsetto" concert.

Paul: Coffee Club card -- for all menu items plus EZ Lube 40% Off, Pep Boys tire rotation & safety check, ...

Vivian: Bank promotions -- FREE checking account with 3.23% interest.

2-12-2009 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Kathy, Mitch, Sheila, Pat M, Rob, Don, Chantel & Frank, Mike, Paul, Ernie, Clark, Pat A, Matt, Vivian; Bill, Joe; Steve, (Yours truly). Clark presiding.

Handouts: (Don) Treasurer's report - Statement of Cash Flow November 1 to December 31, 2008. (Sheila) Woman's Club fundraiser Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 2 p.m. $20 "Courage of the Creative Spirit: Carrie Hart's One-Woman Show." (Steve) FREE Lamp Exchange February 21 & 22 8:30 am - 1 pm at South Bay Galleria. (City Manager) Measure A - Keeping Pace with Technology.

Don (Treasurer's report): Cash flow statement handed out. NRBBA "corp" but State playing catch-up re non-profit status.

PRESENTATION: City Manager Bill Workman: On March 3 ballot, Measure A updates language for existing 4.75% Utility Users Tax (UUT) from 1969's to today's (and future) technology re "telecomm" use. He said that the Measure creates a "level playing field" for all devices [such as?] and is "revenue neutral" (as yet and ~$2.6M involved currently). It is NOT an Internet tax. Some other cities passed similar measure. See the Chamber's Web site for a video interview with Bill (Candidates Forum venue). PD Chief (Joe) talked about funds and local programs and State holding back more; so, fairness issue; here to help inform/educate re the Measure. Pat A: "Maintain what we already have" and level the playing field, e.g., re Vonage [VOIP]. Pat M: "Skype?" Steve said that only phone service (over something other than traditional hard-wired local line connection) involved. [But you really need to carefully read the (rather long) text of Measure A itself in the Sample Ballot for definitions and intent, as the City and Council cannot legally speak further.]

Joe: He supports the Business Watch program, and will do presentation. Kathy: Springfest chili cook-off possible inter-city or inter-departmental competition?

Rob: CR 2008-2009 glazing & anti-G Redmond's Lock & Key; Clark Adams plaster, ADA bathrooms, glazing; SB Aquatics signage, glazing; Expo Cleaners signage, paint. HP/MA a disabled vet in conjunction with LB VA wheelchair lift saved Rob's program $. (Steve: The vet's story started with a parking ticket -- resident couldn't park close enough to home.) DPL kitchen remodels; due to 2nd mortgage on house, declined a couple of applications.

Clark: State of City breakfast -- see flyer. NRBBA seats already paid for -- let Kathy know. Kathy: SpringFest sponsor banners behind stage -- forms available. Sheila: Woman's Club fundraiser Fire Department spaghetti dinner coming after SpringFest. Clark: Other SpringFest items/requirements being coordinated with City. Kathy: Coordinate info packet with schools re "Battle of the Bands."

Steve: South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) February 27 general assembly (free) at Carson Community Center. Conference on economics. Steve handed out Sunpark Model SP13W-27 compact fluorscent lamps (CFL) to anyone interested. He noted that CFLs contain mercury (as noted on the package for www.lamprecycle.org); so, they are considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of as such. Ernie: (regarding hazardous waste) Possible used battery (D, C, AA, AAA) collection? -- so not thrown in regular trash.

Pat A: "Friends of Freeth" last Monday raised > $20K. [See Easy Reader February 5, 2009 page 7 and February 12, 2009 page 16.]

Steve: Concept for "Art on Artesia" re Art Commission agenda. He commented on issue of temporary business signs (such as 'A' frames) and some banners. Ernie commented on history of the sign ordinance -- 30 days within a 12-month period permit ... past clutter. Mike said that there's a problem with the language.

Kathy (for Marna): Economic Summit event coming [see Chamber's site]. Rotary Casino Night.

Paul (Coffee shop in the Shell gas station): Offered to supply coffee for NRBBA meetings.

District 4 news and information bulletin from Redondo Beach Councilmember Steven Diels [via email 2/15/2009]

  • Library Book Drop - Great news that we are building a new library.  Note that North Redondo Beach residents can return books to new the book drop at Perry Park during the construction period.
  • ADA Shyster lawyer is preying on local Artesia establishments.  The American with Disabilities Act is being abused by an attorney who is extorting legal fees from local businesses under California ADA rules. At least one business is fighting back.  Others have succumbed.
  • Put the Art in Artesia - the new Public Arts Commission will be forming soon.  I am emphasizing "Putting the Art in Artesia."
  • Broken Windows - applications to replace graffiti etched windows on Artesia Blvd are being taken now.  New graffiti resistant windows are being funded through our commercial rehab program with Federal CDBG matching funds grants.
  • The bus benches on Artesia will receive additional cleaning by Social Vocational Services after we expressed our complaints that their maintenance has been below our expectations.

1-8-2009 NRBBA Notes

Attendees: Sadhna, April, Jawad, Don, Erin, Kathy, Jim, Rob, Sheila, Chantel, Frank, Pat M., Ernie; Steve, Pat A., Bob (Backstreet Lounge), (Yours truly). Don presiding.

Handouts: Library: "Library Construction Ahead: Library services at the old North Branch Library will end on January 31, 2009" and "The Last Roundup" farewell to the old North Branch Library (building) -- a free event on Saturday January 31, 2009 at 2:00pm -- see www.redondo.org/cals/library.asp or www.redondo.org/civica/inc/displayblobpdf2.asp?BlobID=17653

Don (Treasurer's report): Nothing to report.

Rob: Relatively quiet due to holidays. Small loan (4% simple interest up to $100K) for heater that went out; new unit in ~3 weeks; ~2 other loans ..., in South Redondo Beach ... HP on target. ER hanging in, stretching funds. CR: Clark's moving forward, Expo Cleaners & South Bay Aquatics in bid, Redmond's getting contracts; so existing projects tap out CR funding. [Rob briefed everyone on City's HUD programs -- see City Programs of Interest or the City's Community Development Block Grant  (CDBG) description.]

Steve: Re new North Branch Lib, some controversy because no interim facility (during construction of new building). Bike Path crossing signal will be sync'd. Steve on South Bay Cities Council of Governments -- bike path lighting & Harbor Patrol facility remodel -- projects advocated. Re SRB & NRB business corridors -- windows etchings in NRB. Can check improvements via Google's Street View, which shows ~2 years ago. [Other remarks on SBCCoG agenda & initiatives re recovery and regional cooperation for "Shovel Ready Projects."]

Pat A.: (Re Obama's speech that morning & possible City projects) Fire, Lifeguard, Harbor Patrol. NRB Transit Center Prop R possible funding. NRBBA ideas?

Ernie: Remarks on new signage -- flyer shared. Also see these 12/16/2008 videos: Pier Signage Celebration & Ribbon Cutting and PCH-Catalina Gateway Celebration and Ribbon Cutting.

Erin: Flyer re North Branch Lib status -- handed out. Sheila: To reduce driving miles, perhaps still a drop-off box (for book returns). Erin: Not sure how often emptied (re labor). Pat A.: Role of volunteers?

Kathy: SpringFest posters & flyers will be distributed in March. (Preliminary versions available here.) Chili cook-off ideas. Don: [Description of venue.] Ernie: Possible Rotary involvement -- need letter from NRBBA. Jim: Rotary Casino Night March 21 at Performing Arts Center.

April: Chamber luncheons, mixers, and SuperBowl 10K on February 2.

Don: Feb 17 State of City breakfast -- for seat, contact Kathy. Next NRBBA meeting there will be a UUT presentation re March ballot. January 15 Candidates Forum at City Hall Council Chambers. (Chamber of Commerce will have video replay available on the RBCC site later.)

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